Tuesday, November 22, 2016

bow fishing talapia

Caleb has a great set of videos, here. Mostly involving wata. I watched him catch and cook mud crab, where I learned the phrase "dead man's fingers" explained elsewhere in another guy's video as gills on a crab, and where I also learned elsewhere the large part of the crab that looks like Stewie's head on the Family Guy is the crab's head and the much smaller part pulled out of it is the crab's body. And I watched Caleb spear hunt a catfish and cook it.

I'm getting the impression that Australia is like America used to be, free to do such things on your own. And maybe I'm wrong. Maybe America is still like this and kids are still doing these same things here. I shouldn't say kids. Some smaller children show up and Caleb says he hates kids. Watching him sure takes me back doing similar things.

42 centimeters is 16.5 inches.


AllenS said...

There's quite a few of us out in the country still doing things on your own. The only thing that has changed from the "good ol days" are city people, and their inability to do much of anything.

Third Coast said...

We used to bow hunt carp at night, but never cooked and ate them for some reason.
Smelt dipping at night was a blast. Alas, the introduction of salmon in the Great Lakes has pretty much decimated the smelt population.

AllenS said...

your own = our own. Jeeez!

Titus said...

Carp is a nasty fish-not sure why anyone would eat a carp.