Monday, December 5, 2016

Meals Ready to Eat

*puts marbles in mouth, lifts on sunglasses to eyes*
"What's up everybody? Welcome back to my laboratory where safety is our number one priority."
Is there any doubt why Taras Kulakov is so successful on YouTube? He likes everything. He loves everything. This is the guy you'd want to have camping with you. This is the guy you'd want at your dinner party. Everything is fantastic. Whoa. Everything awesome.

This first video has well over 5 million views. His account has over 900 videos, with 1.7 billion views collectively and he has 9 million subscribers. His net worth is 3 million dollars. His Wikipedia page.

American MRE


Evi L. Bloggerlady said...

MRE's in limited use are awesome. MRE's all the time, get old quick.

chickelit said...

The fuel he uses is AKA esbit, or hexamine. It has an interesting chemical structure: depicted here. I love the built in nitrogen atoms which drive the chemical combustion, producing smokeless, oderless, CO2, H20, and N2:

C6H12N4 + 6O2 --> 6CO2 + 6H2O+ 2N2

That reaction has a higher heat of combustion than an alcohol fuel due the "burning" of amine to atmospheric nitrogen.

/chem geek

AllenS said...

I miss c rations.

Chip Ahoy said...

C-Rations. Jesus Christ, this guy would perish of starvation before he ever gets his packages opened. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

Don't watch that. Too slow, too complainy. Other videos are better.

Other C-Ration reviews. That apparently come with a divided t.v. dinner type tray. From 1943 -1980

To help keep those precious C-Ration memories alive, eBay, C-Ration can opener, 3 for (starting bid) $2.75 + $4.00 shipping.

Say, do know what's better than all that? Honestly. You can get home delivered meals with a weekly menu AND you can get a box of fresh ingredients hand chosen for you to prepare your meals at home. Now that right there is an excellent idea. They do all the thinking for you, all the shopping, all you do is the assembly, the chopping, stirring and cooking, much as a camp out, very much like these rations except a WHOLE LOT BETTER!

And you don't have to put your neck on the line. Just your pocketbook. And the services are reasonable, actually. competitive with our own shopping. Brought right to your door.

When I was very ill I had home meal delivery and it sustained me. It went very far in extending my life. I owe their dedication so very much. Their prepared meals were amazing. Their delivery people completely dedicated. They are beautiful people. I only gave one public speech in my life and it was to their organization that serviced terminally ill people living at home. I delivered a heartfelt speech from memory hitting the points that I truly needed to express to them. A hush fell over the crowd when I spoke and they applauded enthusiastically when I finished, and I MEANT every word. A friend who drove me there (I was too weak to drive) told me he was amazed. He was convinced I would choke because I have no public speaking experience and there was a big crowd and important people but instead he was amazed because I reached right into their chests and squeezed their hearts out. People cried all over the place. People rushed forward and hugged me. Hard.

That's what those services remind me of. Man, I'm glad I got past that. What an amazing experience.

It's not just meals. It's more than that.

C-Rations and MREs must be similar to that. They're proof that people beyond you unseen who don't even know you still care very deeply. To do all that.

Whoa. Awesome!

AllenS said...

Some years ago, I tried to buy some c's for myself a friend of mine who didn't have a computer. ALL of the c's for sale on the internet said the same thing. DO NOT EAT. Most of the cans were bulging out of the ends, or leaking. Also, to open c's you need a "P38" military can opener. I still have some from the 1960s.

ricpic said...

I was going to ask chick how the water "stove" works but I see he already wrote out the chemical formula -- which I of course will never understand. It's MAGIC!

chickelit said...

@ricpic: The military fuel pellets were discovered in Germany in 1936 so that puts it squarely under the auspices of you know who. I'm telling you though, those pre-war Germans had chemistry mastered. We took them over, though. The US occupation headquarters were in the IG Farben corporate headquarters in Bankfurt.