Friday, December 23, 2016

Amazon Reviewers Are Trolling Ivanka Trump


As Spinelli might say, they are going full Inga.  Never go full Inga.


Darcy said...

So sick of these spoiled brats. I thought the airplane episode was disgraceful. Ivanka is delightful and apparently very gracious.

Trooper York said...

It is unfortunate but it is the world we live in.

People will post horrible reviews for a host of reasons...politics being just one of them.

It is the same thing on Trip Advisor and Yelp and a host of other venues. You have to take them all with a grain of salt.

With Amazon you need to only pay attention to the verified purchase reviews. If someone pays to read something and then pans it you definitely should give it a little more credence.

Trooper York said...

Yelp in particular is not reliable. If you are going to rely on a bad review you should check out other reviews that they have given. Some of these hipsters just live to give bad reviews to restaurants and coffee bars and small businesses. If someone has reviewed more than 100 business I would ignore what they have to say.

Leland said...

What we learned about Ivanka this week: she is willing to ride commercial in economy.

If she told me; "Im concerned about climate change"; I might actually believe her. At least the she was concerned and acting accordingly.

edutcher said...

I wouldn't use an Amazon review, except maybe for a book that was narrow in the scope of its readership.

And, yes, Kushner should have decked both of those Omega males yesterday.

Trooper York said...

Some of these hipsters just live to give bad reviews to restaurants and coffee bars and small businesses.

Same goes for a lot of the nit-pickers on IMDB.

You're better off going to Troop.

Or maybe me, on occasion.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Is Inga still out there?

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I liked the line from Hot Air that Ivanka is first class, even when she flies coach.

ndspinelli said...

Anyone w/ some savvy regarding people and the interwebs can pick out vindictive, pretense reviews. Retards can pick out the Full Inga reviews. Some venues are at the lower end of the scale regarding abuse. I use Open Table for reservations and their restaurant reviews, only allowed to be made by Open Table members. I can't ever remember seeing a Full Inga review on Open Table, and actually can't remember reading any suspect reviews. Yelp, Trip Advisor are not as reliable, but still clearly a net positive.

ndspinelli said...

My sister worked for Choate when Ivanka was a student there. She always had praise for her intelligence, savvy, and wisdom beyond her high school age.

chickelit said...

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...Is Inga still out there?

I saw the original account in use a month or so ago on Althouse. But mostly, she uses her alias "Unknown."

edutcher said...

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

Is Inga still out there?

Dude, she was always out there.

(sometimes, the material just walks up and taps you on the shoulder...)

Rhythm and Balls said...

Well, what do you know. There IS after all a country out there that resents how a guy who duped them into believing he was on their side, seems to be anything but. And he ran as some kind of new monarchist, touting his wealth and showcasing how much of it (and his presidency) he wants to keep firmly in the nepotistic control of his kids and in-laws. All this, and agenda rammed down the country's throat, without even winning a majority of voters.

So the people will revolt. It's their revolt that one him the election in the first place, and the revolt of others just as much screwed over by the system who are revolting at his brand up til now and what he may be proving himself to be.

Pesky things, revolutions. You can't pick and choose and say which revolutionaries are down with the right cause and which are not.

Ivanka Trump is a big girl, I'm told. I think she can handle a very American expression of 1st amendment freedom that jokes about her ambitious shoe line and her too-ambitious-for-a-constitutional-limit-PEOTUS father.

Let's not presume she's as thin-skinned as he is.

Leland said...

Who presumed she is thinned skin? Just because she can handle it doesn't mean the other passengers want the rebels on the same flight with them. But if they want a rebellion, announce it. Don't talk smack on twitter and then delete the smack like a wimp. That's not a rebellion, that's passive aggressive crying about not getting your way. Nobody likes listening to crying babies on a plane, so they were put off until they stopped their crying.

Trooper York said...

Fake reviews just prove you are a douche. It has nothing to do with the first amendment.

XRay said...

Ritmo, you had to be drunk, or something, with that 8:55. Way beneath your usual commentary. Well, way beneath some of your usual commentary anyway.

Queer babies. Spike a fit at the nearest thing that reminds them of who they are. And how far removed from who they aren't. No matter the last thirty years.

AprilApple said...

You are right Balls - the left have a right to be asshole bullies.

too bad. You lose.

Rhythm and Balls said...

too bad. You lose.

You know, for someone whom - it's not all that clear - what exactly she's accomplished in life - (other than a nice cat rescue here or there), you sure have fallen prey to your big man's "loser" talk.

What, exactly, have Republicans "won?" The intensified hatred of more and more of the country? Increasing unpopularity over all their policies? An inability to win anything unless it's against Hillary Clinton and with a candidate who actually pretended to be progressive on trade, entitlements, working class issues and payola corruption - the things that nearly every single one of the rest of his party opposes him on? What will this "win"? Nixon won an election or two, also. Andrew Johnson was president, once. Who cares. No one.

You tell me where this volte face on every issue he ran on gets anyone. Clearly your conventional conservative Republicans couldn't get anywhere without those coattails of his - shorter though they may be than even his fingers, so where does it go from here? You have no idea. You just got a technical win for partisan Team (R) of the duopoly and with one apart from all the wrong things that got them smacked before, you have no idea what they should do. An phony FDR-lite-type pretender in Republican clothing. Oh, how concerned he pretended to be about the DNC's unfairness toward Bernie!

I remember how much smack you talked about your newfound hero. And now you find him to be the Forever Hillary Beater Person - as if that's not just a one-time accomplishment that means nothing in terms of any actual presidential leadership. But here you are, drooling over him like a fawning cheerleader. The petty capriciousness is nauseating, to say the least.

You remind me of something I learned about a couple years ago. Apparently when a male or team of male lions takes over a pride, the act of killing the females' cubs puts them in to heat again - making them very willing to mate with the killers of said cubs. Morally and socially revolting, but that's nature for you, I guess. Just like the slug, the slime mold, the vulture and the cockroach, nature is full of all sorts of ugliness and nastiness, playing its part in the wheels of life. I just never knew how low and close to the ground you were to those fellow bottom dwellers of yours.

The guy who kills off the conservatism that you pretend to value so highly gets nothing but your praise. Well, it's not like anyone ever said April had principles. Actually - it seemed I might have, not too long ago. But then her true colors came out. The colors of whichever team is fooling her into thinking that they're winning.

When you're seated in the coliseum do you take multiple team jerseys with you? It's important to be ready and pretend that you were on the side of the team that won all along. That's April: Fan of the day for the team of the day.