Saturday, December 3, 2016

Why aren't charges being filed....something doesn't add up?

Second witness says shooter screamed at McKnight’s body 

New York Post By Kathianne Boniello December 3, 2016

The man who gunned down ex-Jet Joe McKnight was standing over the dying running back and screaming at him after the shooting, according to a second witness whose account contradicts police statements about the incident.

The witness told TMZ that she heard Ronald Gasser arguing with McKnight before the Thursday incident, and snapped a photo of Gasser standing outside his car after pumping several bullets into McKnight during an apparent road rage incident.
Police have disputed a different witness account which claimed Gasser stood over McKnight’s prone body, yelling “I told you I was going to f- -k you up,” before pumping a final shot into McKnight.
Evidence shows Gasser fired three shots from inside his own vehicle, authorities said.

The new witness also claimed Gasser, who had a previous road rage incident a decade ago, was pacing with the gun in his hand in the moments after the shooting.
Gasser was released Friday without charges, prompting outrage.
“How in hell do you release someone who killed my brother, my friend a father a son a brother without charging him. Bull Crap,” former Jet Antonio Cromartie seethed on Twitter.
(I must admit that I was wrong about this story. I thought it was a brother that did him in but instead it is one of the very race incidents of a white man killing a black man. I discounted the first witness correctly as the forensics proved to contradict everything she said. The question is if this dude has a previous record of road rage how was he released without charges? Something doesn't add up at all.
I would arrest the guy just because he looks like William H. Macy.)


Sixty Grit said...

That was pretty good shootin' for a blind guy.

edutcher said...

Saw this one earlier and it puzzled me, too.

rcocean said...

So wimpy little white dude killed a black NFL football player?

Hard to believe. But odder things have happened.