Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bob's Burgers, Bob and Deli guy

I didn't at first, but slowly I am really digging this cartoon, but I couldn't tell you why. Then comments on YouTube are insightful. I hadn't thought of the things they are talking about, and I must admit they are right on all counts. They're perceptive. 

I love it when that happens. I really do learn a lot from the things that young people say.

There's a lot of crossed dialogue. No one listens to the dad. He speaks to other people directly and they answer as having a different conversation altogether, an entirely different perception, an alternate experience within the same situation.

In another video the creator of the cartoon says that music and cartoons go together, like peanut butter and jelly. So it behooves the cartoonist to put music in their cartoons wherever possible. And that changed my attitude about there being so much unnecessary music in cartoons.

I want you see this cartoon for it's greatness. 

* aw my cute bisexual baby
     * lol I read this in Linda's voice

Ah! Now it makes sense. Linda is the wife. It's the sort of thing she would say.

* I'm married... but if i wasn't... WHO AM I KIDDING YOU'RE PUT OF MY LEAGUE!
Gottalove Bob. He's keeping it real. :D

* More character-driven humor with a heavy emphasis on dialogue and no malice ever intended; this is why Bob's Burgers is better than Family Guy.

     * Family Guy needs to rely on shock humour to relate to their audience. Bob's Burgers proves you can make a great animated show without all that unnecessary pandering and meaningless insults.

     * Having characters who care for each other makes the situations feel much more genuine. A loving support structure takes work, and it's funny when things come into to try in disrupt it, but in the end it still stands. This show and Parks & Recreation are great examples of that.

Family Guy would be better if it just transformed into an animated Sketch Comedy Show, like SNL. Same characters, but with scenes completely unrelated to each other. The semblance of a family in the Griffin household is completely shot, so there's really no need to have it anymore.

* Sloppy bear!!! best quote ever!

* "Probably not...I'll call you!" I love Bob. He's so relatable.

* bob belcher is the most open minded cartoon dad ever

     * Bob is downright awesome. He is open minded, he is relateable, and a loving father. Thsi show is the best.

* Listen. I've never seen Bob's Burger. Never in my life. But I come back to this fucking video all the time because it is just TOO GOOD. It's just the funniest shit for some reason.

* Lmao why is Bob going to call him?

     * only men will understand.

     * he's just being awkward

     * its like when you're in a job interview and the employer says "we'll call you" but he don't

* i think bob just had a gay moment........ so progressive!

* Why did he bought so many turkeys?

     * he marinades the turkeys over night and they keep going missing. So he some to make a new one. where does the turkey go? Who moves the turkey? Does the deli guy get back with tony? Find out in Bob Burgers "Turkey in a Can" Season 4 Episode 5!!


Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Thanks for the lead. I'll check it out.

EMD said...

Bob's Burgers is fantastic. My son and I watch it a lot. It is a continuation of the human storytelling of King of the Hill, with well-rounded characters built around a core of love of one another and family.

Eric the Fruit Bat said...

Okay. I finally got around to watching the clip. HILARIOUS!!!

I'll start with the first episode.

Thanks again!!!