Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald together at last

Holy crap it's New Year's eve already.

This is where I'd be putting the finishing touches on decorations and preparing hors d'oeuvres for aprox. 100 guests coming and going. Four hot and four cold. The bar stocked to the maximum capacity, sufficient to last through the whole year actually. The whole place cleaned up. Until one final time a guest said upon leaving "See you next year!" having not seen them at all during the year, and I thought in that moment, "This is bogus" and dropped the whole effort.

That's all it took. The same deal with political party affiliation. In both cases there came a time when there existed no further point to loyalty or tradition.

There's also no point in arguing with strangers but somehow I still do. That's fading too.

For example this Denver Post article by their editorial board, Now is not the time to "move on" and excuse those who seek to harm us.

It's fake news presented as political opinion and comments to it are extraordinarily dopey, worse than the article itself, written by people who actually use Denver Post to formulate their opinions. Now, what would be the point in arguing with them? The single reason is to present my own version of truth, and honestly, at a place like Denver Post, to an audience of their commenters, that amounts to trolling.

Here's Tucker Carlson and Glenn Greenwald.

There are fourteen uploads of this video on YouTube presently. I have tremendous respect for both of these guys. I didn't care for Greenwald at first, I think reflexively,  but I've come to regard him as a straight shooter. I saw him in a debate with an American general one time and I must say Greenwald completely outclassed him. And I appreciate his work with Edward Snowden. That is a critical point in modern American history. As such he is nothing less than an historical figure. Plus he likes dogs.


Jon Gabriel writing for Ricochet put out a nice succinct essay recapping the salient points of the mainstream media's new trope of Russia hacking our election, an effort designed to deflect attention off the content of Podesta's emails onto a familiar foreign bugbear by way of making excuses for failing in their massively corrupted efforts to foist Hillary Clinton upon us. It works on partisan Democrat dopes but not on anyone else.

The essay boils down to Russia might have hacked Podesta, so far that is unproven, but they did not hack our elections. No matter how many times mainstream media says that they did. No matter how hard they push that as their axiom. 

Speaking of axioms, I've read "[absurd] as WMD in Iraq" at least twenty-five times the last couple days. Suddenly a flood of references to that. Just thrown out mid sentence as unquestionable  internalized truth. Yet a simple internet search by any of various search parameters shows that chemical weapons were found, and repeatedly, and long after the counter truth of WMD non existence had already been accepted. As axiom.  They stopped listening. They stopped learning. In each case I stopped short and dropped what I was reading or viewing and regarded the writer too seriously mal-informed to continue any further, as I did with one of the Tucker Carlson / Glenn Greenwald uploads, annotated by the uploader who I was in agreement until that minor side point.  It ruined the whole thing even though everything else comports to reality.  The aversion has developed to the point now where I'm beginning to consider nearly all political discussion not worth the effort, not worth the time given it, not worth the effort of contesting, not worth so much as simply enjoying Crazy Russian Hacker videos, or talent videos, how-to-make-caramel videos, even ancient Egyptian malarky videos delivered through agonizingly distorted British accents. 

Man, this new year sure is going to be new.  


Leland said...

Credit to Greenwald for bringing up China and Taiwan. For all the hand wringing about Trump taking a phone call; expelling diplomats on the charge of interfering with a change over in government is a bit more serious. Yet, the evidence we have is a report written by the CIA (Iraq WMD, Benghazi) and the FBI (Benghazi, Hillary).

Also credit to many Americans, as this story doesn't seem to be playing well outside the beltway.

Lem said...

If the election was hackable, why haven't hackers hacked a hackable Super Bowl style event?

I find it suspicious that hackers would pass on hacking the biggest event happening. If such a thing were possible.

Lem said...

Hacking dummy podesta and hacking the election are not the same thing... btw.

Lem said...

Hacking the DNC and hacking the election are not the same thing either.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I get an ad in the upper right of the home page for something called a "slow watch." It has all 24 hours on a big dial and only an hour hand. Wasn't that the way they made clocks back in 1350 or something?

Who buys that crap?

Well, I guess if you're going to buy that crap you should do it through Lem's portal.

Lem said...

I'm sorry to keep harping on belaboring the point adnauseum... but if the election in Wisconsin, to take an example out of a hat, was possible, do you think Walker would have won all those times?

Maybe I'm wrong.

Leland said...

Whatever the reality, for sure the credibility of the FBI is utterly destroyed. Comey has no support left or right. The left are outraged by the FBI's late discovery of Carlos Danger's sexual proclivities for girls of all ages. The right can't reconcile Comey's speech with extraordinary decision to state what a prosecutor should do with the FBI's investigation. Now we have an FBI report a month after the election telling us the Russians might have hacked the computer system of the same DNC that didn't trust the FBI agent on the phone?

Sadly, we still have the GOPe in charge of Congress. If we had better congressional critters; they would be pointing to all this as a sign that the Federal government is too easy too compromise. Better to go the route of distributed systems, which we already have with multiple state governments.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

A smaller get together of just a few friends (where everyone pot lucks it) is way more fun.

AprilApple said...

The left are having a coordinated melt-down and injecting more lies and confusion into their media in order to soothe their wounds.

Notice the media skipped right past the content of the e-mails. We are all certain that the if the GOP were hacked, if those e-mails revealed the same two-faced money grubbing (ie: like in the Podesta-Bill Clinton Coke-Cola e-mails) - the media would never ever shut up about that content.

AprilApple said...

Thanks for reminding me to cancel the Sunday Denver Post.

ricpic said...

"A smaller get way more fun."

True. But Chip decided to chuck any get together (if I read his post correctly) and that I do not understand.

Second point: I don't necessarily agree with chucking (there's that word again) affiliation to either political party. Although it's true the Republicans are a very faulty support to lean against I would hope Americans (well, some Americans) have finally learned to give the Democrats a wide berth. If anything drives me nuts it is the people who smugly announce that "I don't vote the party I vote the individual." Why vote for an effective individual if he's going to ram Democrat socialism down your throat?

ndspinelli said...

Great post, Chip. It became obvious to me a while back that Greenwald, while very liberal, is a REAL, INTELLECTUALLY HONEST, reporter. A right leaning Sharyl Attkisson is the same. Both have been booted out of the MSM sycophant society. Attkisson was harassed and hacked by the Obama administration. Tucker Carlson is evolving. He was a bomb thrower in his younger years, but has become more reasoned. Carlson is intelligent, eloquent, and sorta intellectually honest. He needs to get in touch w/ Greta van Susteren's voice coach, or just take some testosterone.

ricpic said...

Holy Mackeral what happened to Ronda Rousey?!

edutcher said...

The Lefties live in Egypt and the Sudan, from Khartoum to Alexandria.

Chip Ahoy said...

What happened to Ronda Rousey? POW! Right in the kisser.

Leland said...

Some try to bust glass ceilings by lifting weights, while others have get their glass jaws busted.

Trooper York said...

Ronda suffered the fate of bullies everywhere. It happened to Sonny Liston. It happened to Mike Tyson. It happened to the New England Patriots when they played the Giants. Twice.

You see when you have a mystiques of invincibility you can cruise along. Until you run into someone who is not afraid of you and will step up to kick your ass. Hello Buster Douglas. Then you are fair game.

The real champions (like New England) pick themselves up and win again.

I don't think Ronda has it in her.

rcocean said...

Great post as usual Chip. Did you really have parties for a 100 people? Because that is so cool.

We've attended large parties, but give them? Forget about it.

As for women's boxing, I find the whole thing bizarre. Its men's sports fanaticism on overdrive. I mean who watches? Not women. I'm always up for a good old fashioned cat fight with plenty of hair pulling and bitch slapping but women seriously fighting? Sorry.

Rousey weighs 135 lbs. Hell, trooper could probably beat her up -even with a bad ticker.

rcocean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rcocean said...

When Clint made that stupid movie about the woman boxer, that's when I gave up on him. The whole thing was absurd. The leading lady was a tough chick who wanted to be a contender but met a brutal hairdresser with a powerful right. Sure. Most woman boxers couldn't knock out a cocker spaniel.

Chip Ahoy said...

Yes, rcocean, it was a huge deal. And I had help. Guests took over the whole house. And this went on for twelve years.

Most people were going to more than one party. Some up to three parties. It was a huge come and go thing.

It developed so that abut half the people I only saw at my N.Y. party and that's when I decided in essence it's all actually bogus. (Plus people did coke in the bathrooms and got drunk and drove, the laws changed about that, smoked pot in the basement and the garage and such. One guy came as a friend of a publisher who told me we were sure to hit it off, supposedly he was some sort of genius, he was presented as such, but when I spoke to him directly he carelessly / arrogantly flicked his cigarette ashes directly onto the carpet, OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! OUT! He was barked directly out the door.

My Belgian sheepdog tried desperately to keep track of everyone as they arrived in small groups but as the crowd grew and shifted through the house appearing and disappearing, that became impossible. Her shepherd breeding worked against her. In frustration the dog gave up. It was funny seeing the dog just stop working and collapse in hopelessness and resign herself to accepting people touching her and stroking her luxurious silk fur.

It was fun while it lasted but it had to be brought to a stop. A LOT of people came through. Most were acquaintances, and friends of friends. The effort was instrumental in developing my hosting / catering ├ęclat. It was why I was called upon to do other things.

I should mention, weather never affected turnout. Not once. These people are serious partiers and a little thing like an ice storm is not going to stop them.

After this I co-hosted the same deal at a condominium much larger and far more elegant than my house, but that petered out for the same reasons given.

Come to think of it, the effort also garnered a good deal of fame for me at my regular work. Everyone in management and all of the bank examiners knew of those NY parties (and other smaller ones besides)

windbag said...

I don't think Ronda has it in her.

There are a lot of guys who would like to correct that.

I think she's done, too.

rcocean said...
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rcocean said...

Note: "New years 1960" for "The Apartment" available on Youtube.

For those who care.

Methadras said...

Hey guys, have a happy and safe new year. I love you all. Be well.

I go riding into the night without a care in the world!!!

deborah said...

Same to you, Meth, and all the Lemuelites :)