Thursday, May 17, 2018


This clip hits on many topics that have been topical around here lately, featuring the late Tim Wilson:


ricpic said...

"We oughta sell that state today!"

Which one?

All a' them!

He even got a reference to a Brooklyn attorney in by way of Paula Dean don' ax me how.

Dad Bones said...

Not only could he hear all those regional variations he was great at doing impressions of them.

The people I grew up with in IA all thought that we didn't have accents until we had a student exchange with Cleveland MS. They told us that if anybody had accents it was us. We were skeptical and figured they were just touchy about their accents. Accents or not it was a real treat being in the same room and listening to southern girls talk for the first time.

Sixty Grit said...

I have a friend who grew up in Georgia and I can listen to her talk all day long. It doesn't hurt that she is intelligent and a redhead, nope, doesn't hurt at all.

You know what she says to me? She says "Well bless your heart". You know you are in trouble when you hear that phrase.