Thursday, May 31, 2018

President Donald Trump signs 'Right to Try' Legislation

Right to try what?
Right for 80-year-olds to try hang gliding so long as they can carry their glider up to the launch site?
The right for spastics to try tightrope walking across the Royal Gorge?
The right for convicted arsonists to apply for job as fireman?
No. You're really bad at this.
Well just tell me then.
President Trump signed legislation that provides terminally ill patients with the right to try experimental medicine and procedures. It authorizes access directly from a drug sponsor or manufacturer and limits the use of clinical outcomes and liability arising from the provision of such drugs. 
Here is the transcript of the announcement ceremony. It's funny in parts. Here is President Trump schmoozing it up while preparing for another announcement to happen shortly.
Today I’m proud to keep another promise to the American people as I sign the Right to Try legislation into law. (Applause.) 
Right? (Speaks to participant on stage.) You’re so beautiful. So beautiful. 
If I looked like that, I would have been President 10 years earlier. (Laughter.) If I had that face, if I had that head of hair, I would have been President so long ago. (Laughter.) That’s great. 
So I want to thank a couple of people. Secretary Azar is here. Where’s the Secretary? Secretary? Please stand up. You have worked so hard on this. (Applause.) Thank you very much. You’ve really done a great job. And we’re going to have another exciting news conference over the next, what, three weeks? Four weeks? Two weeks? What do you think? On healthcare. We’re going to have great healthcare. We’ll get rid of the individual mandate. Without that, we couldn’t be doing what we’re doing in a few weeks. We’re going to have great, inexpensive, but really good healthcare.
Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit both report from a different angle. There is an adorable little boy with muscular dystrophy present at the signing, the archetypical model for cherub, trying to get the president's attention, but President Trump does not notice him at his side. When President Trump does notice the boy edging closer pouring on the cuteness, Trump grabs the boy and squeezes his guts out all over the place kisses him on his head.



edutcher said...

Vintage Trump.

The Lefties can't beat it.

ampersand said...

It's Trump's Mini-Me. Poor kid, the MSM will proceed to tear him to shreds.