Thursday, January 12, 2017

Rex Tillerson and internet browsers.

I like Google internet browser a lot because I'm big on images. It has served my requirements very well, better than the others and I downloaded a lot of them.

In the Netflix show Dexter a computer geek enters the police department as intern. He is an attractive character at first, friendly, and helpful in tweaking computers in various ways that improve his manager, but he's actually a game designer with an eye to gaining experience on how the department works. He's not as nice as he seems, he's made way more money on his own from games than the department pays and Dexter ends up killing him for causing too much trouble and for causing a death, that is Dexter's criteria, his self-imposed rule. But before all that the character says something like, "Well for starters, get serious abut your browser. Nobody uses that old browser anymore, try updating to Elliot."

So Elliot it is.

I tried Elliot. I don't like it. It's not for me.

I think, for awhile, Glenn Reynolds was pushing GoDuck browser but I didn't like that one either. It's images feature didn't match the breadth of Google's.

Today an item on Instapundit has no link. It reads simply:
DATA POINT: One of my friends, an Arab immigrant who hates Trump and has been blasting him on social media nonstop for a year, watched Rex Tillerson’s confirmation hearing yesterday and came away very impressed, to his own surprise.
What went on? Was Tillerson confirmed for Secretary of State? He's the Exxxon guy right? Let's look. Here are Google results for search [rex tillerson.]

Google displays three images across the top. One from NYT, one from NPR, one from Mediaite.

The list of results are from:

CNN -Tillerson fails to win over key GOP senators
NYT - In rocky hearing, Rex Tillerson tries to separate from Trump
NYT - Rex Tillerson required to shed Exxon shares, want to defer the ...
NPR - Trup's Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson couldn't recall...
NBCNews - Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson: Russian Hacking "clearly is ...
the Guardian - "No access': Rex Tillerson sets collision course with Beijing in South ...
Washington Post - Who is Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobile chairman who may become ...
USAToday -  4 take-aways from Rex Tillerson hearing to be secretary of State
Politico - What it really means to be a 'friend of Putin'
CFR - A conversation with Rex W. Tillerson - Council of Foreign Relations.
NYT - Tillerson led Exxon's shift on climate change; some say 'it was all pr'

And so on. All the media outlets I've learned to distrust. I don't care for these sources of information anymore. They're not trusted. They must be read with deep skepticism and I don't like that. All clumped together at the top. How far must I read through results for something approaching straightforward and untainted reporting? This is our American press. This is Google. I fell like I'm being played.

Fine. Let's see how Elliot browser arranges its results, the browser suggested on a fictional television show about a psychotic serial killer.

Elliot, [Rex W. Tillerson]

Oddly, the address bar on Elliot  has 'Google' at front. Somehow Elliot is using Google.

Maybe because I went to Elliot through Google. Anyway, here are Elliot results.

Each result has a thumbnail picture in front of it.


NYT - Exxon C.E.O., chosen as Secretary of State -

Washington Post - Who is Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobil chairman who may become

DailyNews - What I learned about Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson after spending a

IJR - Woman who didn't vote Trump served on jury with Rex


the Gurardian - Leak reveals Rex Tillerson was director of Bahamas-based US ...

NPR - Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump's Secretary Of State pick: what we

Politico - What it really means to be a 'friend of Putin'

CNN - Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobile CEO, is Trump's choice for Secretary

There it is. I'd say at a glance that the fiction suggested Elliot browser is less leftist concentrated than Google. It's tempting to switch for a test run.

When Reddit is asked "which browser do geeks use" the answers are predominately Chrome.


I think I just got punked.

The browser is real and it's not real. It's powered by Google. It's put up by the show knowing that people like me would try it. Here, Yahoo answers  [is elliot search engine on Dexter real?]

First glance fail. What a bummer.

Back to GoDuck or to Chrome or to Firefox (reddit's second choice)


Chip Ahoy said...

Two people read this before the update at the bottom. Apologies.

I found that I couldn't download the browser. Kept being redirected. And that indicated funny business. It's an Easter egg of sorts I suppose. Good joke, F-heads, because I really do want a better search engine.

AprilApple said...

Our media is pro-democrat narrative.

Leland said...

ANALYSIS: Rex Tillerson Is More Hawkish Than Expected but Still Good News for Russia (ABC News)
Would Rex Tillerson Continue Obama's Pro-Abortion, Pro-Gay Foreign Policy Activism? (The Christian Post)
Rex Tillerson Appears to Be Good News for Russia (ABC News)
Rex Tillerson couldn't recall ExxonMobil subsidiary's work with Iran. Here's the proof … (WaPo for whom proof isn't what one learned either in Geometry or Civics class)
Rex Tillerson - Forbes
Rex Tillerson - ExxonMobil
Rex Tillerson Cuts Ties With Exxon Mobil In Advance Of (NPR)
Rex Tillerson - News, Articles, Biography, Photos -
Rex Tillerson to put Exxon nest egg in a trust over conflict (CNN Money)
Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil Strike Deal to Sever Ties If He's (ABC News)

Maybe the Go part of DuckDuckGo is part of the old Disney network?

Commander Crankshaft said...

Chip, so what's it like to write that much nonsense and only get two comments on it?

Your posts should come with blister packs of Sominex and Xanax halfway through.