Thursday, May 3, 2018

Inspector General Report on the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton.

As a result of the known OIG investigative findings already the top FBI and DOJ officials in charge of the Clinton investigation have been fired, demoted or removed from responsibility: 
Oh. Oh. This is my favorite part, c/p across several posts. Committed to memory, like a rosary. Recognizable on sight like an Egyptian offering in hieroglyphics. The whole formula jumps out as a block, it's clustered elements overly familiar:
Director James Comey (fired), Deputy Director Andrew McCabe (fired), FBI Legal Counsel James Baker (removed – status unknown);  FBI investigative Agent Peter Strzok (demoted, reassigned); DOJ special counsel to McCabe, Lisa Page, (removed, reassigned); and DOJ Deputy AAG Bruce Ohr (demoted, twice). 
Additionally other officials resigned immediately after the preliminary IG findings were made public: FBI Communications Director Mike Kortan (quit); Director Comey Chief-of-Staff, Jim Rybicki (quit); DOJ-NSD DAAG Mary McCord (quit); DOJ Deputy AAG David Laufman (quit).
Slurp gurgle gurgle gurgle, swirl, swish, swoosh, gurgle, glug, glug, glub, glub, glub, bubble, bubble, glug. The sound of a swamp draining and clogging. But where does it go?
In total, almost no-one within the “small group” conducting the Clinton email investigation has survived initial Office of Inspector General scrutiny.
And it can only get worse.

Much worse.

The post at the Treehouse includes videos produced by a former Washington reporter, a series in five parts. It's all review. All recap. Perhaps more accurately all recrap. We heard all this crap before, repeatedly, as it developed, but the wrath of God has not fallen upon them. No fire, no brimstone.


And I must say it is wearisome seeing and hearing the same voices all over again. SILENCE!  But here it all is again organized all over again, so that all the dreadful pieces contrast next to each other so that sense can be made of the previous dissimilation and outright lies. We see why people lied and how their lies changed to fit the new needs as they arose. And how important people covered for other important people so that very important people could skate. La la la. And now the IG report threatens to burn down and blow away the ashes of their trembling Pearl Mosque of cards.

Notice the urgent music and panning of legal symbols, law books and scale, judges gavel. That there's what you call production value.

I hate every single one.

Because they shouldn't even be necessary and because I know they'll get so pathetic few views. This should have been discussed every night ad nauseam across all media national and parroted locally, until Hillary Clinton hung herself in despair, until Comey shot himself in the head, until McCabe dropped himself off a bridge and everyone else was jailed crying for forgiveness. I hate these videos because they shouldn't even be here discussing the basics. The original Watergate was 1/1000 this bad but received 1000X this much intense journalistic investigation. And Hillary Clinton was at the heart of it! So vicious they were forced to let her go. All these people would be history already were it not for our hopelessly corrupted media 100% in the tank for the Democrat Party, covering their crimes, and interested only Republicans nipping ineffectually at their heels.

And all this is just half of it. The other half of their crimes are what they did to squelch Trump.

Why, this is worse than the Teapot Dome, the Whiskey ring, The Sickles murder case, The Burr conspiracy, the XYZ affair, Crédit Mobilier, the Keating five, all pushed together. And there's our national media with local media in tow with the sheet pulled over their heads, "Hey, leave Britany alone!"


Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Strozk should be full on fired.
Same with page.
Same with Rosenstein

edutcher said...

Trump, of course, is doing most of this sub rosa, while the media chases Stormy.

the Whiskey ring, The Sickles murder case, The Burr conspiracy, the XYZ affair, Crédit Mobilier

Impressive knowledge of the slimy side of American history. And you really do need to know this stuff because it teaches how the State went Deep.

Dickin'Bimbos@Home said...

Thanks, Chip.

ricpic said...

To hear the MSM tell it Stormy Daniels trumps the conspiracy to unseat the president.