Friday, January 27, 2017

"How much is a life worth?"

That was the crux of the argument between a Louisiana man and the woman who gave birth to his son in 2010 after taking his sperm without permission from a fertility clinic and being artificially inseminated.

The case, which has a long wound its way through the courts, landed Wednesday at Houston's First Court of Appeals where a three-judge panel was asked to reverse a trial judge's decision cutting a jury award from $870,000 to $1,900.

"The (judge) decided, in his opinion, that the law didn't allow those damages, which leaves a gap," said David Bernsen, an attorney for Layne Hardin. "We, as a society, have to decide whether this type of behavior is acceptable in Texas and I don't think it is."

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Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Last time I checked, at least in my state, a successful claim of veterinary malpractice will get you the market value of the animal and incidentals.

edutcher said...

Ain't science grand?

Methadras said...

As I understand it, a human life is worth around $6 million.