Sunday, February 7, 2021

WKRLEM-TV: This is what you should watch instead of the National Felons League


red 3215 said...

Link not working, but it is a good choice. Prefer the "Tombstone" version.

Trooper York said...


Changed the video but it is pretty big. So what. it's a big story ya know what I am talking about?

edutcher said...

This is the best one. Good ol' movie making. The first hour or so is pretty good, but it slides when they move to AZ.

I wouldn't watch the Stupid Bowl, regardless. As usual, a blowout, and I don't like Brady, who is a cheat. Maybe that's why Fake News drools all over him. Water seeking its own level.

Not a big Kirk fan, but he's at his best here. Puts some humor in it. Burt, another Red, OTOH is as wooden as always.

Fun Fact: The brother played by Martin Milner (died recently) was a bartender and no gunfighter. James Earp saw action in the Civil War, having seen all the killing he cared to.

Virgil enlisted, but saw no action. The other brothers were too young (I think they wanted to turn James into Warren, who wanted to be Wyatt, but wasn't).