Thursday, December 22, 2016

Out-going EPA chief: 'Good luck saying climate change isn't real' to Americans facing storms, droughts and wildfires

Gina McCarthy — Boston native, Irish Catholic, lover of Guinness beer and a good laugh — has been a central player in the Obama administration’s work to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and combat global warming at home and abroad. 
A career environmental bureaucrat and a veteran of Republican administrations in Massachusetts and Connecticut, McCarthy promised a “common sense” approach to fighting climate change during her 2013 confirmation hearing.
Although she contends that the Obama administration has pursued exactly that, the Environmental Protection Agency has run into stiff opposition from the oil, gas and coal industries in recent years.
The administration’s central effort to regulate carbon emissions from power plants, for example, remains stalled in federal court. 
President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to scrap that Clean Power Plan and other key environmental regulations from the Obama era, and his nominee to replace McCarthy, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, seems eager to give it his best shot.
As she prepares to leave office, McCarthy sat down with The Washington Post to discuss the accomplishments and frustrations of her tenure. She reflected on the water crisis in Flint, Mich., the importance of continued domestic and global leadership on climate change and the need to protect the integrity of the science at EPA and other federal agencies. 
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Amartel said...

Strawman still standing even despite storms, droughts and wildfires! Unreal!

Amartel said...

And why do we need a rundown on this hack's ethnicity and beer preference before she drops her straw bomb? Why is this preface deemed necessary?

Amartel said...

People who view "career environmental bureaucrat" as a positive descriptor need to know what ethnic box in which to place this person. It's important.

Amartel said...

Trump needs to protect the integrity of science from miserable tubby drunken parasites who make promises they can't deliver on for the low low price of everything you hold dear.

Amartel said...

Was lead poisoning all those kids in Flint part of your common sense approach to fighting global warming? How about poisoning an entire river and adjacent Indian tribe? Did you enjoy a good laugh about that?

Dust Bunny Queen said...

The climate changes all the time. From ice ages to droughts to tropical conditions. It has been warmer, it has been colder. What is in doubt right now is the assertion that people have the power to change the climate, when those dramatic changes have occurred for BILLIONS of years without us.

I think that those who are global warming/climate change fanatics greatly over estimate the importance of humans. Pretty self centered and egotistical if you ask me. Get over yourself. We aren't that important in the big scheme of things. Humanity will go extinct just like 99% of all species have done over time. Sharks, cockroaches and some bacteria seem to have longevity. So far humanity is a speck in the time line of Earth.

Synova said...

"Storms, droughts, and wildfires," <--- proof of global warming

"Wow, look at the snow in the Sahara," <--- proof of nothing you anti-science dope

ricpic said...

Earth's orbit changes. Solar output changes. Those are the two presumed culprits that make climate change. Are either of those things within the power of Man to effect? Case closed.

Leland said...

I remember experiencing storms when we were told the next ice age was coming. I also remember being told that we would be getting storms every year worse than Katrina and Ike.

bagoh20 said...

The EPA has been ignoring science every time it tells them something they don't want to hear, which is anytime it shows positive news. They actively suppress one side of the story - the side that says we don't need to spend and regulate. For example, they have repeatedly suppressed and ignored any studies that show fracking as safe, or climate change as anything other than catastrophic, even if it's their own study. In short, they lie. Lying is not science - it's politics.

edutcher said...

"Boston native, Irish Catholic, lover of Guinness beer and a good laugh"

Sounds also like Teddy Kennedy.

What did he do for the public good and how much did you trust him?

Same here.

Methadras said...

Dear EPA and EPA Chief? Good riddance. You created more problems than you could have hoped to solve. Your American Waters Act is such an odious piece of legislation that you've basically criminalized nearly anyone and everyone that comes into contact with water. Fuck you. I hope you never take the reigns of any policy making unit ever again. Your sheer idiocy that weather occurs because of AGW is dumbfounding that you actually uttered this nonsensical bile and try to pass it off as being 'scientific'. Go fuck yourself.

ndspinelli said...

Nixon created the EPA. And, when Carter became Prez he grew it exponentially. The EPA regional office in KC was hiring attorneys by the busload in 1977. Attorneys right out of law school were being hired, some I knew and I wouldn't hire for a parking ticket.

Rhythm and Balls said...

The climate changes all the time. From ice ages to droughts to tropical conditions. It has been warmer, it has been colder. What is in doubt right now is the assertion that people have the power to change the climate, when those dramatic changes have occurred for BILLIONS of years without us.


Translation: FUCK civilization and the conditions that allow for it! The earth was once a fireball spewed from the sun! It was once a whole ball of ice! Let's return to either one of those conditions because preserving it in the state that humans are best adapted to is unfair to the rocky, uninhabitable part of the planet. And don't get me started on the molten core! We should live in ovens to be closer to.. well, to something.

And FUCK the 90% of species that could go during this sixth great extinction humans are causing! What's so special about life anyway?

DBQ, have you not been spending enough time in your rocky/sandy, lifeless underground lair, lately? I'm so sorry to hear about how much the life on this planet that we're suited to bothers you. But not as much as I am, and any normal person would be, disturbed by it.

I guess being an unpaid lobbyist for extraction industries really is that important you. Winners and losers in the marketplace have been picked! By people who hate science and hate life, no less.

Well, money has to be worth something, it seems. Good to know what your price is.

Rhythm and Balls said...

The EPA has been ignoring science every time it tells them something they don't want to hear, which is anytime it shows positive news.


The polar icecaps melting away glaciers the size of Manhattan? Positive news!

The dying of the coral reefs? Positive news!

The continued threat to all non-jellyfish-based life in the oceans? Positive news!

The northward march of disease-borne mosquitoes? Positive news! Endemic Zika in Miami? Positive news!

The die-off of pollinator species, the destruction of the habitats, and CCD? Positive news!

You guys aren't looking on the bright side: All the moolah generated by the same Phillip Morris disinformation campaign employed by the extraction industries. The merchants of doubt have a very noble history. I mean, smoking deaths suck - especially when the industries employing such propagandists lied and covered up what the lawsuits showed that they had done. But think of all the money they made off of it in the meantime!

You guys just aren't thinking outside of the box. More death, more money, more disease. It's all worth it when a globalist like Bags gets someone as easily bought off as Trump in front of the nuclear button. And if he confuses that button with the "SEND" button on his Twitter app, awesome! Remember, life on a sustainable planet is for the money haters.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I think that those who are global warming/climate change fanatics greatly over estimate the importance of humans.

Speak for yourself. When it comes to humans being unimportant.

Pretty self centered and egotistical if you ask me.

Hey, just go off yourself if you think you're that unimportant. Kill your kids too - while you're at it. Why pussyfoot around with a slow extinction? And the majority of species threatened by AGW, let's declare how unimportant they are, too. If we're going to make ourselves obsolete for the grand purpose of a demonstration in humility, might as well do it to species that never threatened to wipe us out, as well.

Get over yourself. We aren't that important in the big scheme of things.

Like I said. You first. And yet, you're still here? Speaking? Breathing? Living? Breeding? Making use of resources?

The arrogance and hypocrisy. I thought you said you were unimportant.

Humanity will go extinct just like 99% of all species have done over time.

It will go extinct a lot quicker if it continues paving the way for the mass extinctions we're inflicting on all the other species we rely on.

But it's good to know how low an opinion of human intelligence and human ingenuity and the value of human life a typical AGW cynic has. Kind of proves the point.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Humanity will go extinct just like 99% of all species have done over time.

Many many others just continued to adapt and evolved however over these billions of years but it's good to know that an AGW cynic thinks that humanity is a fluke.

Like I said, there are faster ways to reduce yourself and your progeny to the minerals and bacteria that you find more worthy to be sole heirs to the legacy of life. Although given your hatred for humanity and utter contempt for sustaining it (as well as 90% of the rest of life), perhaps a strong sense of identification with cockroaches etc. would be up your alley.

AprilApple said...

Because before Climate Change made Al Gore rich, there were NO droughts, wildfires and ZERO hurricanes. It used to be 72 degrees and stagnant perfection Camelot all the time on planet earth.

Rhythm and Balls said...

It used to be 72 degrees and stagnant perfection Camelot all the time on planet earth.

I don't know about that. But I did know about this.

And you would too, if you didn't hate science so much. Or fear its "intrusion" onto the marketing propaganda of such lucrative industries as mineral extraction, or cigarette manufacture, before that.

AprilApple said...

LOL - I like what this guy proposes. Dr. Peter Langdon Ward. None of the politicized hacks in the so-called consensus science realm can re-create what they hockey stick. Greenhouse gas and CO2? Not so fast.

Global Warming

In 2009, Ward published a detailed paper[12] suggesting that "large volumes of SO
2 erupted frequently appear to overdrive the oxidizing capacity of the atmosphere resulting in very rapid warming" (Page 3188). In addition, he noted that sulfur dioxide is a strong absorber of visible light. He proposed that the rapid increase in global warming during the 20th century was caused by these mechanisms as a result of the rapid increase in sulfur dioxide emitted by the burning fossil fuels.

In 2009, however, Ward noticed that the lowest levels of total column ozone since measurements began in 1927 occurred in 1992 and 1993 following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo —the largest volcanic eruption since 1912. He subsequently found that similar depletion of ozone follows most volcanic eruptions, even small ones. From these observations, he argued that sulfate in ice cores is an important measure of the rate of volcanic activity, but that warming appears to result from ozone depletion by volcanic emissions of chlorine and bromine, which allows more ultraviolet-B radiation to reach Earth's surface, cooling the stratosphere and warming Earth. All eruptions deplete ozone, causing warming, but explosive eruptions, unlike effusive eruptions, also form stratospheric aerosols, which reflect and scatter sunlight, causing net cooling. He also argued that chlorine from man-made chlorofluorocarbon gases (CFCs) apparently caused the global warming observed from 1970 to 1998 by depleting the ozone layer, and that reduction of CFC emissions mandated by the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer led to the Global Warming Hiatus from 1998 to 2013, during which no statistically significant warming occurred. Warming began again in August 2014 when Bárðarbunga volcano in Central Iceland erupted 85 square kilometers of basaltic lava in six months—the largest effusive volcanic eruption since 1783. As with most effusive volcanic eruptions, this one did not form cooling aerosols in the stratosphere.

All of this research is explained in detail at, is summarized in a book aimed primarily at non-scientists, What Really Causes Global Warming? Greenhouse Gases or Ozone Depletion?[13] and is explained in two extended abstracts.


ndspinelli said...

Ritmo's early Christmas screed for all of us...everyone.

AprilApple said...

R & B - anyone who uses leftist hack phrases like "you hate science" or "You're a denier" ...

No time for that tired shit.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I like what this guy proposes.

Right. Science is based on what you like.

And.... "this guy." Well, hey. One guy said something. Screw all the other data. April likes what he said about sulfur dioxide and volcanoes. Not that anyone would go to her for information about sulfur dioxide or volcanoes, ever. She doesn't know anything about these things. But she likes what she heard. It's kind of like a "thumbs-up" sign on social media, or in response to entertainment.

Is "this guy" willing to work for the same firm hired by Phillip Morris and the extraction industries? Maybe he does already.

Ozone is finally recovering, so try your CAPS LOCKED propaganda somewhere else. It's recovering because we acted globally, and through governments, to band CFCs. Might have heard of it. Another one of the many environmental success stories where we figured destroying the planet for profit just wasn't worth it.

But hey - atmosphere doesn't regulate climate - because of what some guy said. And because it's profitable in the short term to believe. All this be damned.

Get ready for all the residents of those coastal destroyed properties to move in with you, April.

Rhythm and Balls said...

R & B - anyone who uses leftist hack phrases like "you hate science" or "You're a denier" ...

No time for that tired shit.

Just like you never had any time for a science class. Ever.

So you just cherry picked what some merchant of doubt threw out there. Because you "liked" it. And then threw in some obviously, incredibly, ridiculously stupid stuff about ozone!

Yep. That's how science works. In fantasy land. No wonder our country can't get anything done. The ignorant are running it.

AprilApple said...

Global Warming wasn't a thing back then, you jackass.

It was global cooling. Keep up.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Ritmo's early Christmas screed for all of us...everyone.

Pretty hard to have peace on earth when they're fighting over water. Pretty hard to have goodwill toward men, also.

But hey - you do whatever it takes for you to feel all warm and fuzzy and guiltless inside, my friend. Pretty soon the fantasists will inherit the earth - or what's left of it. They're the only ones who will see a bright side in endemic tropical disease, massive population refugees, devastated coastal habitats, and sea life devoid of anything but jellyfish.

At least Exxon Mobil got what they wanted, right? That's important.

AprilApple said...

True ignorance comes from those who buy into bullshit and regurgitate left-wing "Climate denier" talking points. Science!

Rhythm and Balls said...

Global Warming wasn't a thing back then, you jackass.

It was global cooling. Keep up.

You keep up, you jackass.

I'm not into "things", as if it's all about trendy nah nah bullshit. There's a reality out there - and you, someone who doesn't know what ozone is, or sulfur dioxide is, or a thing about volcanoes - (no, no one who pretends away basic heat retention properties doesn't know about those things, I can guarantee it) - can't just pretend it away.

Go look at that melting ice, again. Do whatever it takes to engage the visual, entertainment-valuing part of your brain.

Because no one goes to you to learn about volcanology, or chemistry. So stop pretending you have even an amateur interest in those things.

You don't. You just "liked" what "some guy" said.

And that's all you needed to say. It said it all.

Repeat after me, April - Science isn't about what you "like". It isn't about what just anyone can say, either.

Now you're ready to take a science course. Feel free to register for one at your local college campus, adult learning center. Where do your actual interests lie? You can choose from biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, or psychology. Whichever suits your fancy.

Because we all know that geoengineering isn't up your alley. Too much for you to "dislike". Or is it, "unlike"?

Maybe you can "defriend" the scientists who say things that you "don't like." ;-)

Rhythm and Balls said...

So, April -

if you can pick and choose and cherry pick the science you "like," is that what allows you to throw out the evidence for all the things that you "don't like"?

I'm so glad that April has re-defined science along the lines of Facebook popularity contests.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Hey April - which science should I "like" or "unlike" next?

Which scientists should I defriend? Which should I friend?

I want to know how my understanding of reality should be shaped by the social media mindset that shapes yours. I want to throw out the data that you don't "like".

Rhythm and Balls said...

Check out who funds the pseudo-science that April "likes", as well as the reality they are dead-set on pretending away.

AprilApple said...

I don't do facebook - ever.

Which goes to show us how clueless you are.

AprilApple said...

Read the links I put up. Learn something new. The AL Gore stuff isn't real.

AprilApple said...

Shorter leftist bullcrap: "You hate science and you deny the Holocaust."

It gets old, but keep it up. It's why you lose.

Rhythm and Balls said...

I don't do facebook - ever.

Right. You do grownup play science instead. With "likes", "dislikes", "thumbs ups" and "thumbs downs".

You know. The way "real" science is done.

Your bogus site is propaganda with an agenda. Who funds it? I bet you don't even know.

You will believe anything that's on the internet. Especially eye-catching yellow and black borders.

Tell me the pretend "science" you got from that site in your own words, as you understand it. Pretend to care enough to know what it consists of. I have no need to debate the one-way propagandist you got it from, who's NOT here, in your place. If you want to send in whoever published that crap to debate me here, then let's do that. In the meantime, let's pretend that you actually care to know enough to discuss it right now.

Otherwise, stop wasting my fucking time, you oil shilling doubt-monger. I don't have discussions with parrots.

Rhythm and Balls said...

It gets old, but keep it up. It's why you lose.

Right. Because POLITICS has a PRO-SCIENCE agenda! Hahahaha. You just proved you're one of Mencken's sheeple! Not only do you represent the low intelligence of the American voter, you place your faith in the knowledge of humanity IN it!

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."

Yes. In fact, Exxon Mobil's making a FORTUNE off of it. And they have willing unpaid lobbyists in sheeple like April Apple.

Rhythm and Balls said...

April, I'm sorry I said you hate science. In fact, I'm sure there's much scientific interest you have that we can discuss. What's the last science experiment you did?

You say you like volcanoes. Was it the one where you pour vinegar and baking soda down a clay model of one?


AprilApple said...

OK - that was funny.


AprilApple said...

Are you a scientist, R & B? If not - you hate science.

I am fascinated by science and will readily admit I'M not expert. Why is it that leftists assume they are experts? Kind of arrogant, doncha think? All I can do is take it all the information thru a filter. You leftists don't do that. It's all Al Gore/Leo DiCaprio/Man-made Greenhouse gas CO2 hysteria/ ALL THE TIME.

The politicization of climate science by the left is a real. If you don't believe, you're a DENIER!

Rhythm and Balls said...

Are you a scientist, R & B? If not - you hate science.

If I didn't have science-based degrees, I would probably at least avoid eating up propaganda spoon-fed to people by the same marketing firms that kept the tobacco firms from escaping class action liability - until they were caught red-handed lying and forced to pay huge settlements!

The reason for publicity and taking things seriously is because you presume that terraforming the earth this way is a viable option for humanity.

Go watch the VICE video. They're there doing something similar to what real scientists do - collecting data, analyzing observations. Have you ever been to the North or South poles? I doubt it. Go watch the video and see what they're doing.

You are swallowing what the extraction industries are selling you. But other markets have a less dishonest agenda. Miami regularly floods now. The insurance industries don't minimize it. Neither does the Pentagon. Or NASA.

But I know, I know. They're all wrong and Exxon Mobil's best marketing firm - the same one that did PR for Big Tobacco after evidence of their products' lethality came to light in the 1950s - is somehow the resource that just happened to get it right.

I guess you really are a bigger fan of corruption than you said, this election season. The money is in denial and the industries directly and lucratively profiting off of it.

chickelit said...

It's telling that R&B closely associates energy firms with tobacco forms. That is the exact litigious strategy already in the works: demonize carbon-based fuels and their makers, then, sue the shit out of them. The difference is that the wealth diverted from energy firms will be channeled to the third world instead of anything American-based. Oh and Al Gore and Leo Dicrappio will be skimming the the wealth transfer like they're already doing.

Did someone mention SO2? I love SO2. It beautifully illustrates many chemical concepts. Did you know that the Romans discovered putting S(IV) in wine to ward off adventitious oxidation? We still do it with sulfites in wine.

Rhythm and Balls said...

It's telling that R&B closely associates energy firms with tobacco forms.

Because they hired the exact same PR firms to run the exact same disinformation/propaganda campaign. Are you a sheeple or really just this easily duped? And what's your obsession with inane political anecdotes and celebrities? Are you willingly pretending away the significance of Seitz, Singer and Nierenberg's previous willingness to lie for Big Tobacco or perhaps in sympathetic agreement? I know you have a long history of disbelieving that anything could be toxic to the human body but I never figured even someone as advanced in the game as you play it would stoop to pretending that tobacco isn't major contributor to death and disease.

It would behoove you to someday study the chemistry of PAHs and DNA intercalation. If you could stoop to someday finding living things that worthy of such intense interest as that which you ordinarily direct toward non-living things.

What's the chemistry for combining H2O with hemoglobin? That might be a burgeoning research field for you someday. Submerging Bangladesh might not matter to you but it will proceed from there and do a hell of a number on the same SoCal that you're worried about being submerged just by Mexicans. Imagine having to deal with (and even become!) a climate refugee in that too-good-for-anything state. Oh Chickie, it will definitely be ironic. Especially in this age of hero-worshipping Trump.

AJ Lynch said...

Notice Ritmo didnt really answer when asked if he has a science degree. And btw, Gina McCarthy majored in social anthropology as an undergrad then got some bullshit halfass enviro masters degree.

And now back to reality where Ritmo doesn't live. I bid you all a Merry Christmas.

chickelit said...

Let's not demonize carbon and hydrocarbons: Michael Faraday would not approve.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Notice how AJ Lynch can't read between the lines. But if he was scientifically literate then he could have an informative discussion about any of these things, and no one would have to care about who was trained in what.

And Michael Faraday never saved anyone from getting, let alone dying from cancer.

Rhythm and Balls said...

Chicken's a funny guy. I guess we should care more about how a guy explains what's happening in a fire than about how he can keep us from talking through belches through a tracheostomy.

I have a feeling he doesn't want me to take him seriously, or literally.

Chicken: You don't have to personify the elements, you know. There's plenty of carbon/hydrocarbons in the body, already.

Maybe you might want to gain some appreciation for them.

But if you want to make friends with an inanimate flame instead, I guess I can't stop you.

Just be careful when you hug it and put your arms around it. The way it would end up carbonizing your torso might come as an unwelcome shock - unless you like burns, heavy scars and months of skin grafts.

Silly chickie.

Rhythm and Balls said...

People are being mean to my charcoal! Don't harsh my mellow yellow candle flame!

I'm reminded of what SOS Rice said to Hussein: They're going to have a hard time eating their oil.

Briquets are meant to cook food, chickie. Not to be eaten.

And certainly not to be fed. Or petted. Or embraced. Or anything involving normal human-to-human behavior, including friendship.

Some people liked the snowman. Chickie took the lump of coal in his eye and made it his friend, though.

Very touching. And unsettling.

chickelit said...

Chickie took the lump of coal in his eye and made it his friend, though.

If someone actually got close enough to you to throw some water on you, you'd melt.

AllenS said...

Yesterday, it started out sunny, then about noon it clouded up. I immediately thought it was because of climate change, then decided that R&B probably just woke up.

Methadras said...

It's funny to watch Balls claim some sort of scientific prowess or superiority because he cares more about the weather than say everyone else. You hate or deny science because you hate or deny AGW/Climate Change/LGBTQ/Puppets/The Homeless/Wigs/Donuts/Lint and he's here to tell you so. So take that science/weather denier. He's superior to you because he's pro science/pro weather and your not because you're a troglodyte, a ne'er do well of intellectualism, but he's not because he's superior Balls.

And anytime he sees threads dealing with such passionate of a subject as the weather, why, he'll come in here to tell you how stupid you are and that you are anti-science. See, he showed you all, you philistines!!!

Methadras said...

Imagine having to deal with (and even become!) a climate refugee in that too-good-for-anything state

Can your level of haughty virtue signal sneering get any more odious than actually using this kind of parlance to describe people fleeing from weather as climate refugees? Climate refugees? The very imagery is a laughable joke. Sort of like you. Your trolling has really reached a new low just on this statement alone.

Rhythm and Balls said...

That was incredibly factual, rational, observational, and evidence-based, M. I detected no personalization or fulminating at all.

Anyway, I'd rather inadvertently "signal" the "virtue" of agreeing that these people's lives matter than pretending that they don't. This is one of the flattest countries on earth, with 170 million people, farmers, whose lives and livelihoods are being wiped out. And they won't be the only ones.

So whatever you're signaling with your sneering of those people and people like them, of their lives and livelihoods, lost wealth, is not clear. But it's not funny and it's pretty much as odious the opposite of virtuous as it gets. You are pro-death and pro-poverty and broadcasting how much of that you wish to see visited upon them, and anyone else - here or abroad - who will be subject to the same fate.

It's not that anyone needs to feel superior to you. It's that you're letting the world know just how morally and socially inferior you are to anyone with a basic sense of human decency. One would think the obvious thing to do is to not have some grinch-like attitude, and cavalier expectation of approval for it, toward seeing so many fellow human beings destroyed. But I guess I misunderestimate the likes of you. You fully expect to be morally untroubled, - HELL, not even reminded! - by how many people you wish to see destroyed. It's time for you to stop in that childish expectation. Most people are decent and don't wish to kill hundreds of millions of innocent people just to keep up with the Joneses. But if your need for a big boy toy to show off or to shill for the company that makes them is too great to see how little respect that gets you, then you need to withdraw from society and live in a cabin far away from decent human beings, where you can rant about how horrible it is to let these people live - much like Ted Kaczynski used to do.