Thursday, December 29, 2016

WKRLEM: RIP Red Solo Cup

Just wait a few minutes and some asshole will come to express his contempt for the working mans red solo cup.

The elite only appreciate crystal you see.


Trooper York said...

With one very appropriate cameo.

chickelit said...

I'd like to string them up from every tree and rear view mirror: link

Chip Ahoy said...

Catchy tune and fun video and that guy's got a good voice.

But I do have a pair of testicles and I prefer glass. And there's no point in freezing them. Frozen mugs are the best.

Chick, I missed the Christmas tree ornaments earlier. That's fantastic.

O.T. Care to hear something completely irrelevant to your lives? Okay, goes like this:

A decade ago I bought a new fluorescent light for my 50 gal aquarium. It's been great. With extra special 4' tubes inside it that must be replaced all the time and a ballast that tends to conk out and four tiny fans to blow out the heat and get dusty and conk out and switches that die so they no longer stage the light, the unit cost somewhere around $300.00.

Now it's making so much noise I don't like it anymore. Such a major pain in the beau tox.

Today I bought another.

But tremendous advances have been made in lighting in the meantime.

The new unit is a thin black strip with 173 LED lights, both white and blue and it totally kicks @ss on the on the old one by a factor of 9 and it only cost $35.00 and that makes the fluorescent lights @ss in nine.

chickelit said...

Chip, they are hop-scented too.

chickelit said...

Hard to see in that photo, but they are miniature red solo cups. I think they are sold as shot glasses.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

And yet more grievance mongering.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Waiting for me, in the car, is a lecture series on the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.

Looking forward to it.

I listened to maybe the first 10 minutes of it yesterday. Did you know that he weighed somewhere near 300 pounds and wouldn't ride a donkey out of pity for the animal?

Well, that's what the guy said, credulously. To some people, mythology is like food.

Anyway, that pub-quiz-trivia stuff needs to be kept separate from the substance of the material which is what matters. Again, looking forward to it!

deborah said...

I did not know red solo cup was a cultural icon.

Too cute, Chick.

Leland said...

The cup is more than just a plastic container. It had marks, so you knew when you had the right amount of whiskey or wine or beer. It measured things for you, so Nick could easily set up his beer pong. That's quite the invention! Hulseman is a major loss for American ingenuity.

Oh well, back to drinkin' from the bottle.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I did not know red solo cup was a cultural icon.

Neither did I, and I still don't.

But put it on a state flag and then we'll talk.

deborah said...

"It had marks, so you knew when you had the right amount of whiskey or wine or beer."

News you can use!

Methadras said...

The red solo cup is utterly ubiquitous in our drinking culture. Its everywhere, yet hiding in plain sight.

AprilApple said...

My boyfriend, Sammy Hagar, makes a short appearance near the end of that thoroughly entertaining music video.

MamaM said...

Princess Leia with Solo buns at 1:44!

Ubiquitous is the word. Here's 10 things more to know about Red Solo cups: