Monday, January 30, 2017

"Your life really does flash before your eyes before you die, study suggests"

Your life really does flash before your eyes when you die, a study suggests - with the parts of the brain that store memories last to be affected as other functions fail.

Research on those who have had "near death" experiences suggests that the phenomenon rarely involves flashbacks in chronological order, as happens in Hollywood films.

Participants said that there was rarely any order to their life memories and that they seemed to come at random, and sometimes simultaneously.
A representation of life-events as a continuum exists in the cognitive system, and may be further expressed in extreme conditions of psychological and physiological stress

Often, the mind played tricks - with people reliving their own experiences from the point of view of others who had been involved.

The study found that many of the flashbacks involved intensely emotional moments.

Researchers from Hadassah University in Jerusalem analyzed seven accounts of such experiences, obtained from in-depth interviews.

These were to devise a questionnaire which was sent out to 264 other people who gave detailed responses of their experiences.
I could individually go into each person and I could feel the pain that they had in their life

The idea that life flashes in front of a person has featured in countless works of literature and film.

But there has been limited research to explain what the phenomenon involves.

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edutcher said...

I think I'm OK.

The Blonde says I'm not allowed to die.

ndspinelli said...

Faith is a gift. Those w/ faith have a fundamentally different death experience than nonbelievers.

Rabel said...

Hope you get better soon, Ed. I say that because misery loves company and I've been fighting what seems to be the flu for a week now. It truly sucks.

Leland said...

It is both normal and odd to me that my wife watches so many people die in her line of work. It's something that nurses experience, but the magnitude is quite more than I think most of us would want to contemplate. One person dying in front us would likely traumatize the majority of people.

My wife went to two codes just last night, one made it, one didn't. We discussed it over breakfast, and then she went off to bed. The discussion is like one might have about any other problem with their job. It was mentioned, talked about for about 5 minutes, and then we talked about something else. We do this several times a week.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

I just hope that before I die I get to deliver the best robot-death-speech the world has ever known.

Guildofcannonballs said...

Flushes not flashes.

Right down the shitter.

rhhardin said...

Woody Allen complained that somebody else's life flashed before his eyes.