Saturday, May 26, 2018

President Donald Trump spends 90 minutes shaking hands with hundreds of Naval Academy Grads

I've seen this mentioned at my favorite places and ignored it. So what? So he shook everyone's hand. But now I've seen it some fifteen times, so why is it such a big deal? No comprendo.

Story with photos and video at Breitbart.

Commenters at Lucianne show why this is thought a big deal. I'm thinking that Trump is thinking he must now Lysol his insanely germ-ridden hands. Dip them in a pot of pine-scented disinfectant.

And hold them in there for five minutes.

* Imagine, just imagine, The Won, or Hillary!, or even its husband doing this. I cannot.

* The man! And unlike if Bathhouse Barry or Bubba or Cankles were there, the graduates must have been honored and thrilled. I know I would have been.

* Every single day I admire President Trump more and more. What a great regular kind of guy he is. We have not had such a wonderful leader since George Washington. WOW, just love our super, special President.



* I love it because he did this spontaneous hand-shaking with true admiration of our military. He’s not a fake politician. He made a great impression.

* Very commendable.

* CIC..we have one now. Thank you PT.

* It´s a grand event, I´ve been to my nephew´s graduation. Wonderful of the President to take the time.

* Trump is my president.

* 71 year old, stood straight backed in the sun on concrete and shook hands for 90 minutes. What an incredible tribute. Thank you President Trump. Meaningful. #MAGA

* Trump knows that this is a dangerous time. Enemies like Iran, Afganistan, North Korea, ChiComs, and a host of terrorist sponsoring states could cause an instant outbreak of arms. And Trumps knows he may well send this young men and women into Harm´s way. True leader in action.

* What about that Onion story that he doesn´t shake hands?

* Throw in the 15-20 minutes the President was standing at the podium beforehand, and it really is amazing!
All got a firm handshake, a few spoken words and almost all, a slap on the back.
I loved it when the last officer reached out and hugged him. The crowd went wild.
God bless this wonderful President!

There is a lot more over there along these lines.



I get it now. Thank you, Lucianne commenters, your remarks made it clear. This is not usual behavior. It means Trump values his military as individuals, and they value him as their leader.

They will recall and recount this moment the rest of their lives. He took a monumental event in their individual lives and put an exclamation point on it for each of them. This is the day of their life. Yes, this amplifies greatly the whole celebration. I can see that now. And on Memorial weekend.

It makes me think about Golda Meir saying she regarded all the citizens of Israel as her own children.


edutcher said...

They compared this with the very tepid response Zippy got at West Point.

Those guys know Trump has their back and they make sure he has their back.

This is the kind of thing Dr Evil can't buy.

Tank said...

Trump Is The Man.

My Man.

Who thought I'd ever be proud of a President again?

Not me.

XRay said...

Great story, thanks for posting. Like running to shake the cop's hands yesterday (I think)... yeah, sure, in a sense he's working the crowd but it's 'a working' he believes in, he does appreciate the jobs all these folks do. It is the common touch in some ways and it's something he's always had I suspect.

AllenS said...

Trump is the real deal.