Saturday, January 21, 2017

"Women’s march baffles women attending Trump’s inauguration"

"Women who cheered President Donald Trump and danced at the inaugural balls in Washington on Friday said the Women’s March scheduled for Saturday has them baffled and indignant that one group would presume to speak for all women."
“I think it’s great, do your thing, but I just don’t know what they’re doing it for. They’re talking about rights, women’s rights, but what rights are being taken away from any women?” asked Susan Clarke, 50, who came to the capital from Charlotte, North Carolina, and wore a blue, bedazzled “Tar Heel Deplorable” shirt. “I don’t understand what the point is.”

The demonstration, which is billed as the Women’s March on Washington, is expected to draw 200,000 people Saturday to the same route as the president’s inaugural parade. Similar marches are planned in more than 600 cities around the world.

At least 15 women interviewed by McClatchy said they objected to the name of the demonstration.

“They can protest, it’s their right, but don’t call it the ‘Women’s March,’ ” said Ellie Todd, 23, who drove to the inauguration with two friends from Spartanburg, South Carolina. “That makes it sounds like it’s a big unified thing, when really they’re picking very divisive issues and protesting against Trump – who by the way is now our president – instead of for something that would bring us all together. It’s not all women.”

Organizers have insisted that the march isn’t an anti-Trump protest but rather a rallying cry for women’s issues and a range of liberal causes that could be threatened by the Trump administration. The event’s policy platform covers issues such as racial profiling, climate change, abortion and LGBTQ rights. The official website lists 177 partners including Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP and Voto Latino.
A rebuttal...


AprilApple said...

Angry uterus and jealous pussy.

edutcher said...

This goes back to the 60s when the hippies and radicals were supposed to speak for all the Baby Boomers. Left out were the guys who served honorably in 'Nam and the hard hats, while the campus Conservatives who became the backbone of the reagan Revolution weren't even supposed to exist.

The same goes for women. The man-haters and the abortion crowd are the only women. The loving wives and mothers and conservative women don't count.

Trooper York said...

This is just a gathering of those poor souls that no one wants to grab by the pussy. Sad.

AprilApple said...

Madonna using march as an excuse to be her ignorant delusional vulgar self, and campaign for her sad old career. see drudge.

ampersand said...

Where there women with penises marching? Did they wear a special hat too?

AprilApple said...

btw - we need more push-back with Planned Parenthood.

Why should tax payers pay that bill?

Why can't leftists fund PP? Soros, and the top 8 wealthiest people on earth are all leftist-progressives. Hollywood alone could robustly fund Planned Parenthood.
Leave us lowly tax payers alone!

Get your leftwing hands off my check book!

Chip Ahoy said...

I think it's cute.

I think Madonna is cute.

I like Madonna's music a lot. One of my favs right now it Ray of Light. *cues up Ray of Light*

And all of Drudge's obsession with what Madonna says, he gives her nonsense quite a of oxygen, causes confusion and mixed emotion.

♪♬ Ray of Light plays ♪♪

So I reconnected with her music, the point of my affection. I didn't know that she had a carpool karaoke until it was offered so I watched it. It's very good. And the fun of this video erased all the political attention-grabbing, bandwagon hopping, jumping to the front of collectives in motion that she is doing.

But if I was in the back seat I would say to Madonna, "you claim the mantle of 'rebel'" and yet, rebelling agains Republican politicians is hardly rebellious at this late stage. That form of rebellion is actually establishment rebellion. You are establishment in this respect an no real rebel at all. In this case it is the tea-party types, it is Trump himself, who have rebelled against the establishment(s) and prevailed.

♪♬ Ray of Light plays ♪♪

Put another way, Madonna, you make yourself look old by being a voice for this and not making yourself look youthfully rebellious.

Conversely, you say that your home life is actually traditional contrary to your public image, and here too you are better place with Trump who supports American and family tradition better than both GOPe and better than Democrats, and better than all these women with their conglomerate causes.

♪♬ Ray of Light plays ♪♪

And that's you are adorable, Madonna, we accept our entertainers are dopes. We love our dopey entertainers who'd lose their own heads if they weren't screwed on right. That is you as presented. Deeply conflicted.

♪♬ Ray of Light finishes ♪♪

ndspinelli said...

This is Christine Hoff Sommers and she is a bright light, along w/ Camille Paglia.

ricpic said...

Wow, what made Ashley Judd so bitter?

Synova said...

I donno about Ashley Judd.

I watched a few old movies... she played opposite Morgan Freeman in several. She's young and pretty and I suppose that her acting is just fine. But she always seemed... off. Or maybe I'm projecting "now" back onto her then. Who knows.

She makes me think of Mark Ruffalo. I have the same visceral reaction to both of them. They talk the same. They sound the same. The even *look* the same. Maybe it's the seriousness of the delivery of really idiotic statements, like they're both too stupid to realize that they're not smart.

She also seems to have picked movies the way that Steven Segal picked movies. She wanted to be an action hero in all those thrillers, but she wanted to be touchy-feely too. She tried an action TV series a few years ago. She was a Bad Ass CIA operative and her son got kidnapped. Yay! Action Heroine Time! But it was WRONG. Little things, weird things, were just wrong. I think that it was a fundamental assumption that civilians were a different class, so she deliberately kept her family helpless, which I think was based primarily on taking the fantasy her her feminist head and then gender switching it so she got to be the Strong Protector. But if you start with a fantasy, you end up OFF.

Synova said...

I like Sommers. She's great.

Also, I've been saying for some time now that American upper-middle class white women are THE most privileged demographic on the planet and they should just stop insisting that they're being oppressed by anyone.

ndspinelli said...

Synova, I've seen both Ruffalo and Judd interviewed. Shallow as a wading pool and dumber than a bag o' hammers.

Anonymous said...


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Trooper York said...

If you want to a reasonable well spoken female member of the media you should read or listen to Mollie Hemmingway. She is always on point and really has it figured out.