Monday, May 28, 2018

WKRLEM: Respect for Trooper John Smith Two

There were many Galvanized Yankees in the Army of the Plains. Soldiers from the South who could not go back to civilian life. The choice was the Outlaw trail like the James and Younger boys or the Army.

Having a general serve as a private was an exaggeration to be sure.

But many of them re-upped to fight in the Spanish American War. Led by fighting Joe Wheeler the boys of the South were always ready for a scrap.


edutcher said...

I think you mean Galvanized Yankees (technically men released from Union POW camps to fight Indians; most were like the Maverick boys and went home at the end of the War).

The other choice was cowboy. Most Southerners rode and the new market for beef put a premium on good riders.

On the issues of generals, there were a lot of brigades and IIRC a brigade commander's life expectancy wasn't swell.

Trooper York said...

Thanks ed you are right. I fixed it.

You keep me honest.