Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Buzzfeed: 99 Aussie Tumbler posts

Language, philosophy, food, drinking, drugs, candy, animals, weather, mostly.

29) on money.

30) On Australian Cuisine.

French recipes: If you're not making this in Paris then what's the poiont? Fuck you.

Italian recipes: Use the left leg meat of a pig from one of three farms in this specific area of Tuscany. Or from this day my grandmother will begin manifesting physically in your house.

American recipes: Buy these three cans of stuff and put them in a pan. Congrats, you cooked.

Chinese recipes, as handed down from mother to child: Season it with a pinch of this and some of that. You want to know the exact amount? Feel it in your heart. Ask the stars. Yell into the void.

English recipes: Boil and salt it. Okay, that's it. Enjoy.

Australian recipes: Just ... fucking put the sprinkles ... on the bread ... holy shit fucking gourmet cuisine right there holy fuck

31) On nutrition: 

75) On white Christmases: 

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas I sing to myself in the 30 degree Australian heat
I was about to say 30 degrees is cold but then I remembered Celsius
Is that hot? In America that would be cold.
What the ... oh, right, celsius.  
It's funny if you don't know to celsius because it can snow at 30F
Took me a second ot remember that Australia goes by celsius
I was so confused and then I remembered 33℃ = 91.4℉. Oh.
Guys ...
Guys ...

76) On Christmas trees:

92) On how true stereotypes are:


ricpic said...

I never got a "Hey man, what's up." Today I was walking down a narrow sidewalk and a young guy was walking toward me and we both did that stutter step to avoid the other but we stepped wrong and collided and he said "Oops, sorry," which was nice but it wasn't a "Hey man, what's up."

edutcher said...

All that metric stuff is only practical for scientific pursuits - nanoseconds, terabytes, etc.; otherwise, English is just as good.