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The song holds up well after 50 years. I posted this because after all these years, I just found something new and cool about it.

Self-heating Chinese hot pot

Guess how much these cost on Amazon.

Come on, guess.

Be a sport, take a guess.



Count to 5

The short way.

Trump cancels raids on illegal aliens in sanctuary cities

For now.

Now the question is answered as to why he would announce the raids in the first place. His way of getting concerned parties in the mood for serious negotiating. Apparently.

National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd

Sundance asks why President Trump would make such advanced and public notification of the upcoming enhanced enforcement and gets strong and wildly varied responses in comments section here. It's an interesting thread, and growing. 

You'd want something like this to be a surprise. What is Trump up to by giving all parties advance notice? And the world for that matter. Now his opposition has time to organize and illegal immigrants who've exhausted their appeals have time to skedaddle. 

I find Trump unfathomable. 

What do you think?

Friday, June 21, 2019

Denny's ad

This ad was put up for Father's day and went viral with 11 million views. There are nearly as many copies uploaded to Youtube with news readers adding their 2¢. It's created a lot of interest. Interviews all over the place.

Navy SEAL trial takes a dramatic turn

Edward Gallagher is on trial for killing an ISIS prisoner. During cross-examination SEAL Team Seven Medic Corey Scott testified that he killed the fighter by asphyxiation by holding his thumb over the breathing tube that was inserted into the militant's mouth. Further, he testified that Gallagher stabbed the fighter but did not kill him.

More details at Daily Wire.

Interesting comments all over the place. Interesting as the article itself. This case is strange and opinions are splattered, some short and sharp, others broad.

For example:

On Daily Wire:
* Their job is to kill ISIS terrorists !!!

     ** That's what I always thought war was about. You kill the enemy. Innocents, unfortunately, are collateral damage and should be regretful. This guy was an ISIS fighter, right? If so, he's the enemy, if so we are at war with that enemy, if so we kill the enemy. End of story. Don't want people to be killed, don't send our citizens to war.

On Lucianne:
* IF the ISIS terrorist was captured and in a POW status, and according to the article he was because he was being given medical attention, and IF while in POW status, according to the article, the terrorist made no move or gave no threat to the ones treating him and at that time-under those circumstances Gallagher stabbed the terrorist twice in his neck, Gallagher should be tried for attempted murder at a minimum and the (NON-SEAL btw) corpsman should be tried for murder.

Unlight your hair on fire for one second. We DO NOT murder NOR torture (and water boarding is NOT torture) our captured enemies, period, end of discussion. If you think we should kill a captured enemy, regardless of what this idiotic Marxist government of ours does against the Constitution, regardless of how ruthless and vile the enemy happens to be, and regardless of the moronic ROE issued by the five sided puzzle palace, I strongly disagree with you. And I've been there and done that. The Cubans who murdered Jeb Seagle (my very good friend) after he was captured in Grenada, laughed about doing so after they were captured and they found out they were going to be released back to Cuba. Me and several other Marines sure wanted to plunge a knife into their necks but we didn't because that's NOT who we are. I sure hope that's not what you are.


President Trump confirmed he pulled back a military strike on Iran after he was told the number of possible casualties.  (screenshots)

Misused homophone for "sites." He doesn't have Sixtygrit to help him. 

And then.

FAA issued a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) prohibiting U.S. registered aircraft from operating over the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. That is, flights are not permitted overwater in the area of the Tehran Flight Information Region until further notice. 

More details at Daily Wire where we see this information conveyed through FAA tweets that look super serial with lots of tiny technical words.


Jo Koy is a Filipino American comedian.

He has a special on Netflix. It's fairly funny material most of it is racial. I stuck with it I think about 1/2 before dropping off. I'll probably tune back in to catch the rest. It seems he veers off the constant racial descriptions to other things. I admit it is rather funny.

His special is held in Hawaii and the crowd is nearly large as Trump's last rally in Orlando. The audience is nearly entirely Asian and he has them dying laughing. He has them wrapped around his finger. The whole thing reminded me how Hawaiians are so easily given to laughter. I could be a comedian there. You could be a comedian there. They laugh at everything. Their laughing at everything kills me.

I discovered this right off with my brother. I didn't notice it previously traveling with friends and traveling with my whole family.

James was talking it up with the car rental and taking a very long time. He loved that car rental place. We kept going back and getting a different car. The first visit he was talking it up with a young woman behind the counter as I waited outside. No problem, it was beautiful outside. But he was taking forever. I opened the door and the office is beautiful. Larger than it needed to be with a very long counter but only one clerk and James was bending her ear pouring on the charm. He is the youngest and his four older brothers and sisters raised him to be charming. So it's all quite natural.

I said, "Honey, are you almost done?"

James is abashed but he conceals embarrassment beautifully. "Yes Dear I'm almost done."

Then turning to the young woman he's talking up, "See what I have to put up with?"

The woman laughed hysterically and it wasn't even that funny. I thought, "She really appreciates faint entertainment."

And many of them do look Mexican. To me, anyway. Their relaxed facial expressions appear self-contained somewhat isolated somewhat racially sore. A bit, just a bit, threatening. Those are the vibes that I feel. For example a man was dismounting his motorcycle as we were exiting a convenience store. He looked like biker trouble. All dark leather and to me a threatening facial expression and assertive physical movement.

The store had a wire basket filled with coconuts carved into monkey faces. Who would even want one of those, but what else can be done with coconuts? I said to James, "I heard many times 'more fun than a barrel of monkeys' but I never expected to actually see one." I said that soft-voiced to my brother but the guy off his motorcycle cracked up laughing. And I'm standing there thinking it wasn't that funny.

James wasn't amused by me making up place names and lewd phrases using only vowels and sparse consonants forming English sentences constricted to Hawaiian alphabet and diphthongs that in my mind made everything funny. But the Hawaiians, not the haole, found everything else hilarious. Where I thought I was funny, I really wasn't to my brother, while to everyone else ordinary things were hilarious.

James wanted a haircut. We walked past a hairdresser then I convinced him to circle back. We went inside and one woman said, "You two bruddas, huh?"

We said at the same time, "Yes."

She was delighted because she noticed us outside and said that to her coworkers. "See? I guess right. You two walk by I say doze two bruddas. I can tell. You look same. You two like twins. I know you two bruddas. I say, those two bruddas. Dint I say dat? I say, doze two bruddas. Day look same."

Now I think that's hilarious. While she's perfectly serious. And I imitate that woman to my own delight while everyone else thinks my imitation is racist and when they laugh at me laughing at her then they're racist too.

I'm waiting again. James is getting his haircut and I'm standing reading labels on fingernail polish. There is an array of a line of fingernail colors. They all have ordinary names but the colors are somewhat off. They are not girlish colors. They're more serious dowdy mature colors. So I make up names for them and pretend to read the labels.

Hazardous Household Waste light gray
Industrial Toxic Dump orange
Pale Amphetamine white
Ecological Disaster blue green
Bubonic Plague Blister yellow

And so on, whatever terrible words came to mind in that moment. Lifting the bottles, making up something horrible, saying it as if reading a label and setting it back down. Extremely offensive. I don't know why I'm so ugly sometimes I was just amusing myself but the Hawaiian women were cracking up laughing. They loved having someone come in and be ridiculous. They took no offense. They're always up for a game. They're looking for entertainment, and not looking for offense. I find this trait of theirs very appealing.

So this Jo Koy is similar. He's not that funny but he has these Hawaiians dying of laughter. Imagine a place like the Orlando Amway Center filled to capacity all laughing their butts off at racialist jokes. They love it. They love unique perceptions of themselves and their cultures.

Koy tells his audience that Koreans speak like they just smoked marijuana.  If they have an accent. Then he imitates them and they die laughing. He said he visited his Korean friend and his friend's father made the house sound haunted whenever he spoke, then he imitated the guy's father sounding like a ghost, sort of stoned. The whole audience fell out laughing at this simple direct honest interpretation of how he hears Korean accent.

Then he describes Cambodians as smallest of all Asians. But the most inclined to fight. And they speak rapidly and put a period after every word then he imitates their staccato speech high/low inflections and the whole audience roars because they recognized the truth in the parody, the truth in themselves.

Dental floss ↓

Thursday, June 20, 2019

The U.S. Navy was flying an RQ-4A Global Hawk drone, Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS-D) at upwards of 65,000 feet over the Straight of Hormuz when Iran shot it down with a radar-guided surface-to-air missile.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Danish National Symphony Orchestra

Dog saved from python

Sky Rider

Airline seat manufacturer Avio Interior introduced airline seats at Paris Air Show this week.

Full description and details at SFGate.

Oh, hail no. 

This one doesn't seem so bad so long as everyone has your own thin build, but not when everyone who flies is at least one hundred pounds heavier than your svelte self smashing you like a potato chip.


I might have got mixed up with those last two.

You're expected to pay for this indignity. 

I hope the industry rejects these. But knowing how much people like flying on the cheap I expect they'll accept nearly anything.

Here's the thing, consider flying an expense and don't go anywhere that doesn't have first class. 

President Trump plans to live-Tweet Democrat debates

This would be the only thing that could make these debates interesting.

Kemberlee Kay at Legal Insurrection makes some fine remarks. "Trump has mastered the art of flipping the news cycle on end with a single tweet." And, "Quite frankly, it wouldn’t really be 2019, nor would it seem quite right if Trump didn’t engage with potential Democrat opponents directly instead of thru the “proper” channels."

Comments over there are  great.

Australian police detective stops news conference to tackle man

Rugby style.

Posted to Fox News (The Sun video taken from YouTube).

The comments on Fox are nonsensical. They're all about American guns and American police and American politicians. The other half insist it is fake. But for what? 

The best comment: "The only way this could have been better would be if the takedown was by boomerang."

Or kangaroo.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

My dog Yogi, 2002-2019

He was a good old boy, and he is missed. Here are some pictures and words to tell his story.

Here he is as a handsome young puppy in December of 2002. 

Later that same month we had an ice storm and I lost many trees, including several that smashed my deck. Yogi cut his leg on a nail that was sticking out of the debris and I got him patched up at the vet. Later he ate the bandage:

When he was young he was part of a pack that included an older dog named Kali:

They are pictured sitting together in the dogatorium I built out of slab wood left over after I had the downed trees milled into lumber. I lost 35 trees in my tiny lot and got over 8,000 board feet of lumber out of the deal. I still have some of it hanging around.

Fast forward a couple of years and here he is posed in front of my Farmall:

Time passed, Kali died, and I got a new puppy:

Poor Yogi never could catch a break - he was not the alpha dog in his original pack and young Boudreaux was the alpha the minute she showed up, even though she was a lot smaller than ol' Yogs.

Down to the River to Pray

Malinois pulls girl back from water's edge

Brussels sprouts

Three ways.

Trump stages greatest show yet

That was Drudge Report headlines.

And it's what I thought too.

I also thought a lot of other things. The Sarah Sanders farewell segment is awesome.

Trump Junior has a high-pitch inflection in his alto voice. His speech is a real barn burner.

Long hair and a MAGA hat makes you look like Cousin Itt on the Addams Family.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Trump reelection launch Orlando

Senator Elbert Guillory

This is the first Walk Away video I've seen by a politician.

Joe DiGenova

Says some stuff.

I'm going to do that whenever someone asks me on the phone, "Where are you right now?" Name the first weird place that comes to mind.

"Oh, I'm at Machu Picchu."

"I'm at Tierra del Fuego."

"I'm on Cat Island in Japan."

I'm at "Tharsis Rise."

     "Where's that?"


Flat tire

I have brand new tires. One of them appears a bit flat.

I drove to the clinic in Parker. Quite a drive on a broad fast-moving highway.

Parker seems nice, a bit odd at its entrance as it appears to be planned for expansion. Large undeveloped areas then the clinic. Its in a large building with a very large parking area similar to a shopping mall. A car pulled out of a spot directly in front, so parking was perfect. The foyer is huge and the clinic is right at the front. It's office is huge with only one person waiting.

I was half an hour early so I pulled out my cell phone. Before I could bring up an internet browser my name was called. The scans went smoothly and comfortably.

Back in parking lot the tire looks worse. I'm worried about getting back on the highway.

I noticed a large gas station at the corner and that became my goal. I'd cruise around the shopping center looking for a place with an air compressor with the gas station as target.

Straight out of the clinic parking lot and into an adjoining parking lot I notice four open garage bays in the very first building. It turns out to be a Firestone tire dealership. Surely they can fill a tire.

A young man is entering the building as I am parking the truck. He smiles then enters.

Imagine a Firestone commercial. With a model dressed for the role and with military cut and manner. Red shirt uniform, pressed clothing presented with precision. Perfect grooming. Built like a college athlete and with that same positive excessive energy. He met me at the door.

I told him that I have brand new tires but one of them appears a bit flat. That I'm looking for a place with an air compressor that I could use. That the thought of driving the highway back to Denver with a somewhat flat tire was freaking me out.

     "Certainly. We have an air compressor. Give me your keys."

I reach into my pocket. I look a bit shocked.

"I locked my keys in the truck!"

     "That's okay. We can handle that."

"Psych! Just kidding. Here they are."

     "Have a seat if you like. I'll be right back."

He was gone for a long time. Finally I see the truck spin around the corner of the building. The guy looks great in my dad's truck. His red shirt against the red paint are perfect for each other.

     "I put air in each tire to the point they should be. But keep watch. If it goes flat again then take the truck in for tire repair."

"Good advice. Thank you. How much do I owe you?"

     "Nothing. It's free. This was easy."

Monday, June 17, 2019

Google is demonetizing Scott Adams videos debunking "fine people" hoax, or, Google is doing evil

This movie was part of our ASL class

It is maudlin, but it is sappy.

I learned the sign for "irritating", and I like it.

When Normality Became Abnormal

Victor Hanson's essay on America Greatness is a thing to behold.

Hanson tells his readers Trump is many things but one thing he is not is business as usual. The essay lists areas that Trump has turned around completely so that now America faces a new reality that was unthinkable only a few years ago.

Hanson begins with the Iran deal reversing the inevitability of Iran achieving the nuclear bomb. Hanson writes Iran is furious but far weaker.
Yet it accepts that if it were to launch a missile at a U.S. ship, hijack an American boat, or shoot down an American plane, the ensuing tit-for-tat retaliation might target the point of Iranian origin (the port that launched the ship, the airbase from which the plane took off, the silo from which the missile was launched) rather than the mere point of contact—and signal a serial stand-off 10-1 disproportionate response to every Iranian attack without ever causing a Persian Gulf war.
Then the Paris accords.
At worst, it was a shake-down both to transfer assets from the industrialized West to the “developing world” and to dull Western competitiveness with ascending rivals like India and China. 
But not now.

Then on to our so-called allies taking a free ride with their national defense. This paragraph contains my favorite Hanson line.
The private consensus is that the NATO allies knew all along that they were exactly what Barack Obama once called “free riders” and justified that subsidization by ankle-biting the foreign policies of the United States—as if an uncouth America was lucky to underwrite such principled members.
Hanson makes particularly acute observations about China.
Progressives knew the Communists put tens of thousands of people in camps, rounded up Muslims, and destroyed civil liberties, and yet in “woke” fashion tip-toed around criticizing the Other. Trump then destroyed the mirage of China as a Westernizing aspirant to the family of nations. 
And Hanson makes comparisons with Palestinians with East Prussian Germans and Egyptian Jews and Greeks and Tibet and Cyprus that you do not see elsewhere.

Then manufacturing returning to Rust Belt and energy independence.
Economists claimed Saudi Arabia or Russia would one day control the world by opening and closing their oil spigots.
Not now.

Finally, a reversal on open borders.
Most Americans demurred, but kept silent given the barrage of “racist,” “xenophobe,” and “nativist” cries that met any measured objection.
Not any more.

Much more at the link, Hanson continues at some length about Trump causing the Democrat party to become so unhinged they were forced to drop all pretenses of moderation and show what they intended for America all along, and all the things that were stopped by Trump's election; weaponizing the IRS, unleashing the FBI to spy on political enemies and plot the removal of an elected president, politicizing the CIA to warp U.S. politics, allying the Justice Department with the DNC and reducing FISA courts to rubber stamps for pursuing administration enemies.


Epicurious sausage expert

Gone fishin'

Jim Benvie explains the wall

I kept thinking I was listening to Chris Farley. 

Ribeye steak au poivre

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Charles Payne interviews Peter Navarro

This is a good video marred by its beginning showing polls relating to tariffs. Nobody understands the real effect of tariffs on a highly manipulated global economy because all that we know is based on genuine free market system. But now we have a gargantuan communist country into the mix and global blocks that manipulate supply chains and the supply of products on national and regional scales and these entities respond differently than historic pattern that form the basis of all that we know. The new text books are being written right now. By the actions of President Donald Trump.

The polls that Payne cites are contradictory. Frankly, polls are irrelevant.

unrelated time warp ↓.

What if a bunch of butt holes organized over a hundred impeachment rallies across the country and only a few butt holes showed up?

The Gateway Pundit phrased it a bit differently. organized 130 impeach Trump rallies and each attracted only a few paid protestors.

Lots of photos and tweets from around the country. In several instances the counter pro-Trump protestors outnumbered the impeachment protestors.

Jim Acosta can't sell his book

Hold my coffee while I laugh.

Monica Showalter frames it differently on American Thinker, but that's the gist of it.

The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America is ranked 295 on Amazon, over 100 points lower than when Showalter wrote her article.

Incidentally, I discovered how you find out a book's Amazon ranking. It's in the product details portion of its Amazon page. It continues #4 in Elections, #2 in Journalist Biographies #3 in Media and Internet in Politics (Books).

The sleuthing was done by Daily Caller and Fox News. Apparently, on the word of a bookstore employee, Acosta realized his books weren't moving fast as he thought they should so he called the bookstores and told them he intended to show up. Then he showed up and signed books. Because there was no planning there never was a crowd of people to see him, no customer ever waiting in line. He would sign about thirty books while he was there.

More details at the link.

Mt. Washington

Do you know where Mt. Washington is?



It's in New Hampshire. It looks like a hump next to other humps. It's the highest peak in the Northeastern United States at 6,288 feet.

Which by Colorado standards is not very high. But then, that's measured from sea-level and Colorado mountains begin at 1 mile altitude. The mountain is known for weather extremes.

A group of hikers set out including an eighty-year-old man. The old man lagged behind the two younger hikers who left him behind on the trail. These two hikers then took another path down so there was no chance of them encountering the old man that they left behind.

When the two hikers got to a station they alerted responsible people that the old man is still up on the mountain. The search went on through the night.

They found the man alive. Curled into fetal position. The weather had become seriously threatening. He was too cold to speak. He could not walk.

The rescuers had to carry the man nearly two miles. He was put into an ambulance and is recovering without apparent serious or permanent injury.

The two healthy hikers made two hiking-mistakes. They left the old man alone and they took a separate trail down. This has the hiking community angry. (I didn't know there there is a hiking community, but whatever, people are angry.)

Fish and Games is weighing charges against the family that left the hiker behind.

Details at Union Leader.


This is Sunday so now most likely old news but it's been on my mind the past several days.

Earlier we saw Trump in his office showing his plan for AF1 featuring darker blue colors, more red, white and blue, and more closely resembling his own Trump plane. Everything that you might encounter online about this argues from appeal to tradition that it's always been done like this. I think there is a fondness for the sky blue color scheme because those colors were chosen by Jacqueline Kennedy. To writers of the pieces I've read, the colors represent her. Changing the colors means ending the loyalty of affection to Jacqueline Kennedy so change is felt with some resentment.

Trump responds the new colors can be considered Melania T colors instead of Jacki O colors although there is little to suggest Melania has anything to do with them.

What was striking right off about that interview was the presence of George Stephanopoulos in the Oval Office confabbing with Trump in friendly terms.

My first thought was what is he doing there?

Why did Trump invite him?

Trump told the story of the snake that bites its benefactor then says, "you knew what I was before you picked me up and helped me" at least a dozen times at his rallies.

And now we see Trump picking up a snake and carrying it to Idaho and then to the Oval Office and granting an exclusive interview.  With a known Hillary supporter. With all the appearances of letting down his guard in friendly animated revealing conversation. Why give Stephanopoulos an inch when you know in advance he will take a mile and that he is definitely not a friend?

Then, all that we hear about them together is Stephanopoulos asking Trump if he would accept damaging opposition research from a foreign entity.


The whole week is saturated with liberal fury.

That other people who aren't me listened to. I skipped a million things about that over the last week.

There was one interview on the Daily Caller with Media Matters representative that I skipped half a dozen times. Apparently, the Media Matters representative argued ridiculously that there is no comparison between Trump accepting damaging information during a campaign (and reporting it to the FBI) and Hillary Clinton actually contracting foreigners for damaging opposition through three firewalls that was then offered United States Intelligence services by several avenues then useed for FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. US intelligence services spying on campaigns. Then used to investigate.

Trump supporters insist this is Trump trapping liberals in exposing their hypocrisy.

But what good is that for the national discussion when 90% of reporting in avalanche doesn't acknowledge it, and the 10% of reporting that does show how liberal hypocrisy is exposed is also dismissed? It is not possible to shame the shameless. Not possible to outshout professional shouters.

Why even bother?

He knows more than I do. He knows better than I. He has a much larger picture than I do. Apparently he has his own reasons to endure this abuse; being bitten by snakes.

Is Trump thinking he can get out his message on platforms broader than his usual ways and deliver his own snakebites as he does so? Is Trump reversing his story so he is the snake who bites the reporters who help him get out his message while poisoning the journalists who help him?

What I saw is Stephanopoulos just got bit. But all that I hear is impeach, impeach, impeach. With zero acknowledgment what Trump suggested is legal while the things that Democrats actually did is high crimes.

Dan Bongino ↓