Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mary Tyler with a little More.

“Hello Mr. Grant. My name is Mary Richards and I am applying for a position here at WJM.”
“Sorry sweetheart but we don’t need any more secretaries.”
“My goodness that is very sexist. I want to be a producer not a secretary. I wonder if Human Resources is aware of your attitude.”
“My attitude? You don’t know the first thing about my attitude. Why should I hire your anyway? What qualifications do you have?”
“Well I have a degree in journalism and several years’ experience at a small newspaper. Plus I have a little extra.”
“Really? What’s that?”
“A penis. I am a girl with a little something extra. Don’t let my tasty jugs fool you. I tuck when I wear those tight capri pants. It made my ex-husband fall over the Ottoman all the time.”
“A transsexual not a transvestite. Don’t get all hetero normative Mr. Grant. I thought you were a liberal?”
“You know what. You’ve got spunk.”
“I know…you hate spunk.”
“No you got spunk leaking out of your crotch.”
“So am I hired?”

“Sure why not. I am just going to drink my life away so who cares?”


Rabel said...

You could have waited until they got her in the ground, Trooper.

Trooper York said...