Thursday, May 3, 2018

Lust in Space?

This is what Judy Robinson looked like in the original Lost in Space.

This is what Judy Robinson looks like in the new Netflicks production of Lost in Space.

Just another example of how political correctness ruins everything.

Since I am laid up recovering I am watching even more streaming content then ever. When I heard that there was remake of Lost in Space I thought "Cool there should be some hot chicks." Imagine my surprise that it was a feminist politically correct remake. Wait. Let me rephrase that. I am not surprised. Just really disappointed.

Lets list the way this is different. In this version the Mom played by Deadwood's Molly Parker (Alma Garret) is an emasculating bitch who is a control freak who constantly undermines her war hero husband. Who is her second husband in this rendition. Why? So she can have a mulatto daughter from her first marriage who is in constant conflict with her step father. Instead of a buxom beautiful twenty something daughter we can a scrawny stand in for Obama's daughters. Seriously? Where is the spanking material for the 13 year old geeks who are going to be watching this? Why do we have to insert a bi-racial kid into this family? This franchise was based on a 19th century novel Swiss Family Robinson. I mean if they are going to do this why can't Judy be played by a young Pam Grier or something?

Look this was what the original Judy looked like:

Now Judy looks like this:

With the new family. They really look like they are related right?

The show isn't that bad if you look past the pc bullshit which is very hard but not impossible. The did a sex change with Dr. Smith turning him from a pedophile man into a ugly woman in the person of indie Queen Parker Posey who spends every moment over acting. Now that is traditional in this role but I wonder how they are going to handle the old subtext where  Dr. Smith was always trying to get young Master Will alone in the woods to teach him something. That should be interesting.

All in all it is just another example of how PC Hollywood fucks everything up. I look forward to "I Dream of Jeanie" starring Amy Schumer and "Bewitched" starring Lena Dunham. Jeez. This just sucks.


ricpic said...

Squeeze that peach! Is she English? She looks like a classic English rose, er....peach.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Isn't she adopted? I don't know the back story on that character for the new show. From a selling the show perspective, she is also too young for the cheese cake that sci fi nerds love.

PC casting aside, I watched a couple of episodes. It was ok, but not enough to make me want to keep watching. I was more interested in Parker Posey sliding in as Dr. Smith.

windbag said...

Why create something new, when you can generate buzz by ruining something else with a crappy reboot?

Trooper York said...

The back story is that this Judy is the product of Maureen's first marriage to a black guy. You see they have to cuck out the white guy who is performing heroic deeds left and right but still has to be nagged at bitched at by his feminist wife and daughters. The fucking guy dives down and fights space snakes with a knife and he has to listen to his wife bitch at him that he can't make a gun in the 3d printer because she doesn't want a gun around her kids. In outer space.

Liberal values and pc trumps reality every time in this series.

I just like the production values and the special effects.

edutcher said...

You got it, windy.

The real issue is all the good stuff ain't anywhere near PC, so they can't do much with it and the old stuff they never read.

Or saw.

My God, imagine what they'd do to something like "Captain Blood".

Trooper York said...

The Dude who plays the Dad stars as a pirate captain in "Black Sails" which is also pretty decent.

deborah said...

Saw a commercial for the Cobra Kai series for the first time...Karate Kid is now a karate teacher...looks very good. It's on Youtube Red, but I'm not a member.

deborah said... is available on regular youtube, and the karate teacher is the kid the karate kid beat in the final competion in the movie. That is all.

deborah said...

Okay, the first to episodes are teasers, then they want you to try Youtube Red for a free trial.