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Jingoistic Americans and Brits:

Did Baltimore State's Attorney purge employees based on politics?

"My Open Goodbye Letter to the State's Attorney's Office" (January 14 2015)
Dear friends & colleagues,

I had time to say goodbye to exactly five people on Friday, so if you’ll allow me, I’d like to say goodbye to all of you now. This goodbye is about advocating for those who have been unjustly treated, which is the mandate of our office and the mandate of these circumstances. 

As many of you know, I was fired on Friday. Maybe I was fired because part of my job was to help our office hold ourselves accountable, to identify — on the basis of actual data — strong performance and areas for improvement. I also worry that I was fired because I supported Gregg Bernstein on election day at the same polling station that Councilman Nick Mosby had worked. Mr. Mosby and I shared our differences about the candidates that day, but I did not think this would come back to haunt me.

But I will be okay. I am more saddened and more troubled by the firings of so many others, half of whom were line [fine?] prosecutors. On her first day Ms. Mosby told the office she would focus on violent repeat offenders, as though we were not already doing that. (read the whole thing)

Plus Ça Change, Plus C'est La Même Choisi

link to source
As 1967 drew to a close there seemed little indication that the required massive efforts from the total American society would be toward meeting the Negroes' demands for full equality and participation, and a decent life, in an affluent society. Rather, it seemed more probable that the violent unrest in the black ghettos would be met with even more stringent police action designed to maintain 'law and order' and 'national security.' It seemed a pity that all concerned could not heed what might have been a warning by the late George Bernard Shaw. 'Security, the chief pretense of civilization, cannot exist where the worst of dangers, the danger of poverty, hangs over everyone's head,' Shaw wrote. 'All other crimes are virtues beside it...It degrades the poor and infects with its degradation the whole neighborhood in which they live. And whatever can degrade a neighborhood can degrade a country and a continent and finally a whole civilization.' Hoyt W. Fuller, The Black Temper (1968)
Fuller, who was black, wrote that piece about American race riots up to 1967, the year before Time's chosen date of similitude, 1968. The unrest did get worse the next year but then it got better.

Fuller quotes George Bernard Shaw, from a play called Major Barbara. The play is a polemic, and probably relevant today, especially for those arguing for a general redistribution of wealth, like George Bernie Sanders. The fuller Shaw quote is:
Security, the chief pretence of civilization, cannot exist where the worst of dangers, the danger of poverty, hangs over everyone's head, and where the alleged protection of our persons from violence is only an accidental result of the existence of a police force whose real business is to force the poor man to see his children starve whilst idle people overfeed pet dogs with the money that might feed and clothe them. Link
I had the oddest thought while reflecting on this. Most of the nation's worst race riots have occurred under  Democratic Administrations: the 1943 riots in Detroit; the 1964 riots in Harlem; the Watts riots in 1965; the Chicago and Cleveland riots in 1966; the Boston, Newark, and Detroit riots in 1967; and finally, riots in the aftermath of MLK's assassination. To borrow a page from the President's approach to Cuba:
In the most significant changes in our policy in more than fifty years, we will end an outdated approach that, for decades, has failed to advance our interests, and instead we will begin to...

When diversity is "complex"

From an Ace of Spades post...

Many citizens of foreign countries will decry "American nationalism" as a passive-aggressive (and dishonest) way of expressing their own jingoistic nationalism.

"Anti-Americanism" is a culturally-approved safe harbor for expressing one's own (forbidden) jingoism.

When you hear a Frenchman screaming about how America thinks it's the best, but really it's not very good at all, who do you think he's implying really is the Best?

A Greek man thumping his chest at how jingoistic Americans are -- he's not saying "we're all equal." He's saying Greeks are superior. He's saying Americans are stupid for getting the question of "Who is Best?" wrong.

Likewise, many minorities now employ a constant, codified, ritualized attack on White People as their method of engaging in some bumptious, egotistical Racial Triumphalism.

And this becomes more obvious every single day.

Guys? If you think your own culture or race is the best, stop being dishonest, and just express your honest chauvanistic and/or racist feelings.

Stop using the nasty passive-aggressive subterfuge of always strongly, strongly implying that you are Superior to Whitey as your chickenshit method of proclaiming racial superiority.

Just come out and own your own ego-driven, hateful, backwards, ignorant cracker-ass racism, for god's sakes.


Puerto Vallarta


This came across my Twitter feed. What's going on?

subject: PV

We are under red alert not
Allowing us to go out. Banks
And gas stations being fire
Bombed as are many cities
In Jalisco.20 bridges in
The capital.

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Relieve Tension, Three Times Daily

The month of May is here. We didn't always call it that though:
May corresponded with Anglo-Saxon Ðrimilcemonað, 'month of three milkings'. "So called because in this month the cattle were milked three times a day,' comments Bede, 'such was the fertility of Britain or Germany, from whence the English nation came to Britain.'
Parsing the word Ðrimilcemonað is easy in German: Drei/Milche/Monat => three/milk/month

Speaking of cows and milk, EBL's blog has a great round up of Baltimore-related links, including the legal blogs.

EBL's masthead is an H.L. Mencken quote:
I write in order to attain that feeling of tension relieved and function achieved which a cow enjoys on giving milk. 
H.L. Mencken was of course closely associated with Baltimore and its greatest newspaper, The Baltimore Sun.

[Added] The faces of the accused at EBL.  More than three milkings per diem!

Bernie Sanders, folk musician

It's only a minute.

He actually thought, you know what's a good idea for me to do? I realize there is no reason for me to believe I can do this but likewise there is no reason to believe that I cannot, let's just go down to that recording studio and sing songs and record an album or at least a few songs.

This willingness to boldly face massive failure by jumping in without really knowing much about the subject is much like my terrace gardening efforts. It's a live and learn sort of thing. Much like everything, really. He's terribly good natured about the embarrassment of the whole thing. I don't know him, except for how I hear him characterized. This is the first I've heard him and seeing this made me like him.

Spider Vs. Wasp.

View post on

Kevin Moor, the man who recorded Freddie Gray video, arrested by Baltimore police

That's bad.

Okay, now what happens to the guy who recorded this arrest?  

Baby Huey government grown so big so obese it merely rolls over and smashes you. So defensive it cannot tolerate observation nor discussion of itself by its subjects. This is the government your grandparents wed, it worked for them or seemed to, and whereas they died and your parents grew old Baby Huey government only kept getting bigger. You are born into the government they wanted but they did not know it would come to this. 

March 5 is election day in Denver. Progs have taken over the town, the town being the capital they've taken over the state. There is not much on the ballot. I have it right here. The trick is pretend to be independent. Everybody claims middle ground. Then when you see them on t.v. they say things like this.
We noticed a little economic activity there and something must be done. We must see how to regulate this. 
Bless your pointed head, you noticed a little girl's lemonade stand and you forgot to say "taxed!"  For once the subject was not marijuana, and it was nothing so serious as concession stand carts. It was something quite minor indeed that made me realize, Man, this chick is really twisted, a real crackpot control freak. That's who's attracted to state politics. And this is why.  I formed the impression of state government populated by such so overarching so jealous that it MUST have its grubby mitts in absolutely every single activity under its protective dome. Drive into the state pass the border marker, BLAM, you're now married to Colorado.

And Colorado is one demented hippie chick control freak with frizzy red hair and a snappy unhappy parliamentarian air to her. Perhaps Gollum is a better analogy, although the woman I noticed that day really is frizzy red hair hippy control freak parliamentarian, her speaking she was more like, "my precious, my precious."

Only five categories on the ballot, mayor, auditor, clerk, council members at large, and the worst, council member district 10 UGH they're all screaming Democrats so that category gets no votes, let the jackals bite it out amongst themselves.

How screaming?

Their online profiles show them to be so quite clearly and upfront. So screaming you can tell by results page. It's all there. They may claim independence and laugh as they claim it, then look at them online and they stick right out. They join dozens of groups with words like "democracy" in them and other carved out special concerns, "environment," "women's," "minority," what have you. See all those buzz words cluttering the whole results page and that tells you ding ding ding crackpot. One who needs government to do things. It's their life.

The great thing about politics is you use everybody's money to do your group's things. You impose your will, the will of your group, on the entire population and use their money doing it and that's what gives psychologically damaged crackpots their thrills.

Others are more difficult to pin down, they're more sensible. Their projects are specific and goal-oriented usually quite narrow and measurable and not all that much to brag about. Their degrees are in unusual things, hard things, science-y things sometimes far from politics. People interested in other things altogether, later in life attracted to some lower political position.

One candidate cited his ambition for auditor, "I want to expand the scope of the office to include..." That will be "no" to you, Mr. Ambitious. Now, had you said your goal was to refocus the office to its core reason for being for the purpose of shrinking the office to improved productivity then I'd be willing to listen. So it went. Short enough. Not too much research weeding out the people who want government for its control.

"Nobody will help me"

Baltimore Protesters Tried To Light This Pizza Shop Owner on Fire


I remember the very first time I noticed that song--it was back in my dissolute days as a grad student, in a bar.

I was raised on Country Music--thanks to a father who liked it even before it was called "country music" (link) and (link). Of course I rejected it for rock and roll, growing up. But that Judds song somehow penetrated the haze back in the 1980s before it was too late.

Mr Science Person

Does, your bow tie spin? Because it should. That would add to your show.

"I don't know. But it sure is getting hot and steamy up in here. I got a boner. Global Warming!

Some photos that stream across Twitter I find irresistible. I must take a moment and make his bow tie spin or his eyebrows move around like caterpillars, make the jaw go into a horse, something, anything, his impeccably ill-tailored suit, crap haircut, weary of lying eyes, something. Boing, there goes Photoshop. These laptops make things too easy to get out of doing the dishes. I cannot take the photo from Twitter, sometimes site owners say, "NO!" So I do screenshot, boom, image in Photoshop, just like that. 

Yesterday I read a list of some 30, or something, world's smartest people and I thought that would be interesting. It was an annoying click-through piece that has a person on each page with ads in between. Some add-on that I installed on Safari to keep out neer-do-wells kept jacking with that site and preventing progress, so doubly and triply annoying. I switched over to FireFox because I really did want to see all the smart people, then GlimmerBlocker kept notifying of cookies self-destructing one after another for each page on that site a whole new wave of cookie self-destructs, to have you know what kind of click-bait site it is. They listed chess players and foreign smart people mostly working in US universities. As the countdown goes from 30 to 1 the people become more and more obscure in their fields until #6 smartest man in the world Neil deGrasse Tyson. He is surround by people with IQ measured at 180-200 thereabouts but his own IQ is unknown, but that's okay everyone says he's really smart. I cannot find the list now, it was one of those prompted with advertisements, and now looking for it I see several such lists with his name on a few of them but placed farther from first. I get the very strong sense this guy's intelligence is being foisted the same way Obama's Spock-like detachment and political centrality and universal appeal are foisted. The way Nye is foisted as genuine science and not showmanship.  Tyson's I.Q. is known but they don't want us to know it and it's not flattering or else they'd be bragging about it. But they're not. We know them too well. That means it cannot serve their foisting. 

This photo here I think is going to be a meme if only short lived. I just now saw another with pandas playing in the background.

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"Prince is looking young"


The People's Princess

Skipping through channels on mute I raced passed Chelsea Clinton speaking within a small group of women on stage, handlers it seemed,  in the center of them and being interviewed for something about which I would have no interest but *off mute*  I was struck in those few seconds, a long time in channel-surfing-time, with Chelsea's new and distinctly different mien. She carried herself and she spoke in a familiar manner. *mute*

That's enough of that. We've seen this before. Cornered, a new personality develops and blossoms to handle the new highly publicized challenge. Click. Spotlight. Now what? The remarkably successful template is already provided, Lady Di. We noticed this Lady Di, the People's Princess emerge in Louise Woodward when she was cornered with the charge of murdering by shaking baby syndrome. That was closer to the real princess's death and Louise is British so it was a closer more natural fit. I think this video shows what I'm on about. 

Now, I see the same thing in Chelsea Clinton. Cornered. Explain yourself. Lady Di. (I didn't really listen. I'm a terrible attention-payer when it comes to Clintons. I'm noticing manner and mien. Softly spoken, I'd have to turn up the volume to hear her, and why would I do that?)

Prediction: More Chelsea, more unassailable Lady Di mode. They have a foundation to protect and Chelsea must get out and protect it.

Nepal Baby

"Marco Grassi’s hyper-realistic paintings"


The Magic Kingdom In Peril

Disney CEO Bob Iger is one of eight co-chairs of the Partnership for a New American Economy, a leading group advocating for an increase in the H-1B visa cap. Last Friday, this partnership was a sponsor of an H-1B briefing at the U.S. Capitol for congressional staffers. The briefing was closed to the press.
Looking back through the comments on posts tagged H-1B visas, I can tell that the topic is contentious here at Lem's, with most people falling on the side of "we need more H-1B visas because it displaces all the lazy overpaid people. The logic is that it's purely market correction.

OK then. Consider the world to be at disequilibrium (look up that term if it befuddles you) with US borders being an artificial barrier. A much greater concentration of skilled workers exists outside the borders of the US and they are being kept out, artificially. Why not let those barriers down more uniformly so that foreign capital and influence can flow freely here too so that Bob Iger can feel a little anxious about his job too?

Retired people and people employed by government tend to be immune to the effects of H-1B visas. The former group because their income is often tied to retirement stock portfolios which benefit from open doors policies and the latter group because government work at all levels is a great guild which up until now, mostly excludes H-1B workers. Yet these two groups seem to populate comment forums on the internet.

[UPDATE]  America, you have been warned: link

"Prisoner in van..."

"said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says"
A prisoner sharing a police transport van with Freddie Gray told investigators that he could hear Gray “banging against the walls” of the vehicle and believed that he “was intentionally trying to injure himself,” according to a police document obtained by The Washington Post.

The prisoner, who is currently in jail, was separated from Gray by a metal partition and could not see him. His statement is contained in an application for a search warrant, which is sealed by the court. The Post was given the document under the condition that the prisoner not be named because the person who provided it feared for the inmate’s safety...

The van driver stopped three times while transporting Gray to a booking center, the first to put him in leg irons. Batts said the officer driving the van described Gray as “irate.” The search warrant application says Gray “continued to be combative in the police wagon.”

The driver made a second stop, five minutes later, and asked an officer to help check on Gray. At that stop, police have said the van driver found Gray on the floor of the van and put him back on the seat, still without restraints. Police said Gray asked for medical help at that point.

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For the first time in Major League Baseball History

A game is played without fans at the park.

Jim Palmer just when thought he seen everything

From across the street

One quick out

Diehards looking in

Getting ready to hit

The game is free at the MLB website

'Facts Matter' says college student

port cities

I cannot get into the Baltimore riots. They seem a bit fake as made for t.v., as made for internal Party discussion. Plus, again it appears essential facts are omitted in reporting so the stories that emerge have little to do with actual causes so the real problems will not be addressed and never will be because at the root of them is Party. It is an interesting and unsightly fight overheard and seen by neighbors and all of the talking is by somebody who is clearly not talking to me.

I keep seeing a steady stream of images of youthful black males being criminally boisterous but all I can visualize since I'm kept reminded of this place is the rats.

Clinton: “I love this guy, and you should too,”

"1,100 donors to a Canadian charity tied to Clinton Foundation remain secret"
A charity affiliated with the Clinton Foundation failed to reveal the identities of its 1,100 donors, creating a broad exception to the foundation’s promise to disclose funding sources as part of an ethics agreement with the Obama administration.

The number of undisclosed contributors to the charity, the Canada-based Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership, signals a larger zone of secrecy around foundation donors than was previously known...

“Clearly, there was an expectation and a commitment that large donations to the Clinton Foundation would be disclosed,” Lugar said via e-mail.

A spokeswoman for the Canadian group said the majority of the 1,100 donors gave small, one-time gifts while attending a 2008 fundraising gala.


Bamboo the skateboarding dog. Seaside #1

Drawing: bamboo 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

new dinosaur find

Named Chilesaurus, deemed bizarre in the evolutionary sense the creature belongs to the theropod group that includes the carnivorous tyrannosaurs and velociraptors but these were plant-eating animals the size of a horse. Instead of sharp claws it had stumpy fingers along with other oddities like a horned beak, flat teeth, small head and slender neck with stocky forearms. Archaeologists working on the site said they hope to return to find the creature's reachers and baskets and finally close the chapter on these dinosaur's debilitatingly short front arms.

Part of that was probably made up.

"Faith leaders demand that liberal justices sit out gay marriage case"

"Standing on the steps of the Supreme Court"
“Justices Ginsburg and Kagan, knowing full well that unique legal issues regarding the definition of marriage would soon come before them, deliberately officiated at so-called homosexual wedding ceremonies creating not merely the appearance of bias, but an actual and blatant conflict of interest,”

“In my personal view they have committed an unparalleled breach of judicial ethics by elevating the importance of their own favored political cause of gay rights above the integrity of the court and of our nation.”

What really caused the Empire's downfall

"That guy in Star Wars IV who stops the other guys from blasting C3PO and R2D2 when they are in the escape pod because "there are no lifeforms" is actually the man who caused the Empire's downfall. He killed the empire with his love of being cost-effective and saving money on laser beams."

Top comment...
If you want to be technical, they're not laser beams; they're blaster bolts. A laser beam wouldn't be visible, since all of the photons would be traveling in a single direction.

The energy weapons used in Star Wars actually emit a form of supercharged plasma that's created by sending a burst of energy through a substance called tibanna gas. The resulting bolts don't travel at anywhere near the speed of light, which is why they oh my god I am such a goddamned nerd.

One Baltimore mother

One bit of good from an otherwise terrible situation.
Baltimore Police Commissioner Anthony Batts even acknowledged the mother’s actions during a press conference early Tuesday morning.

“And if you saw in one scene, you had one a mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight,” Batts said.

great catch

A dot on the beach races forward and dramatically saves the drone that is recording the scene from certain destruction where ocean crashes upon rocks. When you dash into ocean like that make sure your mouth is closed tight so you don't get any salt water en ya.

Baltimore, oh Baltimore I can hear your sea winds blowing

Baltimore. That place sounds familiar. It seems an important port with a unique geography. What happened there? Fort McHenry. Star Spangled Banner. British. 1812 Burned down Washington a march away.

Mother Seaton, first American saint. Nations first Catholic seminary. Anything else? Babe Ruth. Edgar Allen Poe, see? That right there is why one would think the whole place is so spooky. Because of him. Baltimore is so spooky it even freaked out Edgar Allen Poe. That is my impression. There should be something about ships. Tall sailing ships. We put these models together as boys. Let me think. Shipping there is a big deal, you know. U.S.S. Constellation, a 3-masted war sloop. Cool boat. Baltimore undoubtedly has a lot of rats.

Wooden model. $648.30 by Old Modern Handicrafts. You should buy one. Kidding. I know you're not interested. Ours were plastic. This is a lot better. Dusting is a problem. Either glass case or housekeeper with a delicate touch. Baltimore, having the real thing is just so totally historically ace. Baltimore has more historical ships than this but they're not as good, and actually, the real thing is a bit cheesy. Also the U.S. Naval Academy at nearby Annapolis. Baltimore Oreos, home of the famous cookie. Kidding again. Also, Chef Duff and his entertaining Ace of Cakes.

Oriole VS Cardinal. Just for the heck of it.

Now, here are two very good looking birds.

Sorry Baltimore. Cardinal for the win. St. Louis wins for bird teams. The red beak and red feet kill it. It's a bird so confident in its color that it takes it all the way from the toes to the crest. The oriole is attractive, yes, but it compromises, like it's trying to pass for a robin. But even robins have yellow beaks with gray legs, and robins have stunning blue eggs. But wait, what do oriole eggs look like?

Oh, orioles make hanging basket nests. Wow. Jackson Pollock eggs.

What do cardinal's nest and eggs look like? Stunning eggs. Much simpler nests.

Baltimore oriole's nest and eggs win. Tough choice though. Oriole is a better housekeeper and family bird while cardinal is a more confident stylist.

Their geography is such the force of waterways suggested mills. I'm interested in their early grain mills. The early settlers preferred rye bread. I imagined their milled wheat to be be all whole wheat minus the husks. I imagined the stones flattening de-husked wheat seeds to powder but that is not what they did. The ground grain is graded for different purposes by sifting through various screens, their term "bolting" originally "boulting." Romans bolted their wheat to seven grades of flour. So, not all their bread was 100% whole wheat as imagined, but all of their leaven was natural piggybacking or airborne, what we call sourdough.

Don't ask me about present day happening in Baltimore and their dilapidated unhappy Democrat plantation with all their high profile non-Baltimore plantation rebellions because I don't know anything about that. It doesn't come through. I do know historically plantation owners were terrified of revolts. There they were, the plantation owners, out there in the country isolated away from the unhealthy city in summer, with more people in bondage than available enforcement and there is always news coming in of happenings in Jamaica. Now, they are doing a lot of talking but not to me. All of the talking, and there is a lot of talking, is amongst themselves and for themselves. They're working out their own problems and they've made clear all  that has nothing to do with me, in fact I and my profiled type are excluded. But that needn't wreck a whole city, there's a lot else going on there besides plantation rebellion.

Seems every time you turn around there's another hard luck story you're going to hear. And there's really nothing anyone can say. Oh, I never did plan to go anyway... to Black Diamond Bay.

Monday, April 27, 2015

MSNBC Chris Hayes blames Baltimore fire on faulty construction


Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead:"

Too soon?

"Burnt mac and cheese forces evacuation of state capitol"

"An intense ITK investigation finds that Easy Mac directions instruct the macaroni and cheese consumer to microwave the cheddar-flavored concoction for three and a half minutes. It also advises Easy Mac makers to never leave a microwave unattended."

Let's Take A Ride In L.A With Ken Brock


What an Earthquake Emergency Exit looks like

"NYC Council wants to decriminalize low level crimes"

"Before a crowd at the National Action Network in Harlem, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito says some simple crimes like drinking alcohol in public, or urinating in the street should be handled more like parking violations."
"We are examining way in which we can expand the use of summons and desk appearance tickets” she said.

Reverend Al Sharpton says over policing of minor crimes like these often creates tension between community and law enforcement.

But Police Commissioner Bill Bratton does not support the plan. He says crimes should be treated like crimes. “It limits the ability of police officers in this city to do their job” he said.

"Polish border guards refuse entry for 10 Russian bikers"

"These people will not cross into Poland. Each of them will individually receive a decision denying them entry into Poland's territory," Sienicki [border guard spokesman] said.
"This is not a normal bike club. They are tools in the hand of Vladimir Putin to make propaganda," said Tomasz Czuwara, spokesman for the Open Dialog Foundation, a Polish group that supports Ukraine.

Not all Poles are against them, however. The head of a Polish bikers' group, Wiktor Wegrzyn, called the Polish opposition to the bikers "anti-Russia hysteria." He and dozens of other Polish bikers gathered on the Polish side of the border Monday to greet and escort the Night Wolves in case they should make it through.

Joker's tattoos

Today I tried to force myself to think only of sensible things, of shoes and ships and ceiling wax, of cabbages and kings but you kept pulling me down, pulling me down like gravity and like I'm wearing cement shoes. Look at all those heavy entries down there.

That's sealing wax.

That would makes sense in a nonsensical poem. My version is better. Loftier. See how you keep dragging me down, dragging me down? 

Then I encountered this lofty video on this rarified subject and see it handled as I was thinking, as so many were thinking how ace this movie's Joker's tattoos are and why, except in reverse to show the absurd choices made for the show. It's not an insane criminal getting a tattoo, it's a regular guy having a regular tattoo the regular way by usual tattoo-logic. Reversed too because tattoos are already absurd so it's reversed to sensible so far as tattoos can be called such.

The Joker is insane so he will have insane tattoos. Random things all over the place. Well executed, but random. Not done all in one sitting. Inked in manic fits here and there, not all at once, so, inconsistent style with varying degrees of mania. I look at what they did with Jared Leto for the movie, or maybe this conception, and think, "Yes, this." 

The parody in the video relies on presenting the Joker as a regular guy having the tattoos done all at once and not over time and inconsistently in manic insane fits, and planned with a tattoo advisor, rather than self-inflicted as the Joker would do. But then, you'd expect "damaged" written backwards as if he did it himself. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bush: Barack Obama is being naïve about Iran and the pending nuclear deal

Does Obama govern like the mayor of Baltimore?
The former president, who rarely ever criticizes Obama in public, at first remarked that the idea of re-entering the political arena was something he didn’t want to do. He then proceeded to explain why Obama, in his view, was placing the U.S. in "retreat" around the world. He also said Obama was misreading Iran’s intentions while relaxing sanctions on Tehran too easily.

According to the attendee's transcription, Bush noted that Iran has a new president, Hassan Rouhani. “He's smooth," Bush said. "And you’ve got to ask yourself, is there a new policy or did they just change the spokesman?”

Bush said that Obama’s plan to lift sanctions on Iran with a promise that they could snap back in place at any time was not plausible. He also said the deal would be bad for American national security in the long term: “You think the Middle East is chaotic now? Imagine what it looks like for our grandchildren. That’s how Americans should view the deal.”

What did the mayor of Baltimore mean by "space to destroy"?

Is this a new riot handling doctrine?

What's wrong with this picture?

The state of "evidence" in 2003 and 2015

"Sixteen Words" controversy in 2003 State of the Union
According to The Washington Post, when occupying troops found no evidence of a current nuclear program, the statement and how it came to be in the speech became a focus for critics in Washington and foreign capitals to press the case that the White House manipulated facts to take the United States to war. The Post reported, "Dozens of interviews with current and former intelligence officials and policymakers in the United States, Britain, France and Italy show that the Bush administration disregarded key information available at the time showing that the Iraq-Niger claim was highly questionable."
Moving along to 2015:  'Clinton Cash' author says no "direct evidence" of wrongdoing
The most significant of the allegations [of quid pro quo] center on a Russian company that was approved by the State Department to purchase a Canadian uranium company, giving Russia [Putin] a sizable stake in the world’s uranium market, after a $2.3 million donation to the Clinton Foundation. But Stephanopoulos pointed out that the State Department was one of nine agencies that signed off on the deal, and that “there’s no evidence at all that Hillary Clinton got directly involved at all in this decision.” (A smiliar argument was made by Clinton surrogate Lanny Davis over on Fox News Sunday.)

“There were nine different agencies who approved it,” Stephanopoulos said. “Doesn’t that suggest that that was because there was no national security concern, not because of some nefarious influence by Hillary Clinton?”

“We don’t have direct evidence,” Schweizer said. “But it warrants further investigation because, again, this is part of the broader pattern. You either have to come to the conclusion that these are all coincidences, or something else is afoot.”
So, if I have this right, the finding of no evidence in 2003, was good enough to convict the Bush administration of manipulation of facts to take the country to war. But in 2015, no "direct evidence" is not good enough to follow the trail of millions of dollars benefiting (putting it charitably) lining the Clinton pockets?

Not to mention the possible damage to our national security... I don't know, maybe I'm missing something.

And another thing... if Dick Chaney could manipulate "different agencies" to include something on a speech, you are telling me Hillary could not manipulate "different agencies" to approve something she wanted, something that could be very lucrative?

Ford Tough

"French Army Deployed to Protect Catholic Churches From Islamist Attack"

"following reports of a terrorist cell preparing an ISIS-style attack on congregations."
The impetus for the change of policy has come just days after French police arrested would-be Jihadist murderer Sid Ahmed Ghlam. Ghlam, a 24-year-old Moroccan student studying in Paris, murdered a fitness instructor in a botched attempt to hijack her car for a terror attack, and then accidentally shot himself in the leg.

Calling an ambulance for aid, police found Ghlam’s cover story questionable and followed the trail of his blood back to his car, which contained fake police uniforms, body armour, and a number of firearms including AK-47 assault rifles. Searching his student flat, they discovered plans for a gang of Islamists to open fire on Church services in Paris. One of his accomplices, a 25-year-old woman, has been arrested so far.

RUPTLY stringer robbed during filming at Baltimore

They are all young. For the most part robbing is a young man's game. This reminded me of the videos of mobbing monkeys that steal food and cameras and purses and everything possible then split, in India and Gibraltar and other exotic places, and here Russians are filming our exotic species. She should know take care out in the wild like that. This is another of those live and learn things. Glad nobody was seriously hurt. And now you know.

Oh! Speaking of. See, in both cases what went wrong here is the observers taunted their subjects of study. That's bad. It's resented. It signals, "hit me." The little boy pounded his little chest, as you do, and the gorilla charged, as they do.

Baltimore under martial law while White House celebrates journalism

Yes, this is too on-the-nose for fiction. Our inbred journalist and political classes award themselves, congratulate themselves, speechify to themselves, stroke themselves, roast themselves, tweet themselves, update themselves, selfie themselves, autofellate, boo FOX, everybody claps, boo Republicans, everybody claps, as trained seals clap for a fish, while thirty miles north the people who voted properly are tossing chairs through store windows hard as they can, a protest, yet another of its type gone violent so that attendees at a nearby game cannot be let out and flow out of the stadium to their homes as they would on a normal night, they're all cooped up in the stadium, but that cannot be covered. Because ... journalism.

You can all just go to hell. And you will.  

Here is your hell: being stuck in that White House Correspondents Dinner with your inbred type. Being forced to endure your own inbred jokes funny to inbred mongs. The pathetic spectacle of representatives given power, actually all wanna be entertainers at heart, in the land known as Hollywood for Ugly People play acting their real dreams of celebrity with the peoples' time and money and doing so poorly. Nobody sensible watches, and when they do, only to ridicule, yet our representatives and their watchers, droll entertainers and their inbred mong groupies imagine themselves recreating the Oscars, another such spectacle. Drawing your finger over your embossed invitation, yes, yes, how fine, you made it, this is your second one! Finally, the High School cool kid's table and that is all that you care about. Your hell is the same hell as spectators at Camden Yard, both unable to move, locked up with their teams and their tribes.