Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The Meryl Streep stuff is old news. I'm more interested in the discussion beginning around the 6 minute mark when the other guy (who is he?) mentions an AP story on the deleterious effect that repatriating jobs will have on Mexico. Where was this concern when the same jobs were being lost in the US? Why did the Dem party cease to be the party which cared about Americans? It seems it all began when they got the brilliant notion that white middle America was dying and they (the D's), may as well push their elders off the cliff and sidle up to the newcomers from south of the border.* Dems thought that America had reached a political tipping point when it was safe to disrespect white middle Americans. They learned a hard lesson and now they will have to regain the political upper hand, state-by-state. Demography may be destiny but the getting there is unpredictable.
*This view was shared by some on the right -- cf. Kevin D. Williamson.


chickelit said...

"Demography may be destiny but the getting there is unpredictable."

Chip Ahoy said...

Once in a bar I used the word "demography" and one of the two men I was speaking to corrected me saying, "ha ha ha there is no such word," and it automatically became two against one. They laughed at me. They were both Mexican, their vocabulary limited and they both laughed at my presumed error in conjugation. I told them, yes, it is a valid word. They both insisted at length the word is nonsense that it is not in a dictionary, not derived from the word demographics. At the time smart phones were not yet developed.

And I thought, "Goddamnit I hate talking to idiots. I just f'k'n hate it. RESPECT MAH GODDAMN AUTHORITAH! You two stupid sons of bitches. But what i said, what came out of my mouth, was, "pfffft." *sign language jaw drop, burp on you* Then I left. To escape Stupidville.

Leland said...

Somewhere, Ross Perot is smiling and thinking "Ah, so now you can hear the giant sucking sound!"