Tuesday, May 29, 2018

"Roseanne" canceled for commiting truth.

Roseanne got her show canceled today. ABC and Disney were looking for an excuse. Even though it was the highest rated show of the season on any network it had to be canceled because it treated President Trump fairly and illustrated the type of people who voted for him. It had storylines about how illegal immigrant construction workers were taking jobs away from native born Americans. It had to be stopped. They just needed a hook to do it.

The found it in a joke.

Now I am not stranger to being deleted and censored for making monkey jokes. It offends some peoples sensibility. Some people scold me. Some people call it a mess. They complain about political correctness but want to impose their sensibility on humor. Because you can't make monkey jokes. Or offend Muslims.

If you watch the excellent show Mrs. Masiel you see a portrayal of Lenny Bruce. How he got arrested for telling jokes that they tell this day on Nickelodeon. All your big libs shake their head and say how it is terrible. Well now they do the same thing about racial jokes or jokes about Muslims.

It is a short walk to a Tommy Robinson situation. That's the guy who was streaming a facebook live outside the Muslim grooming trail in England and was scooped up and put in prison for 13 months. In a minute. No trial. No hearing. Just a revocation of a suspended sentence and incarceration.

This is going to come here.

ABC/Disney owns ESPN. They decided that in order to fight the accusation that they are an out of control social justice warrior network that they had to hire Keith Olberman. Who consistently calls the President a Hitler and a Nazi. But he has a new show.  Get woke go broke.

I hope someone is smart enough to pick up the show. I don't know if that can happen because some ot the ultra  liberal weenie cast might not want to be on the show now. I think if they throw enough money at them they will do it. Money talks and bullshit walks. So if FOX picks it up the show can go on. 

You don't monkey with success.

Or do you?


ampersand said...

When did Valerie Jarrett become a race? Are there millions more like her somewhere?

Amartel said...

When did Planet of the Apes become a race?
I vaguely recall someone else, when the remake Planet of the Apes movie came out, said that Janet Jackson was perfect for the role, or something along those lines. THe role she was playing in the movie. As an ape.
I don't recall the exact quote but whoever said it was guillotined on the spot.
That being said, given the weirdly projective shenanigans that take place on the left to make righties look bad, do you wonder if this was all just a put up job?
Roseanne Barr, Celebrity Trump Supporter? Did anyone wonder if this was Fake news?
I mean, WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT? (Other than Trooper, for effect. I hope.)

bagoh20 said...

I suppose the reason for cancelling was sensitivity to people's feelings.

Is there really any person out there that is hurt by some comedian's tweet? Anybody?

Now what about all the hurt - real hurt- inflicted on all the people and their dependents who just lost their income because of this decision. I don't know what should have been done, but firing dozens of innocent people who had nothing to do with the "offense" seems a million times more insensitive, and downright cruel and heartless.

"Those who are kind to the cruel, in the end will be cruel to the kind." (and innocent)

Amartel said...

The Tommy Robinson case, OTOH, is absolutely horrifying. It's not just chilling free speech, it's flash freezing it and shooting it into outer space, never to return. Supposedly it was done in order to protect the integrity of the trial process (he'd been cited for contempt before for his reporting) and to keep jurors from viewing material that they were not meant to see. That's the court's job to instruct the jurors not to look at outside sources, and enforce its' instruction, but whatever. And too bad the same faux justice kangaroo court tactics are not applied to the creeps supporting the defendants who stand around outside the court throwing stuff and jeering at the victims and their families. But of course not. The guy could easily be killed in prison by Muslims for reporting on the grooming trial but that's okay. That's fine.

edutcher said...

She'll probably get picked up someplace else.

but, yeah, what she did was exactly that.

PS She also nailed the brood sow pretty good.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Remember Cossell and his "little monkey" comment?

Trooper York said...

They might want to pick up the show but will the extreme liberals stay with it. What made the show is that they got the original cast back. It was the highlight of their careers and the best thing they have ever done. But in the end they have to work in Hollywood and if they went back to the show they might forfeit any other work.

Would John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf do that? I don't know.

Sarah Gilbert is a special case. She is an uber liberal lesbian and would be savaged. So they should write her out of the show. Or better yet recast the role. Use her sister Melissa. Stunt casting.

Or they could get some other Hollywood loser. Like Nicole Egggert. Cunt casting.

Trooper York said...

A joke is a joke.

The more offensive the better.

There is a technical name in comedy for people who get offended by jokes like that.


Trooper York said...

Her big mistake was apologizing. Never apologize.

She just should have said it was a joke. Deal with it.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I suspect Roseanne was making fun of Jarrett's looks (which is funny in itself given how Roseanne looks) but yeah, comparing a black person to an ape is perceived to be racist. What Roseanne was spot on about the Muslim Brotherhood, but should have added Jarrett is a Commie Traitor too.

Trooper York said...

Of course it is racist.

That's the point.

She should have said....it is a outrageous racist joke...but still a joke. Deal with it.

That's what real comics do. Be outrageous.

Trooper York said...

Maybe she can be the new co-host on the Anthony Cumia show on Compound Media.

Artie Lange lost that gig because he is going to prison for trafficking heroin.

Those are big pantaloons to fill but she can do it.

Leland said...

She should have called Valerie, Chimpy McHitler.

bagoh20 said...

I'm sure she apologized out of concern for her cast members thinking that the PC police would give a shit people's real issues of livelyhood and leave their jobs alone, but their concern only runs to the perceived level. Real people and their lives are not valued over game points and butt-hurt.

I repeat, who would really be affected by her tweet? Maybe Jarret at worst, but I doubt she would really care and has heard worse in her life. She probably laughed when she was told - a maniacal "now we got em" laugh.

William said...

She's got a troubled history of saying and doing weird shit, but there's zero tolerance for this kind of offensive speech. You can accuse your mother of child molestation or grab your crotch during the nastinal anthem, and that's fine under the first amendment. But this is evil. She's now in a class with Dahmer. There's no coming back from this. They're already cancelling reruns of her show. I guess Seinfeld is still safe within the liberal bubble, but some people will claim if old Roseanne shows are verboten why not cancel Seinfeld. Maybe they can pixelate Richards face. That would be a fair compromise.......If there's any upside to this, maybe it will negatively impact Kathy Griffith's comeback tour.

Trooper York said...

I don't know William. There might be coming back from this. If a network wants a top ten show they can put her on.

I wish FOX had the balls to do it.

Better yet FOX news. Imagine if they did that? Man the ratings would be through the roof.