Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What did you do in the War Grandma?

One of the most daring missions of the war was attempted in a chateau near Rennes in Brittany. It was in all honesty a suicide mission as a brave band of queefers were sent to act as maids and waitresses to listen and gather intelligence in the dangerous moments before D-Day. The Wehrmacht had gathered together a large group of officers and the mission of the brave queefer’s was to infiltrate and transmit this intelligence without the knowledge or even any suspicion from the German High Command. Since it was so dangerous it was decided to use only convicted criminals who were under a sentence of death who would be parachuted into France and pretend to be domestics at the chateau. 

These twelve woman included a meaty polish woman, a black athlete, a crazed Southern belle and an Italian whore from Brooklyn. The cover story was that they were all stranded there because of the war. Since they all spoke fluent German the Nazi's didn't care as they were more interested in getting some strange than where they came from. They gathered information and queefed out what they found over the short wave radio every night. They were able to do so as the Germans did not understand what they were hearing as they did not pay much attention to the vagina.

Unfornately all of these brave queefers died in the process. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

This brave band of queefers will forever be known as the Dirty Coven. 
(Vages for Victory, The Invention of Twatter By Doris Kearns Goodwin, Simon & Schuster 2009)


chickelit said...

The Krauts were actually onto these women and had a name for them: die Schlitzenfurzerinnen You can look it up.

edutcher said...

You have to break it down, it seems.

I can imagine some of those hefty, buxom Bier Mädchen with tits like Maßkrugen and Scheiden capable of peeing in liters could queef loud enough to be heard in London.