Thursday, May 31, 2018

Morning Glory seeds.

I mentioned a dude who lives here knocked on my door one morning to ask how the caladium bulbs come back. While he was here I described how the entire railing was taken over with foliage by morning glories. I told him, they germinate in a few days and they grow visibly overnight by an inch or so, it seems. They send tendrils out all over the vines, grow foliage all season, then near the end of the season they bloom everyday and produce thousands upon thousands of seeds. Look. Here's some.

He took a handful of seeds.

Then I thought, "did I exaggerate again?"

He could be disappointed if I did.

Later, I planted a whole bunch of seeds myself. Along the edge of pots that are low and next to the railing. This year will be a little bit more controlled. I have 3 metal trellises stuck into large pots with morning glory seeds planted at their base. And along one edge of several pots low to the ground. That's it. But that's still hundreds of plants. And other things planted in the same pot. For those pots, the morning glory plants will be background for things in front of them. While creating a wall of foliage for the outside, and shade for the inside. That's the plan.

I planted seeds on Friday and Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Today was the first day I went out there and watered. Lo. Behold. They've already germinated and emerged from the dirt and opened their first two leaves. Here and there in the pots planted Friday.

It's on!

Look on eBay at the variety available. Not all the vines behave the same way. Some grow longer than others. Some flower more profusely than others. Some flowers are larger than others. But pretty much all of them are cheap as heck.

After all that I've given away and planted, I still have about half of them left. They're outrageous. And what fun it is to watch them growing so fast.

I have blue ones, but I bought a package of white ones to mix in.

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deborah said...

I like those dark purple/red ones that look almost black. I'd be a little afraid to plant a lot of them in my yard, I wonder if they have invasiveness issues. I'm in the market for some small flowered clematises, such as Orange Peel.