Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Titus sent me a link to his favorite Christmas carol:


bagoh20 said...

I would have guessed Little Drummer Boy: "Pump a bum bum".

Titus said...

chick, I actually hate gay men's chorus and broadway tunes/shows. I find them deplorable.

Currently, I am digging Bon Iver, orginally from Fall Creek, Wisconsin, who made it big time.

His first albums he wrote in Fall Creek and they remind me of winter in northern Wisconsin.

ndspinelli said...

Fall Creek! I worked a case in that podunk town. It's a good place to be from. And Titus, it is nice to have you commenting as a person, not a character.

Methadras said...

I do not and will never understand the fascination with gay men performing and how they've entrenched themselves into the entertainment scene. The entire homosexual lifestyle is so utterly contrived. Maybe they do this as a way to lighten the mental burden of their deviancy. I don't know.

Oh and Titus, calling Bon Iver a fag would be redundant.

deborah said...

Shouldn't that be three queens, Tie-Tie?

Sooo Titus did not email this to you, chick?

deborah said...

Never mind, just got to the 'queens' part.