Sunday, January 22, 2017

two boys

Maybe three. My brother, his wife, and their two boys. These kids  crack me up. They're good boys. But they're boys and that means they bounce all over the place. And good Lord, the whole house is devoted to the boys. They don't know who they're talking to. We've never met. I'm just some vaporous image imagination in their minds with an uncertain name that changes.

The idea was to acknowledge the last book that I sent them. I notice the other boy coloring a transparency in the background, the last page left to color  and I'm surprised that they kept all the previous pages and glad to see them. There's pages all over the walls. All the walls. Covering the refrigerator. Our family household growing up was not like that. His household is for children. It is a house for children. You'd think a whole school lived there. Clearly, they live for these children.

His wife is embarrassed the boys are always in their underwear when James decides to make a video. That's fine. I'm in mine when I watch it.

This is back here because it's private!


When the video ends another is cued called "this is what happened when my brother was born." I forgot that he made that for my birthday. It's flowers opening in time lapse. I like that he thinks that of me.

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vza said...

Such lively, interesting kids! Your brother sounds like a great Dad! Loved the way he talked with them. I hope those boys get to meet their equally interesting uncle some day.