Sunday, December 18, 2016

Banned in Boston…..or at least on the Internet.

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Anyone with a strong opinion who expresses it vociferously stands a good chance of being banned from some site on the internet. I bet most of us have been banned or deleted from somewhere because of something we have said. As I am sure you can guess I have been banned from quite a few joints.

Most blogs have a prevailing sensibility and if you don’t fit in then you can be banned, shunned and deleted. Hell I was even banned from a site dedicated to talking about Reality TV shows in the defunct “Television Without Pity.” They had these moronic moderators who were anal about the threads. If you mentioned something off topic they would delete you or ban you at the drop of a hat. Of course their business model sucked and they went out of business. The site had been developed by a group of people who had sold out to Bravo who screwed it up and ran it into the ground. The original people set up a new site called “Previously TV” which is a much better more inclusive site. Although the moderators are tough they are indeed fair and you can comment without being bounced for nonsense.

I think just about the worst site on the Internet (other than Little Green Footballs) is the dreck called “Red State.” They have a bunch of Nazi’s running the joint. They are full retard on their #nevertrump so anyone who is even just fair to Trump is deleted or banned. I lasted one day on the site before I was banned by this jerk-off named Neil Stevens. You know when they talk about the 400lb virgin living in his mother’s basement posting in sweatpants while eating Doritos? Well they are talking about this douche bag. He post non stop hate at Trump that is only equaled by that other scumbag Allahpundit at Hot Air. The thing is Allahpundit must not have the power to ban people because I know he would love to dump all the people who give him shit for hating on the God Emperor of the Cherry Blossom Throne.

Now why do I bring this up you say? I mention it because our good friend and valued commuter Evil Blogger Lady was recently banned from Red State. You can read the story here at the wonderful Evil Blogger Lady Blog.  Evi committed the sin of being fair to Trump. He had been posting diaries which are a feature of Red State. This Stevens cunt banned him to the applause of the other #nevertrumpers. So they lost a valuable and very talented contributor whose content was a real value add to their joint. What a bunch of maroons.

I think we have to take a moment to appreciate our Fearless Leader Lemuel who works so hard to give us a forum. He is a kind and very generous man who set up this playground and works hard to maintain. If you can do any of your shopping at Amazon please use his portal. I know you can’t touch the sides but it will make him feel better and he will make a few much needed peso’s for the Holiday.
Thanks Lem. You are the bomb.


chickelit said...

I mention it because our good friend and valued commuter Evil Blogger Lady was recently banned from Red State.

In German, a commuter is called a "Pendler" -- think pendulum or something swaying back and forth. I'll bet Evi has a nice jiggle she gets on all fours.

ricpic said...

Well, you've gotta get used to it. If your opinions are strong and you express them with confidence, worse, with panache, you'll be hated for it. Yes, hated. Not too strong a term. It's scary to the unoriginal. Including a lot of credentialed unoriginals. That's why you're hated if you're bold and forthright. It scares them. Notice how many "brains" speak cant? Pure cant. That's the giveaway. Petrified they might be caught out uttering an unthought.

Trooper York said...

It is amazing to me how some blogs ban some of their best commenters. But it is a recurring theme as we all know and have experienced in one form or another.

edutcher said...

"Power Line" is still in that mode.

Little Marco wants to blackball Tillerson and you see lines like, "Fortunately, Cabinet picks must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, not the Business Roundtable. President-elect Trump should talk to Sen. Rubio."

Methadras said...

Ha!!! I even get banned from my favorite MMORPG's I play online because a gaming friend of mine called one of the GM's (GameMaster) a nazi on one of the chat channels. Chaos ensued and a whole swath of people got canned just for commenting or saying anything about it. So after my long time subscription to this game got banned. I cancelled my account with them. After I took my money away, i was sent a terse email from customer support justifying their ban in that "hate" speech won't be tolerated under any circumstances. I laughed at that and responded back to them with a butthurt form they could fill out and submit into their sandy vaginas. That didn't go over well.

Some Seppo said...

It was so easy to get banned at Television Without Pity that a caveman could do it. I was banned when in the second paragraph of a post regarding a Battlestar Galactica Episode Recap (which took longer to read than to watch the entire episode) was typically OTT (over the top) for that recapper. And was called an idiot in the "ban statement" by the Mod who coincidentally happened to be the aforementioned recap writer.

Trooper York said...

That is exactly right. They had this moron who used the name of the skinny broad from Homicide Life on the Street who was a real idiot. She banned me under three different names.