Thursday, May 31, 2018

Rosenstein helped Trump with cover story for Comey firing.

NYT and CNN and Gateway Pundit report Andrew McCabe turned over his notes to Mueller and those notes contain information about Rosenstein helping Trump come up with a cover story for firing Comey.

What now?

Trump doesn't need a cover story to fire Comey. Trump could say, "I don't like his dandruff snowing all over the place." And it's ridiculous to suggest that Trump needed help. Plus Trump has his own lawyers for that. This is the corruption within our institutions muddling the national discussion to cover their own butts and the only people who buy into this are the likes of NYT and CNN.

Without reading a word yet, $10.00 says Gateway Pundit is not having it. And I no longer care what NYT or CNN have to say. They don't get anything right. Let's look at Gateway Pundit. Their story is titled "Deep State Leak."

They refer to the NYT. "Yes, the same Rosenstein who authorized Mueller to hunt down President Trump and anyone and everyone connected to him."
But in the meeting at the Justice Department, Mr. Rosenstein added a new detail: He said the president had originally asked him to reference Russia in his memo, the people familiar with the conversation said. Mr. Rosenstein did not elaborate on what Mr. Trump had wanted him to say. 
To Mr. McCabe, that seemed like possible evidence that Mr. Comey’s firing was actually related to the F.B.I.’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia, and that Mr. Rosenstein helped provide a cover story by writing about the Clinton investigation.
Then Gateway Pundit continues.
"McCabe should not be taken seriously. 
The corrupt former FBI official is not a reliable witness. He was just criminally referred to the Justice Department by the Inspector General for LYING UNDER OATH several times. 
This McCabe memo just shows how paranoid the Obama holdovers became after Trump was elected. They are all throwing each other under the bus because they were all involved in covering up Hillary’s many crimes."
I win. Give me 10 bucks.

Russia, Russia Rush uh. Russia, Russia Rush uh. Russia, Russia Rush uh. Russia, Russia Rush uh.

You squat and jolt a leg out on the emphasis, alternating legs.

Since we're all Russia, all the time. May as well do the Russia dance. There are hundreds of these remixes to help get in the mood.

You know, I tried to identify as Democrat. I really did. At the time I thought, since there are only two real parties to choose from, the Democrats are sufficiently whacked to suit me. They were the party for me. But they proved too unstable. Too viciously unstable. The swings too dramatic. Too intellectually and emotionally elastic. I cannot bend this violently to suit immediate needs. I'm not this flexible. I cannot keep up with them. First they mocked Trump for being ridiculous about even mentioning concern about Russia being a threat. And he was right about that. And now Democrats are Russia, Russia, Russia, the greatest threat to our republic since ever, even long after collusion with Trump has all been disproven, and although investigating every possible angle of attack, still not the slightest bit interested in Hillary's connections with Russia and DNC use of foreign interference. Elastic lithic Janus. Extremely rigid and with extreme flexibility. The lot of them. Psychologically disrupted.

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edutcher said...

Presumably, Rosie is now head of CYA and trying to play both sides.

I wish him luck.

And Gateway always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. A tad too much wishful thinking among some other good stuff.