Saturday, January 21, 2017

The contents of our heads

A couple of things caught my attention today that are somewhat related and finally coalesced to single entity.

An item on the Gateway Pundit, one of my favorite rabble rousing sites has a series of tweets that anti-Trump people wrote about Barron Trump.

Barron Trump, oddly has my full attention. He fascinates me for his life experience being so extraordinary. I imagine what it is like to be him. As you know he's ten now and he'll be eighteen by the time this phase is over. We will observe him at this critical growth period and I expect he will be impressive. And it's not just me interested either.

The tweets that Cristina Laila picked out for her piece at Gateway are scraped from the bottom of the barrel, the astringent precipitates that she saw. And this is a very good reason for nice people to abandon that platform. It's the place where people allow their ids full reign while others allow their ids to flap around untethered. Apparently responding to a photograph of the First Family walking down Pennsylvania Avenue. Sometimes Barron's attention is outward to the crowd, other moments his attention is on the street underfoot. He is somewhat in his own internal world while smack center focus of the most amazing events imaginable. His very real outer world is exceptional while his mind is a boy still forming. A sampling:

* Barron Trump counting the minutes until he climbs a clock tower with an assault rifle.

* Are the bookies taking bets on when Barron Trump gets a serious drug addiction and Donald Trump to die (including assassination) in office?

* Barron Trump will be mutilating cats on the White House lawn in like two weeks.

* Barron is going to pump off in every White House bathroom.

And worse. Much worse.

Annie Lennox lyrics on another subject come to mind.

This is the book I never read
These are the words I never said
This is the path I'll never tread
These are the dreams I'll dream instead
This is the joy that's seldom spread
These are the tears...
The tears we shed
This is the fear
This is the dread
These are the contents of my head

Very funny, Guys, you always were just so amusing. Here is a glimpse of a real person contrasted with fiery uncensored projections of him, a young person playing with his nephew during a monumentally important event and the little game in the background between a preteen and an infant is so engaging, so universal, that it is picked up by foreign news agencies across the whole globe.


Dust Bunny Queen said...

Excellent post Chip. Barron is a ten year old child, 5th grade I believer, and the media is savagely attacking him. The cruelty and evil of the leftists never ends.

I may have made this point here before but..that won't stop me from doing it again.

Barron is very tall for his age and it gives people a distorted view of his actions. He looks like he is a teenager and people expect that he should act like a 15 year old more mature person. However, he is a child with the emotions and attention span of a 10 year old. He may be a brilliant person, a savant even (who knows) but he is a child.

My brother was also very tall for his age. My grandson is at 5 years old is very tall for his age as well. About as tall as an average 10 year old would be but acts like a kindergartner of 5. To be expected since his mother is 6ft and his father is 6.5 ft. (I am the shrimp in the family) The expectations of how you SHOULD act are at odds for how you will act. It isn't fair but people are so eager to rush to judgement.

People see a tall dorky, clunky, babyish person where they expect to see a mature teenager. They then assume all sorts of ridiculous things about that man/child. Girls have the same problem in different areas. A young girl of 10 or 11 who has prematurely developed the body image of a woman is also judged. Judged in different ways.

The suspicion that he may be on the Asperger's spectrum is all over the place. That may be or not. So what? It is not the business of anyone other than his parents' and family to decide if it so, and for them to deal with it.

The media and everyone else needs to leave the poor child alone. Imagine the horror and outrage if people had been piling onto Obama's children.

edutcher said...

Kids are kids, but I think he will turn out a bit better if his siblings are any indication.

And, yes, oopsy, you have it. The media demanded reverence for Sushi and Malaria, but Barron will get the Jenna and Barbara Bush treatment.

And I am the shrimp of my family, too.

Christy said...

Charming clip. Thanks for posting it.

Leland said...

What, I thought kids were off limits?

ndspinelli said...

Chip, Thanks. Anyone who likes kids has a good heart. I actually think Barron got that fine quality from his old man.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I agree that people should be polite.

AllenS said...

I see the oldest Obama child rebelling.

AprilApple said...

I really don't have anything to say other than - Fuck the left. They are horrid awful piles of feces and human debris.

AprilApple said...
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AprilApple said...

My 12 year old nephew is severely autistic. He doesn't speak, other than small bits and phrases that he can utter if you ask him to repeat something like "Hi grandpa".
If my nephew could play peek-a-boo like that - interact like that - we would be over the moon.

(My other nephew is a genius. Right now he's spending a college semester in Spain. He gets straight A's without much effort.)

Leave Baron alone. Of course the mean girl left and their mean girl media and the mean girl hollywood a-holes refuse to abide by their own rules. The rules they insist we use toward their sacred leftist dictator's children.

William said...

"Your daddy's rich and your ma's good looking." I don't think Barron will have the worst childhood in the world. He'll be subject to a certain amount of unfair criticism, but a lot of cushioning devices are in place......The Bush girls seem happy and well adjusted. The interior family dynamics are probably more important than the exterior buzz........JFK Jr seemed to have a charmed life, but hubris is a risk when you have too many blessings. He literally did not know up from down and that caused him to crash.......I feel a certain amount of sympathy for Chelsea. I don't think she comes from a happy family, and she had to face all those cameras without the shield of good looks.

ricpic said...

To ditto some of the comments here HE'S ONLY TEN YEARS OLD!

My take, which could well be wrong, is that I wish Donald, hyper-busy as he is now, would occasionally take the time to give Barron a hug. Of course I don't know what goes on in private but in public I haven't seen Trump ever show physical affection for Barron.

edutcher said...

The Donald doesn't let the public in on his private life, which is probably smart.

edutcher said...

A little something for April (no, she'll like it), and I want everybody to take a good look at the hate on Moochelle's puss.

You think Trump isn't serious about undoing the last 8 years and more?

PS I think Pissy was as well-sedated (or drugged) as Frumpty.

Leland said...

I'm sure like Pence, Trump is teaching his son to handle the words of bullies. I'm not really worried about Trump's affection for his children and how they may turn out. Let's look at past performance to judge:
Trump Jr.

AprilApple said...

If Trump gives his son as simple hug in public, the left will scream that Trump is a pedophile.

rhhardin said...

Barron will be the first home school shooter is a good line.

chickelit said...

edutcher said...
A little something for April (no, she'll like it), and I want everybody to take a good look at the hate on Moochelle's puss.

She's got weird eyebrows which add to the sinister look. Are they for real?

MamaM said...

The content of our heads is a good title, as that where our responses to incoming sensory data are being formed. And projected out onto others, with intensity as the tip-off that another reel is rolling.

Trooper York said...

I think you are on to something when you say look at Trump's children. Especially Tiffany.

It is impressive that the children of the first wife are so close to the other children. Witness that Baron is so close to Ivanka and loves to play with his little nephew. They are obviously close. When you hear the children talk about each other you hear the obvious respect and caring amongst the whole group.

Not that common in blended families.

ndspinelli said...

I have said several times, Trump appears to be a good father. And blended families being close is indeed rare.