Friday, February 19, 2021

Celebrating Black History Month

Guam will Capsize and Tip Over into the ocean according to Congressman Hank Johnson,


Calypso Facto said...

Still the reigning champ of idiocy, I think, although Joe "there was no vaccine available" Biden is coming on strong ...

edutcher said...

I saw a PSA about Celebrating Black History featuring the oceanographic expert.

What an example.

The Eminent Mr Surber made mention of why, during the Celebration of Black History, no one mentioned the Buffalo Soldiers this year.

When did they ever?

Except for John Ford (in one of his best-crafted movies), no one ever did.

So a few fun facts.

The Buffalo Soldiers held the TX border together while the rest of the Army was in MT avenging the 7th Cavalry.

They rode to the rescue of many an Indian reservation during the Ghost Dance War.

The 24th Infantry and the Negro-Seminole scouts of the 4th Cavalry were the James Bonds of the Mexican border. They invaded Mexico several times to rescue scouts, mostly Mexican, kidnapped and held in Mexican jails.

The Buffalo Soldiers were some of the best men on the frontier and were so lauded by people such as Frederic Remington (who hated artists who airbrushed (figuratively) "all their race and character" out of their illustrations) and Teddy Roosevelt.

On one occasion, the sergeant majors of the 10th Cavalry and the 16th Infantry (white regiment) met on the parade ground of Fort Concho and decided on a raid into San Angelo after several men of both regiments had been beaten up by the local constabulary.

How did it go?

"They may fight over cards or rotgut whiskey, but they'll share the last drop in their canteens".

And some idiot Lefty asked, "Mr Ford, was it really like that?". Of course, Ford, who knew better, snapped, "If it wasn't that way, it should have been".

And it was. 4th Cavalry, 24th Infantry, on the same post. On the same prairie.

Makes you proud to be an American. Maybe even brings a tear to your eye.

That's the difference between us and them.

Unknown said...

You have got to hand it to the Admiral for not falling on the floor laughing when that idiot said turn over and capsized. I guess he's used to dealing with congressional nit wits.

edutcher said...

They all are.