Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Curses foiled Again!

So I decided to submit my first book to Amazon Kindle self publishing. I have been toying with doing this for a long time as I have several projects in the works and I wanted to put one up as a test run. I have a bunch of things going on. A Western. Three Mafia books. A Western set in the East in the Projects at Red Hook. And a murder mystery. All of which are in various states of completion but still pretty far away from being finished and submitted for sale.

On the other hand I have a bunch of product just laying around of my old stuff. So many people are throwing up books that are just a compilation of old blog posts I figured why not do the same.  I decided to use my old series "Laura Bush's Diary" because I had so many entries and it was enough to make up a book as is without any other work than cut and paste. I want to submit it to use their software and formatting process. This will make future submissions easy.

Amazon direct publishing is a great deal. You get about 75% of the sales price instead of paying 75% to the publisher the way it works with the dinosaur publishing houses. The pricing becomes an issue because you can set your own price. I get a book of the day email from Amazon which lists new authors and what they have to offer and you know what? Most of them sell for 99 cents. I have bought a bunch of books at that price because why not? I mean I bought such masterpieces as "Custer at the Alamo" and "Captain America vs. Thor" for that price. They were perfectly fine and enjoyable. So why not take a shot? 99 cents might be just the ticket to get people to buy it as a lark.

Of course I got screwed. Today both Old Man Bush and Barb are in the ICU. How can I publish something that mocks them while they are on their deathbed. Is that a positive or a negative? Will people be offended or amused? I just don't know what to do.

It is always something.


edutcher said...

Bar and Poppy got to thinking the Presidency belonged to them and resented anybody horning it.

Sad, but true.

deborah said...

How gauche. You know they got sick on purpose.

Trooper, I see you writing very much in the Elmore Leonard style. Go forth and multiply.