Thursday, December 22, 2016

WKRLEM: Too Old To Rock'n'Roll Too Young To Die

Rockers angry over Hall of Fame snubs

December 22, 2016 |

Artists ignored by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are angry over the way the organization is being run and say the latest list of inductees proves the management is biased and snobby.
It was announced Tuesday that Pearl Jam, Tupac Shakur, Journey, Yes, Electric Light Orchestra and Joan Baez will all join the class of 2017.
But the Hall continues to snub Bon JoviINXS, Peter Tosh, the Moody Blues, Devo, Blue Öyster Cult and Jethro Tull.

“Artists and managers are going crazy over their acts not getting in,” one industry insider told me. “It’s outrageous who gets nominated and who gets ignored.”
They blame Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner — a member of the Hall who seized control when Ahmet Ertegun died — and Wenner’s handpicked successor to Ertegun, Bruce Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau.
When Ertegun was chairman, the nominating committee included Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Etta James and Rod Stewart. Now the biggest names on the committee are Robbie Robertson, Questlove and Steven Van Zandt.
Rock publicist Dorothy Carvello, Ertegun’s former assistant, told me, “The voting is rigged.”
( I am not much for Hall of Fame arguments because most of the people in  various Halls just don't belong. They just put them in there because they have to put somebody in every year to justify the party and the money they make from the broadcast rights. I do think it is bullshit that Tupac Shakur and Joan Baez is in and Jethro Tull and the Moody Blues are not. 
I was a huge Tull fan when  i was a kid. Went to all the concerts back in the day. My buddy and I are still pretty big fans. Last Christmas I was over his house for Christmas and we but a Tull record on his very expensive stereo system. The wives made us change it.
I guess we couldn't be living in the past so to speak.)


edutcher said...

Joanie Phony was a rocker?

Whoda thunk?

AprilApple said...

Snub Jon Jovi as much as you want, Mr. Hall of Fame. eh - give everyone a blue ribbon for participation. Yes to Yes and Journey. I love INXS. Michael Hutchence has (had, RIP) one of the sexiest smoothest voices.

The One Thing

Don't Change

Suicide Blonde

William said...

They call rock songs whose popularity lasts more than a decade "classics". Songs by Gershwin and Kern that have endured for going on a hundred years are referred to as "standards". Hyperbole is the native language of rock. Paul Whiteman, King Oliver, Kay Keyser. Popular music comes and goes and fades in the summer night. "The music's not immortal but there's a world to make it sweet." ........There was a period of about fifteen to twenty years when I was aware of pop music. Those were my technicolor years, and that's the music I listen to while working out when I want the heartbeat of a young man. For the rest of the time, there's so much other music, and it's so much better than rock music.

Methadras said...

Arbitrary nomination is arbitrary.