Thursday, May 10, 2018

Note from one of the released prisoners

In this 47 minute video that shows President Trump's helicopter bringing him and Melania to Andrews, then Pence delivered by helicopter, then AF1 delivering Pompeo who energetically dashes down the steps, then another plane delivering the three Americans taken prisoners by N. Korea. The politicians and wives emerge from a waiting area, Trump and Melania walk up the stairs and go inside the plane of the released prisoners, they all emerge together and stand at the top of the stairs, then descend to meet Pompeo and Pence. At 38.46 mark, thereabout, as they walk down the steps we see the one-time prisoner in the middle remove cards from his inner jacket pocket so he has them in his hand when he meets Pompeo and Pence waiting at the bottom of the steps. It's a truly moving scene, the one-time prisoners meeting the man who freed them. We see hands, a white note being passed, then Pompeo holding a note as they move on.

Viewers are curious what is written on the note.

Apparently Pence was also handed a note. Today Pence showed us part of the message handed him. Turns out to be Psalms 126:1-3. So this would be Kim Dong Chul, a minster held since 2015. The other two freed prisoners were with the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology.


Leland said...

"We were like men who dreamed"

Who says Trump is against Dreamers? I'm glad he starts with repatriating the dreamers who have a legal reason to be here.

edutcher said...

The hipsters like to demean people of faith, but this shows how important and sustaining it can be.

deborah said...


AllenS said...

That was beautiful.