Monday, May 28, 2018

WKRLEM:Highlanders advance at the Battle of New Orleans, 1815

From an excellent little movie called "The Buccaneer." The story of Jean Paul Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans. Starring Yul Brenner.. With hair! And the great Charlton Heston as General Andy Jackson in what he claimed was one of his favorite roles.

I saw this movie in grammar school. It was on movie day and it was considered a good movie from Catholic School kids to watch by the nuns.

The Heroes of the War of 1812 are forgotten of course. Jackson. Lafitte. Winfield Scott. Oliver Hazard Perry.

Just like the heroes of all the rest of our wars.

Say a prayer for them on Memorial Day.


edutcher said...

Chuck wasn't even 35 when he did that, but he made the part his own.

And Tony Quinn did a fair job on the re-enactment.

Sixty Grit said...

Thanks for posting that clip, Troops. I watched that movie as a callow youth and liked it. The war of 1812 was kind of a big deal where I grew up - Francis Scott Key was a local guy, Fort McHenry was a popular field trip back then and best of all, that was the last time we had to kick those stinkin' Brits out of our nation.

I had some friends from Glasgow when I lived in CA. They might have been the last wave of Scottish immigrants who weren't smack addicted layabouts, you know, they actually worked and appreciated what our country offered in terms of being able to become business owners. When they saw this movie they were aghast "Ye shot all the pipers!".

"Goldarn right, ma'am, they were invadin' and had it comin' they did. And we'll do it again ifn we need ta, so watch yer step!"

I love the sound of the deflating bagpipes - music to my ears.

It's hard to imagine how far the British empire has fallen in just a few years. But they are well and truly lost.

Trooper York said...

The Tommy Robinson thing is just unbelievable.

If we had a newsman with balls he would go over there and cover it. And get arrested by the Brits and thrown out of the country.

Jesse Waters should do it.

Trooper York said...

That is what these heroes saved us from with Perfidious Albion.

edutcher said...

Churchill and Maggie (and Burke and the Pitts) must be spinning.