Friday, January 20, 2017

Johnny Nash

The idea is nicked from Ace's sidebar.

I learned something. I always thought the lyrics say, "all of the dark clouds pass me by" but the girls are right, they say, "all of the dark clouds had me bind."

They're doing Johnny Nash and the chorus. The girls have separate and shared parts.

"Obstacles" is a large "X" formed with both arms, as "block," here the girls show "river" intending to show a winding road. Its the same sign as "path" or "street" or "way" (formed with two "W's").  So you'll see "winding way" immediately before a straight "way."

They're adorable. They're having fun and they're cute.

A lot of beginners try their hand(s) at this song and do rather poorly. 


MamaM said...

Over on another post, I referenced "treasure in a clay jar", as something from within that shows.

Soph exhibits such treasure, clearly seen. She's a delight to watch.

Chip Ahoy said...

Oh! I'm glad you clicked over. I think you'll like the other songs she does too. She does quite a lot.