Monday, December 5, 2016

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend....the Next Generation

(Outside the Yankees Locker room in Jeter's rookie year, Joe Torre and Mel Sottlemeyer come out of the Locker room and run into Derek and his date in the hallway)
Joe Torre: Hey rook. Great game.
Derek Jeter: Thank you Mr. Torre. I would like you to meet my girl Mariah. Mariah this is my manager Mr. Torre.
Mariah Carey: So nice to meet you Joe. Derek loves you. He is always saying nice things about what you are teaching him. You are very wise.
Joe Torre: Why thank you. And I want you to know that my wife Ali loves your music. She has all your albums. So where are you kids off to?
Derek Jeter: Oh we are going out for a bite to eat.
Joe Torre: Yeah me too. I think I am going over to Rao's. For some reason I feel like some Bacala. You know some old fashioned stinky bacala like my grandmother used to make. I don't know why but all of a sudden I have an urge.
Derek Jeter: I guess that is an acquired taste.
Joe Torre: Yeah it is great once in a while but you wouldn't want to eat that every night.
Derek Jeter: You know Mr. Torre you always give me something to think about. See you tomorrow.

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ricpic said...

Jeter does nothing to me. Nothing. The great triumvirate of Rizzuto, Reese and Alvin Dark, all scrappers, all fighting every inch of the way, them I can relate to. But mister boneless smoothie? Feh.