Monday, December 5, 2016

Mimi lost a billionaire so she could bang a back up dancer!

Mariah and boytoy can’t hide their smiles at premiere party 

New York Post By Nola Ojomu, The Sun December 5, 2016 

looked absolutely smitten with dancer Bryan Tanaka as they attended her reality show viewing party on Sunday.
The 46-year-old singer and her boytoy fella were pictured sharing sweet smiles at each other as they posed for pictures at Catch in New York as they celebrated the start of the diva’s new docu-series, “Mariah’s World.”
Carey was certainly dressed to impress as she showcased her cleavage in an extremely plunging gown that clung to her famous curves.
The sheer mini dress featured a nude underlay to protect the star’s modesty while her figure was highlighted by black net detailing and diamante beading. She completed the look with black fishnet tights, a diamond necklace and sparkling heeled sandals. Her long locks were styled into glamorous curls while she wore flawlessly applied makeup and accessorized with a diamond stud and butterfly ring.
Tanaka, 33, appeared to be in great spirits as he wore a white top, black leather jacket and a gold necklace.
Carey and Tanaka recently went public with their new romance, two months after her split from billionaire fiancé James Packer.

Packer reportedly ended things with the iconic diva over her “extravagant spending” and disagreements over her fly-on-the-wall reality show.
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Mariah Carey and Bryan TanakaPhoto: FilmMagic
A source told Australian Mag Women’s Day, “James had huge reservations about Mariah’s new reality TV show and the fact that she was willing to expose their lives to the world.” The magazine also claims that James has “allowed” the singer to keep her extraordinary £8 million ($10 million) engagement ring.
Of course Maiah demand a settlement from the troll like billionaire for the broken engagement  because she felt her cooze was worth more than a mere $10 million. She felt she should be able to bang her boy toy and still spend as much as she wanted because Packer was just an ugly,  ugly dude.
Fortunately the gnomish billionaire was able to obtain a certified affidavit from Derek Jeter that proved that Mimi's vagina smelled like the Fulton Fish Market and that he had given her the herp. Enough to squash the suite toot suite.
“Mariah’s World,” which follows Carey as she kicks off her Sweet Sweet Fantasy world tour, premiered in North America on Sunday and will air in the UK on Dec. 11 on E!.
In the new show, Carey can been seen getting close with Bryan — who was rumored to be partly responsible for her recent split, as members of her team voice their concerns about his “huge crush” on her.
However, in an interview with TV host Ellen DeGeneresCarey said, “I think I’m doing well … No, I’m actually … Everything happens for a reason. Things are the way they are.”


Sixty Grit said...

He is in the Tank for her.

Trooper York said...

More like the swamp.

You know the saying "Drain the swamp" originated in the Yankees locker room in 1996 when Jeter was dating Mimi. Jorge Posada and Mariano Duncan used to scream it out whenever she walked in the room.

Sixty Grit said...

Come on, dude - that was a perfect Bruno Samnartino set up!

Sixty Grit said...

Make that "Sammartino" - too many distractions 'round hyeah...

Trooper York said...

You inspired me to post a couple of swamp thing posts. Thanks.

Methadras said...

If you are going to get used, this is how you do it. Just remember, it's like a hot dog down a highway for him though.

ricpic said...

How many years do you give Jeter and the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model?