Friday, January 20, 2017

IT Crowd

Hello. Remember me?

(No I do not. You look exactly like the cleaning lady I hired to help clear out a room. That is my guess. Sporting of you to show up.) Turns out to be my aunt who flew in from Pennsylvania whom I haven't seen in thirty years. She was young and beautiful when I last saw her and now she looks frumpy and she appears suddenly, no advance notification and pops that question at my dad's funeral. Time has been unkind. How in the world can she expect me to answer properly?

Hello. Know who I am?

(Another bag lady crashing my dad's funeral?) No. She is my parents neighbor whom I also haven't seen in decades. I hardly ever spoke to her back then. How does she expect me to recognize her? Look, my dad died. I'm emotionally distraught. Alright?

They didn't know what to say at funerals. I'm terrible at recognition especially when people change so dramatically. I didn't know there would be pop quizzes. How embarrassing.

As for the mourning so many are experiencing today over politics and the apparent death of their bulldozing dream, I know exactly what to say, and it's not at all comforting or nice. I found this lengthy comment on Reddit insightful. The second one down by commenter rationalcomment made just a few hours ago. It recaps pretty much all we've discussed. The comment responds to another comment about the plane flying over New York dragging a sign reading "We outnumber him! Resist!" as being four months too late. The sponsors of the airplane sign, not comprehending our American republic, prefer simple mob rule.

But it will always be comical. Paula Poundstone had a bit about Bush that had her audience giggling over her childishness, "He's not my president. So I'm not going to listen to anything he says." They do indeed outnumber Trump. In their compressed enclaves and by their inviting massive illegal votes.


AprilApple said...

Sorry about your father. When did he pass?

Testing - does this work?

We outnumber him. wow - deep thoughts from the high chair.

AprilApple said...

It worked. Wow - Chip, great find. The summary of all of everything.

Chip Ahoy said...

Let's see, that was the end of my last apartment, so, 10 years ago, maybe 11. I think. My mother passed shortly after.

I see them all the time in my dreams. They are an active part of my life. I think about them everyday.

edutcher said...

Thing is, we outnumber them - especially when you figure all the vote fraud.

PS I've been saying the Demos are like the old Russian Communist Party for 20 years.

AprilApple said...

10 years ago. You're too young to lose both parents. I'm sorry, Chip.
I'm glad you are re-joined with them in your dreams.

AprilApple said...