Thursday, December 29, 2016


Back during George Michael's alleged reign over things that went pop, there were other bands happening. If you first liked Nirvana in 1992, you missed a decade of prior art which included: Pere Ubu; The Minutemen; X (and anyone else who appeared in Penelope Spheeris' The Decline Of Western Civilization (1981)); the Meat Puppets (a Cobain favorite), The Replacements, Husker Du, etc., etc.

The RHCP were another 80's band who became a better 90's band. That song in particular launched riots.


ndspinelli said...

It's funny how we self edit our news and info. I knew the name George Michael. I knew virtually NOTHING about him other than he was a rock star. Didn't know any of his work, where he was from, etc. So, I am fascinated at all the attention.

deborah said...

Ditto, Nick.

MamaM said...

I was raising children during those years and listening to different music. As a result I know most of Raffi's songs by heart. I was surprised to learn that he is now 68, as I had him mentally locked in time, instead of allowing him age as I have.

I wonder if some of the emotion and attention surrounding Michael's death has more to do with the feelings and memories his name or songs trigger than actual appreciation for the man himself or his artistry?

Trooper York said...

When I was bouncing around discos in the 1980's his songs were often on. "Careless Whispers" was always great for a nice slow dance. Just sayn'

Rhythm and Balls said...

The "reign" was like '87 - '88 or so. Before the RHCP could take the socks off their cocks (and other gimmicks) long enough to sit down with Rick Rubin and record a hit record in a mansion that was haunted and with a guitarist who hadn't yet speedballed himself to death as quickly as the previous one.

You really do get vindictive with these posts. Just because you couldn't defend your stance in the original thread doesn't mean you need to make up another one just to remind yourself that you found a clever way to wiggle out of failing to trounce all opinion you didn't like in the previous one.