Sunday, January 29, 2017


Wow! Just wow! As if we needed proof.

h/t: Anglelyne @Althouse


chickelit said...

Note how the little Eichmann in the audience smiles when she hears it.

AprilApple said...

Dismantle white supremacy - and replace it with ISIS and another holocaust.

Leftists cheer! The left are dangerous freaks.

AprilApple said...

Do you like being called a Nazi, by..... actual.... Nazis?

ricpic said...

So I guess they love being raped?

chickelit said...

@ricpic: By the right sort of man, I guess they must. What else to conclude?

AprilApple said...

Again, their response to a 2005 comment by Trump (a comment that sat in obscure darkness for 11 years) is to jack-up the vulgarity and absurdity by 10000000000.

ricpic - As long as the rapist is ISIS, yes - rape is cool.

Chip Ahoy said...

There you are. Wakey, wakey. It's 11:00 where I'm at.


*silently signs torqued C, burp on you*

Here's Trump addressing an Atlanta crowd, apparently. LIVE supposedly. I cannot make heads nor tails of this. I'm guessing they're waiting for trump. They're showing buses bringing people and crowds of people dressed in red footie jerseys and red sports pants. Mostly negroid persuasion hopping up and down and having a great time assembling. And vapid speakers orating. And rap music the likes of which you will not have in your iTunes or Amazon Prime playlists but might by chance hear blaring in someone's car speakers. Also a bird mascot in the same red costumes. They're getting themselves worked up presently. It says, "56 minutes ago" but still no sign of Trump." They're talking about Super bowl with Houston. I think. They're in high spirits.

They're playing giant Jenga while waiting.

I discovered a great technique for Jenga. Once I used it then everyone playing immediately adopted my technique. Before that they were all being total clumsy dopes delicately trying to remove planks. And failing. I used simple 5th grade physics.

Cue ball physics.

Momentum is always conserved. Linear momentum. Transitional momentum. Use a Jenga piece to knock another Jenga piece out of its' position. Like you flick somebody's ear. Do that with a Jenga piece and the plank goes flying across the room. Quite dramatic. And daring. And excellent. And you come off like a total Jenga ace even though it's the first time you ever played the stupid game.

In these small ways I continuously blew the minds of my acquaintances but that's only because they're such dopes. And I mean it. Eventually their dopiness becomes intolerable. And I mean that too. Because dopiness + political fierceness = intolerability. And I totally mean that as well. Totally intolerable. So intolerable you end up voting for a guy like Trump just to smash them into a deconstructed state peacefully as possible. As warning. To show what happens when you invite totalitarianism and then Party fortunes switch. Because what comes next is not so peaceful. But they're most likely to dopey to learn that. As seen all around.

About May.

She averred the "special relationship" with America, and presumes to latch onto Trump's bulldozer.

Then contrarily avers anti-Trump commitments to M.E. immigration, multi-lateral international treaties, to elitism, and commitment to bogus Climate Change legislation.

Totally playing it both ways and therefor not to be trusted so far as she can be thrown.

Oh, Falcons. Sendoff to Super bowl. It's about them. I don't know why the video is titled Trump speaks after meeting with Britain's PM. It's a Facebook thing.

I think it's a separate thing through FOX 5, Atlanta. It's weird because the chat on the side panel is all about present politics. The channel most likely moved on to a new things.

Yeah that's it. Looking elsewhere, the real video was put up 2 days ago by the same station, here:

What a fake out. Totally got me.

AprilApple said...

Another day, more of this.

edutcher said...

The feminuts are doing their job as the Ladies' Auxiliary.

Thing is, the Left makes common cause with the crazies the way they did with the Narzis back at the Turn of the 40s.

We all know how that worked out. I don't think the ROP schtick has ever caught on here the way it has with the Euros.

PS Chuckie Schumer is vowing legislation to end the ban. Too bad it's going to be embarrassing when Trump reminds them it's all Pissy's doing and has been law for 2 years.

(you have to scroll a bit, but it's all there; even the same countries he and Jeh picked out; this one's going to be fun)

chickelit said...

We all know how that worked out. I don't think the ROP schtick has ever caught on here the way it has with the Euros.

I think you're right. Many Germans see the Mohammedan way as the way forward. How else do you explain Merkel?

edutcher said...

Somebody said the Euros have millennia of doing what their "betters" told them and it just hasn't worn off.

They're told they have to accept the Moslems and they do it.

Until it kills them.

XRay said...

"How else do you explain Merkel?" I've seen that question pondered more than once, but with yet no definitive answer. Is she thinking that once she destroys Germany she can turn around and control the muzzies so all can live in socialist/commie harmony. It is a delusional idea but I can't believe she otherwise gave no thought to what her policies would do to Germany. Then again it is difficult to imagine such masses of people as in that clip being so delusional... but then, they do have experience in such.

Chip Ahoy said...

So they're really not bothered by the word pussy after all. We knew that already, of course. The outrage always was transparently false. And we knew that because we were subjected to it all along. And we learned to live with it as part and parcel of political discourse. And in my own particular case to adopt it readily and cheerfully and internalize it, and in various languages. The cunts.

chickelit said...

@Chip: It matters who utters the word(s); if Trump, they chasten, if Obama, they moisten.

chickelit said...

Don't forget that one of the 9/11 hijackers came from a Hamburg cell.

chickelit said...

Nietzsche, followed by the real Hitler, followed by Honnecker, sure blew a huge hole in these women's hearts. Perhaps irreparably so.

ampersand said...

The Western Roman Empire fell because barbarian Germans were pleading to be let in to escape the more barbaric and violent Germans behind them. It's karma.

The Eastern Roman Empire fell to Muslims who blew their way in. The Byzantines always played footsie with the Muslims. When they fell no one lifted a finger to save them. That was the spark that led to the Age of Exploration and the way west.

ampersand said...

When the Reds overran Germany during WWII, they raped every German woman they could. Maybe these broads miss all that attention.