Friday, December 2, 2016

Crazy Russian Hacker, liquid nitrogen and Coke, liquid nitrogen and water

I love how he rolls backwards on the pavement. 

This guy has well over a hundred videos on YouTube and millions of views. He's become a proper YouTube star. His favorite things are  liquid nitrogen, balloons, testing MREs from various countries, testing kitchen gadgets, plastic bottles, paper, dry ice, magnets, fire, explosions, fuel, sodium metal, glow sticks, machetes, axes, matches, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, eggs, pumpkins, eggs, everyday household items, food, exotic materials and chemicals, fuses, fireworks. 

Last night I watched hacks with paper, opening a beer bottle with folded paper, making a water bomb, origami box, actually, something commenters did many times but it was fascinating watching his fingers fold it as he explained by his particular abbreviated Russian phraseology. It could be a Christmas tree ornament, but few thought of filling it with water and throwing it at someone. He showed smoke flowing downward through a burning hand-rolled paper straw and teabags opened as a tube then  burning down as a candle and floating upward as ashes. 

I watched him rub out scratches from his car's fender with W2-40, and other experiments, saying over and over the combination "W2-40" as if he had marbles in his mouth. It's funny.

I watched him cut a tea cup, a spoon, a scoop, a pet drinking bottle, and a yard sprinkler from plastic bottles.

I watched him cut various household improvements from styrofoam float-y pool noodles, usually by slicing, protectors for sharp edges like the metal legs of bed mattress frame, the edge of bathroom tub sliding glass rail, the sharp edge of kiddie pool, boot protectors for storage, a doggie bed fashioned from a sweater, a door edge to keep it from closing, improvement to clothes hangers for a more natural shape.

I must say that my favorite part of his videos is observing his interaction with his pup dog, allowing the animal to participate when possible, enjoying his company, and speaking to the dog naturally with impressive kindness and consideration. 

I enjoy watching his videos quite a lot and I think that you will too. Starting here at Crazy Russian Hacker YouTube videos page. Mostly kids commenting and those are fun too.


bagoh20 said...

That's some really impressive thrust and acceleration. I have a 5000 liter tank of liquid N2, that we refill every week. I need to supersize this experiment. I may attempt a trip to Uranus, but will I be the first?

bagoh20 said...

I watch those crazy Russian videos too. Why is it mostly Russians who do this crazy shit with explosives, and guns, and hydraulic presses, etc.? I especially love the accent. Something about the Russian accent makes it extra funny, although I suppose it might be even funnier with a Borscht Belt accent.

Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

I remember putting gold fish in liquid Nitrogen and them freezing and coming back to life.

That hasn't been tested on Ted Williams...yet.

Leland said...

"Don't mix classified emails with private homebrew servers." - Russian Hacker

Leland said...

I enjoyed the video of the LN2 on petro. It was like watching comets blowing through the solar system. And then I got to the lock picking video, and that then made me think, and sure enough, you can buy them on Amazon. I love this country!

AllenS said...

Hold my vodka bottle, and watch this.

Leland said...

Allen, ok.

rhhardin said...

The next time you drive home with helium party balloons, observe that when you accelerate the balloons go to the front, and when you brake the balloons go to the back.

Sixty Grit said...

Meaning that lighter bodies floating in heavier bodies obey the laws of physics.

Laws of psychics are different.

And psychos - forget about it.

Sixty Grit said...

I am watching video now - his accent reminds me of my former next door neighbor. "Excusing me please, heve you seen bleck ket? His name is being Eb-on-yee."

But what the hey - that guy is handling liquid nitrogen without wearing gloves? Krezee!