Friday, December 16, 2016 of the wifes favorite shops burned down this cold day!

One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to go out east. Which means visiting our friends who have a house in the Hamptons and hanging out at our favorite bed and breakfast at Seatuck. On our way back and forth we always stop in Sag Harbor.

They had a terrible fire that destroyed a couple of buildings on the main drag including the movie theater and the wife's favorite consignment shop. This joint has a bunch of stuff that celebrities sell like Chanel and Prada bags that have never been used. They get them in swag bags and then sell them. Still pricey but not what pay bust out retail. The lady that owns it was very nice and was formerly a garmento like us so we have a lot of stories to tell when we visit. 

From the story from the NY Post:

A raging fire ripped through Sag Harbor’s Main Street early Friday morning, gutting several buildings, including a historic cinema built in the 1930s.
“We are all sad,” said longtime resident Jack Tagliasacchi, who’s lived in Sag Harbor since 1963 and owns an Italian restaurant in town.
“It’s really terrible. We lost the theater, which was a landmark.”
Firefighters from at least 13 departments endured strong winds and frigid temperatures to battle the fire, which broke out on a deck behind a coffee shop around 6:15 a.m., a spokesperson for the Sag Harbor Fire Department said.
It then spread to a real estate office and into the Sag Harbor Cinema, a historic treasure that was put on the market for $14 million in January.
This is just a shame. I have been in every one of those stores and I feel for the small businessmen who run. Sure they have a lot of dough relatively speaking by they are still trying to eek  out a living.
Merry Christmas eh?


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

That sucks. I am sorry. 🔥😞

Trooper York said...

Jewish lighting?

Sixty Grit said...

Which leads to the inevitable punchline "So, how do you start a flood?"

Mumpsimus said...

Cool, a new word I'd never seen before (garmento). Thanks! dates it to the 1980s.

Chip Ahoy said...

How odd. I have Ace of Cakes on (background) They just delivered a cake to a shop only to discover the shop burned down that morning. They said they had to return with the cake and I thought, "Why not give it to them to lift their spirits in this troubling episode?" Then they changed and said they found the perfect solution: give it to the fire department who tried to save the shop but couldn't. How elegant, how perfect, they bragged, then the guy said, "Never hesitate to thank your fire department," and I thought, "F.U. quit telling me what not to do, Bossy Bess. Now go bake a cake." Those firemen are all fat (except one). They don't need any cake.


Yes. But still odd.

XRay said...

One of the elemental forces that, fire. Bastard strikes where you least want it. Fireman eat very well.

XRay said...

Firemen too.