Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Killing hatred with kindness...

Black man has convinced 200 racists to abandon the KKK by making friends with them despite their prejudiced views

A black man has single-handedly caused more than 200 white racists to leave the Ku Klux Klan simply by confronting their prejudice with friendship.

Inspirational Daryl Davis, 58, a blues musician and author, has travelled all over the US since the early 1980s actively seeking out and befriending members of the openly racist organisation.

The KKK is a white supremacy cult founded in 1865 organizing members to persecute people for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs.

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edutcher said...

Good for him if it sticks.

PS That description of the Klan is a bit out of sync. At various times, it's been a guerrilla warfare organization aimed at freed slaves, a political and social organization aimed against all non-WASPs, and an extension of Nazi ideology.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

A comment was posted to this blog two or three months ago by which Jim in St. Louis (I think that's what he calls himself) rebuked Trooper York for his nose-in-the-tent style of racism, and in doing so, he said something along the lines of "[bigots may be a lot of different things but they're always stupid.]" That's a paraphrase.

Anyway, allowing a bit of leeway, I got what he meant.

I mean, if you're an infantryman in some small town, in France, during WWII, it's probably not the best time to say to yourself, "Hey! I'll bet some of these Germans would be swell guys to have a beer with and maybe talk things over. I'll bet we have a lot in common."

But none of us have to be in survival mode. There is abundance aplenty. There is no official declaration of war and none of us are wearing uniforms.

I'll repeat something I said, here, not too long ago: It costs nothing to be generous in spirit.

ndspinelli said...

Eric, Wise words. However, I have learned that haters see a high cost in being "generous in spirit." Hate is their fuel.

Something I often wonder. Do those who are not generous not have the pleasure part of the brain activated when one is generous?

Trooper York said...

"His nose in the tent style of racism."

You should understand that charges of racism mean nothing today. It is virtue signaling of the first water.

I am glad to see you are not in survival mode but that is not true for all of us. Talk to me when you have to throw skells out of your business everyday when they come in to steal. When a three hundred pound cracked out homeless guy sets up in front of your store to harass your customers come talk to me.

Living in the real world is just reality nothing more nothing less.

Go screw with the rest of the sanctimonious bullshit.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I think you're confused about what I said. And I don't think you meant to assert that you are a racist. And proud of it. And justified in it.

Whatever. I'm in no mood to bicker. Christmas is right around the corner and I've got things to do for the people in my life.

Have a good one and try to lighten up a bit, for yourself and for the people you love.