Friday, December 30, 2016

Chamberlin: I could never sing for Hitler

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's acceptance of the invitation to sing at Donald Trump's inauguration has spawned widespread debate among the faithful and thousands of signatures on a petition demanding the decision's reversal.

Now the choir's participation has even more fallout: the resignation of a female singer.

"Since 'the announcement,' I have spent several sleepless nights and days in turmoil and agony. I have reflected carefully on both sides of the issue, prayed a lot, talked with family and friends, and searched my soul," Jan Chamberlin wrote in a resignation letter to the choir president and choir members. "I've tried to tell myself that by not going to the inauguration, that I would be able to stay in choir for all the other good reasons. I've tried to tell myself that it will be all right and that I can continue in good conscience before God and man."

But she could not do it, Chamberlin said in the letter, she later posted on Facebook. "I could never look myself in the mirror again with self-respect."

The choir's participation in the inauguration would "severely damagye" its "image and networking," she said, adding that many "good people throughout this land and throughout the world already do and will continue to feel betrayed. ... I know that I too feel betrayed."

For the singer, it is a moral issue, she wrote. "I only know I could never 'throw roses to Hitler.' And I certainly could never sing for him."

Chamberlin, who said she has been with the choir for five years, did not respond to interview requests and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints declined to comment on her status in the famed group or on how many others might have dropped out or complained.

"Participation in the choir, including the performance at the Inauguration, is voluntary," church spokesman Eric Hawkins reiterated in a statement Thursday. "Only a limited number of choir members are participating (the number is limited by the inaugural committee), and none are required to participate."

LDS leaders announced the decision to perform last week. Not all 360 singers will make the trip, but church officials have said about 215 are expected to volunteer.

The choir previously sang at swearing-in ceremonies for George H. W. Bush (1989), Richard Nixon (1969) and Lyndon Johnson (1965). It performed in inaugural parades for George W. Bush (2001), George H. W. Bush (1989) and Ronald Reagan (1981).

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edutcher said...

These people really think they're God's gift.

They also think they're smart. Or even educated. Or literate. Or informed.

Well, one of the understudies just got lucky.

chickelit said...

Chamberlin: I could never sing for Hitler


Sixty Grit said...

Wait, her fellow Mormon Harry Reid got elected president? You send your computer to the shop for a day and the whole world spins out of control, I tells ya!

Methadras said...

Just another self-serving twat. Bye Felicia.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

My response: Thank you, and Go Fuck Yourself.

Trump has his flaws (God knows), but being Hitler is not one of them. So if you are going to go all uncivil comparing him to the leader of the Nazi Party and a mass murdering tyrant monster, I will respond back with an appropriate GFY.

ricpic said...

The Mormons are focused on prosperity. Trump is focused on prosperity. Why the disconnect?

Trooper York said...

That was very witty Chick. Good show.

Trooper York said...

It is pretty amusing that the "New Hitler" is regarded as the savior of Israel.

How does that work exactly. Can these liberal douchenozzles explain that one?

Methadras said...

You can't explain the cancerous mental disease of leftism Troop. Their brains and souls are rotted to the core. They are just animated husks of hate.

Michael Haz said...

I hope they riff on Don't Stop Believin' and Livin' On A Prayer.

ken in tx said...

This is bogus attention seeking. I read that All choir members going to the inaugural are volunteers. All she had to do was not sign up for the trip.

Steg said...

Haha, seriously.. GTFO and who cares if the door hits you, it's steel. Then you'll have experience being steeled.