Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Calumny Kills

So says an Italian Bishop:

Top Italian Bishop: Islamist Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Religion
'Vulgarity and aggressiveness in language fuel a climate that brings out the worst in people and impedes efforts toward a peaceful coexistence. There is a terrorism of language, and you can kill with calumny,' he said.
'It is not a clash of civilizations, 'he said. 'I do not believe it.'
We also learn in the article:
Galantino was personally appointed to his leadership role in the Italian Bishops Conference by Pope Francis, in a rare move where the pontiff circumvented the usual elective process to name his own man.
I'm sorry if I offend Catholic readers, but I'm starting to question the sanity of the Pope.


chickelit said...

What happened to the Church under Francis is akin to what happened to the US under Obama.

chickelit said...

The Pope and his Bishop seem to be saying: 'Feed men, and then ask of them virtue!'

Christ rebuked that satanic temptation, replying 'Man cannot live on bread alone.'

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Saying the attacks have nothing to do with religion is kind of like saying that rape has nothing to do with sex.

chickelit said...

Saying the attacks have nothing to do with religion is kind of like saying that rape has nothing to do with sex.

That requires a complete divorce of the physical and spiritual worlds. That is counter to the whole mission of Christ.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

I'm Catholic....not a very good one....but raised that way. I too think the Pope has gone off the rails. The Church is no longer focusing on its mission, as I understand it, of worship and religious based on the teachings of Jesus the Bible etc etc. Instead it is a political arm of the socialist leftists who have taken over. I pretty much took a lot of the Church indoctrination with a grain of salt and skepticism. I really take political indoctrination with grains of salt enough to recreate Lot's wife.

I mean. NOW....You can't just go to mass and reflect or worship. You must be subjected to political diatribes and lectured about how you must feel about political issues. I get enough political harassment. Enough already. I don't need it in a church.

Probably my disenchantment with going to official 'mass' started way back when: we had to be indoctrinated by being forced to endure Spanish language Mass, folk music guitarists instead of the beautiful choruses in Latin. (not that I don't enjoy some folk music. I used to sing and play those songs). Kumbaya bleeech.

At least with Latin Mass....no one knew what was actually being said :-) Joking....sort of. Church was a beautiful, calming, uplifting, meditative experience. Now it is just another socialist leftist indoctrination session.

Listen to this while contemplating.....Gloria en Excelsis Deo or a clunky rendition of Michael Row the Boat Ashore.

Plus. Being forced to turn to the persons near you and shake hands, give blessings. I don't WANT to touch those people. I want to sit quietly in contemplation. If I wanted to be a Pentecostal or Baptist....I would do that. LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

I haven't been in years. So. Probably you all can discount my rant here. But, until the Church gets back to its business of being a religious institution...I'm probably never going to go again. Unless someone dies and I have to go to a funeral.

virgil xenophon said...

@Dust Bunny/

I have a pre-Vatican II friend from heavily Catholic New Orleans who listens to young "Cafeteria Catholics" prattle on about how they consider themselves Catholics in good standing despite selectively eschewing almost all of the basic tenants of their faith, after which he steps forward, shakes their hand and says" "Congratulations, you're now a Protestant." LOL.

ndspinelli said...

chick, This is America. You need not apologize. There's a reason this Pope and Obama have hit it off so well. They are both narcissistic, commie pontificaors.

XRay said...

"...grains of salt enough to recreate Lot's wife."

LOL, great line DBQ.

Politics, why does it have to be in every facet of our lives. Sick of it.

Trooper York said...

Many conservative Catholics have come to the conclusion that this Pope is in fact what is described in historical terms as the Anti-pope.

There is a legitimate pope who was forced to resign in favor of this ultra-liberal follower of liberation theology.

It is time to hunker down and hope that he will be gone soon before he does too much damage to the Catholic Church.

I really think he should move to Avignon.

Methadras said...

You aren't offending me Chick. I saw this guy immediately for what he is, a marxist piece of shit.

ndspinelli said...

I went to Catholic High School w/ a set of twins, Peter and Paul Kramer. Peter became a scientist and makes Bernie Sanders look conservative. He lives in the Philippines. Paul became a Catholic priest and is more conservative a Catholic than anyone here and more so than former FBI traitor and Opus dei member, Robert Hanssen. . They both have public Facebook pages. If you want to see polar opposites, just read their Facebook posts. I find them fascinating, but maybe it's just because I know them. I think Paul may have been drummed out of the Church. He HATES this Pope. I can think of at least one person here who would find Father Paul a soulmate. Their mom died a couple years ago. I can't imagine the vitriol @ the funeral.

ndspinelli said...

I don't believe Peter and Paul are Facebook friends. LOL! Actually, it is a lesson in how politics can be toxic. As w/ most twins, these 2 guys were VERY close when I knew them.

Trooper York said...

It is a shame when you believe in what the Catholic Church always stood for and are considered too old school.

Pope Francis is the exception not the rule.

His papacy will go down as a great error. Hopefully not a fatal error. The Church is strong. It will survive this Anti-pope.

Amartel said...

It has survived worse.

Some Seppo said...

It's not just the Catholic Church that has gone full SJW. The US Episcopal Church has been edging ever closer to being an arm of the DNC, thus the schism with many non-leftist congregations joining the Anglican Communion.

My wife and I went to a wedding in the Jewish Temple of Atlanta, the very same one Miss Daisy was driven to, and one of their prayers ended with asking God (not how they put it, of course) for help in attaining Social Justice. Not sure how SJ is defined in that Temple, but I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Bill of Rights.