Wednesday, December 21, 2016

WKRLEM-TV: They have a lot to say about the people President Trump has appointed as ambassador?

Have you been following the freakout by the New York Times, the Democrats and various and sundry Anti-Semites over President Trumps new ambassador to Israel?

President Trump named his lawyer and friend David Friedman as ambassador to Israel. The reason he freaks them out is that he is an authentic Jew. He is Orthodox like Trump's son-in-law and believes in Israel and not the lies peddled by the Arabists in the State Department. President Trump is going to redeem the promise of the last six Republican Presidential nominees as he will actual move the US Embassy to Jerusalem to recognize it as the capital of Israel. You see Trump is actually going to do it.

How that fits into the narrative that he is an Anti-Semite....well I will leave that to MSNBC to explain. I just don't want to hear complaints about who he appoints as Ambassador after the nonsense the Bush and Obama pulled. Trump needs to be creative. Amarosa should get South Africa. Dennis Rodman gets North Korea because they love him there. Of course Gary Busey has to get the Russian portfolio. I want to give everybody in the State Department a stroke.

That should really drain the swamp.


ricpic said...

I Willed all my money to an Orthodox Congregation in Brooklyn. My sister sure isn't going to get her hands on it! Plus, I didn't want my money to go to schvarzes, which is how those ersatz non-Orthodox Jews in "mainstream" Jewish Organizations would have dispersed it.

edutcher said...

Nicely put.

The Lefties are have a conniption there's going to be a real Jew in Israel and not one of these Soros Lefty turncoats.

XRay said...

Glad you got some humor in down thread.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

You know what they say every Passover: Next Year Jerusalem!

William said...

Caroline Kennedy is lamer than she looks. Back in 2008 she was thinking of running for the Senate. She made the mistake of granting an interview. She has a strong, severe face. She looks like she's smart and focused, but in the interview, she came across as inarticulate and uninformed. Her answers rambled on and never reached a point. The interview was so bad that she had to withdraw her name to spare herself further embarrassment. It's good that she has found something useful to do in Japan. I don't think the Santa look suits her, however. I would have recommended that she dress up as a Christmas elve. I think she could probably do a killer Christmas elve. It's just a matter of finding the right role for her talents.

deborah said...

Do you mean as in an assassin Christmas elf? Yeah, I remember her massive inarticulateness. Kind of like Chelsea who bombed in her brief tv journalist(?) career.