Thursday, December 29, 2016

"Court rules dogs can be shot if they bark when police enter home"

Three Michigan police officers, who shot two dogs for lunging and barking at them during a drug raid, were once again justified in their actions — this time by a federal appeals court.

Mark and Cheryl Brown of Battle Creek, Mich., filed suits over unreasonable seizure of their property and a violation of their constitutional rights for the deaths of their pets.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, officers shot and killed the Browns' pit bull terriers during an April 2013 operation, with Emergency Response Team members claiming one lunged at them and that the other barked as they executed a search warrant for drugs.

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edutcher said...

Gotta watch those killer Yorkies.

Amartel said...

Would like to see the Haz reaction to this. One Bark Rule or should it be a case-by-case assessment?

Trooper York said...

Fido's Lives Matter!

Methadras said...

I understand the need to subdue or put down a dog that might be genuine threat to officers, but there are more than enough cases out there where officers simply shoot dogs on sight and frankly that just pisses me off. In this case the dogs actually retreated and they were hunted down and killed. Unnecessary and needless. Officers also tend to exaggerate their levels of peril by dogs as well.

bagoh20 said...

I don't see what's wrong with just shooting through the front door without even knocking - just to be safe. The cops need to protect themselves, and once you open the door they are at much more risk. Besides, drugs are bad - really, really bad. If someone says there are druggies in there, you would be better off just shooting them on sight. I mean a dog might bite you, but a human is much more dangerous, and they don't warn with a bark. Shoot 'em first and ask question later.

For the children... if any survive.

Rhythm and Balls said...

How fucked up. Shooting at a "lunging" pit bull? Ok. Shooting something else just because of a bark? All dogs fucking bark at intruders, asshole. 1st amendment rights for canines.

Fucked up.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

It'd be kind of nice if drug dealers wouldn't keep weaponized pit bulls but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

ndspinelli said...

Meth, Great and ACCURATE comment.

rhhardin said...

Barking is offensive speech.

rhhardin said...

A lady came to the door and said she was from the power company and they wanted to install a remote-read meter because of my dangerous dog.

I looked puzzled.

Do you want to meet her, I asked?

Sure, said the lady.

"Vicki, come say hello" I said into the hall. Vicki appeared from the family room, tortted out the door, and said hello to the lady on the porch.

Well, I'll take her off the list, said the lady, and went away.

Apparently meter readers aren't reliable about dogs. Cops might be the same way.